Buchanan Bumped

February 28, 2012 AFP 0

By Pete Papaherakles The no-holds-barred truth about so-called diversity and multiculturalism discussed in a new book by veteran conservative Pat Buchanan called Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive to 2025? has the establishment media […]

Fired for Telling the Truth

February 18, 2012 AFP 2

• Popular talk show host pink-slipped for openly discussing taboo subjects By Pat Shannan Was a popular television talk show host and former New Jersey judge kicked off Fox News because he went too far […]

Citizens Take Self-Defense Into Own Hands

February 18, 2012 AFP 0

By Dave Gahary Evidence is amassing revealing a startling trend emerging across the nation. More and more citizens are taking up arms and using deadly force to defend themselves against assailants as police are no […]

Unemployment Stats Manipulated by Feds

February 18, 2012 AFP 0

By Victor Thorn The public must pressure its elected officials to address a growing concern that current government assessments of the unemployment rate are not accurate at all. Much ado was made in the media […]

Obama, Ginsburg: Constitution a Nuisance

February 18, 2012 AFP 0

By Peter Papaherakles The United States Constitution, the most important safeguard of liberty in the world, is under constant attack by the forces of globalization—and those we have entrusted to protect it are falling down […]

Athens Burning

February 18, 2012 AFP 0

By Peter Papaherakles Over 100,000 protesters gathered in front of Parliament to protest the signing of yet another debt restructure agreement on Feb.12. Gangs of hooligans also showed up to loot shops and burn down […]

Congress To Holder: Quit

February 10, 2012 AFP 0

By The Staff at AFP Republican lawmakers on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee called on Attorney General Eric Holder to resign even as the country’s top lawyer dodged questions about his involvement in […]

Rothschilds Want Iran’s Banks

February 10, 2012 AFP 37

By Pete Papaherakles Could gaining control of the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran (CBI) be one of the main reasons that Iran is being targeted by Western and Israeli powers? As tensions […]

U.S., Israel Jockey Over Iran

February 10, 2012 AFP 0

By Richard Walker The whole world knows Israel (which has about 400 nuclear bombs) has an itchy trigger finger and would like nothing better than to attack Iran with the United States leading the charge. […]

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