Fired for Telling the Truth

• Popular talk show host pink-slipped for openly discussing taboo subjects

By Pat Shannan

Was a popular television talk show host and former New Jersey judge kicked off Fox News because he went too far in disclosing facts about Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) setups and warmongering intrigues on the part of the United States establishment—key issues that AMERICAN FREE PRESS has been covering since its founding in 2001?

In recent days, former N.J. Superior Court Judge Andrew Napolitano had been drifting dangerously close to the exit doors by providing the American people with simply too much truth. The first week of February he was abruptly canceled from the airwaves due to low ratings, Fox executives claimed.

Napolitano repeatedly opened his show with the question, “Can the federal government take credit for solving a plot of its own creation?”


Focusing on FBI claims that since 9-11 it has foiled multiple alleged terrorist plots to kill Americans, Napolitano pointed out that while there were some 20 such incidents, three were interrupted by private citizens who observed suspicious activity. But the remaining 17 that were “solved” by the feds all had a common and reprehensible thread: They were planned, plotted, controlled and carried out by the federal government itself.

Not unlike the 1993 first attack on the World Trade Center, the FBI had agents or informants befriend young Muslim men by luring them into  cooperation with encouragement about being “like-minded” and anti-American. Then, of course, they were arrested before any damage could be done—followed by great hoopla the next day.

Napolitano also tackled Israel’s prime role in promoting an American war against Iran, and this may have been the final straw for those signing his paycheck. The judge’s final guest and source of information was Michael Scheuer, the former chief of the Central Intelligence Agency’s Osama bin Laden-watching unit.

While Scheuer accepts the U.S. government claim that bin Laden was the architect of 9-11, a point many researchers reject, he is a courageous critic of Israel and its U.S. lobby and, as Napolitano’s guest, pointed out that a war against Iran benefits Israel and Saudi Arabia but not the U.S.

Pat Shannan

Pat Shannan is an AFP contributing editor and the author of several best-selling videos and books.

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  1. Iran is a threat to the United States. Those running Iran believe the U.S. is Satan incarnate and must be destroyed. The U.S. promotes a libertarian culture that’s antithetical and antipodal to Islam. If Iran ever acquires a nuclear arsenal there will be nothing to stop them from prepositioning 20-ton, MK-54 SADM nuclear bombs in every major U.S. city, then simultaneously and anonymously detonate them when some future president of the U.S. gives his State of the Union speech.

    Iranians would have no reason to fear they would be attacked because,

    1) the U.S. would not know who was behind the attack
    2) the Iranian people and the Iranian government would not be behind the attack. It would be carried out by a handful of insiders most of whom would die in the attack.

    If Iran becomes a nuclear power, then a small number of Islamic extremists who support Islamic terrorism would have the power to completely destroy the U.S. Even if Iran never used their nuclear arsenal, they could intimidate all the oil-producing nations in the world and would have the power to destroy modern Western democracies by nuking all Middle-East oil reserves.

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