D.C. Power Brokers Push for Conflict With Russia

• CIA-connected think tank ramps up anti-Putin rhetoric.

• Speakers allege Russia becoming a bloody “fascist state.”

By Melissa Jones —

“Russia’s coming fascism threatens man’s survival. There are no political exits. The West must act now to save the world from certain doom.” This was the call from Dr. Leonid Gozman, president of the Russian free-trade organization Union of Right Forces (SPS) and fellow at the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), Ambassador Stephen Sestanovich, senior fellow for Russian and Eurasian Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), and Miriam Lanskoy, director for Russia and Eurasia at NED.

The three spoke at NED on January 20 at an event called “Russia After Crimea: A ‘Brave New World,’” which sowed the seeds of fear in the minds of the journalists and policy makers who attended.

NED is a private foundation funded by Congress with connections to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). In a 1990s interview, CIA case officer Phil Agee explained, “Instead of having the CIA going around like before behind the scenes and trying to manipulate the [political] process secretly by inserting money here and instruction there and so forth, they have now a psychic, which is this National Endowment for Democracy.”

Of late, there has been an organized push to make people hate and fear Russia, because Russia’s nationalist president Vladimir Putin is resisting United States world domination and defending national sovereignty. This was championed in Putin’s October speech, entitled “The World Order: New Rules or No Rules?” in which he said: “The unipolar world is simply a means of justifying dictatorship over people and countries.”

A month later, George Soros attacked Putin, writing a commentary titled “Wake Up, Europe.” In it, Soros warned that Russia poses a threat to the European Union (EU) and its principles of governance.

After the “World Order” speech, prominent economist Paul Craig Roberts opined: “In my opinion, Putin is such a towering figure that Washington has him marked for assassination. . . . Having defamed Putin, assassinating him will cause little comment in the Western media.”

The speakers at the NED event certainly confirmed Roberts’s opinion.


Gozman portrayed Putin as a cornered ruler who has no choice but to be aggressive. He claimed that a post-Putin Russia will become a fascist state, which humanity may not survive.

“The longer Putin is in the Kremlin, the longer and more bloody will be this fascist period,” he said, using classic fear-mongering rhetoric.

For those who need Russia’s acquiescence in order to rule the world, the problem is that Putin and his nationalist stance are wildly popular and that instead of elections, which can be co-opted, the system is dependent on “popularity ratings.”

By this, Gozman means that Russians don’t really believe in elections. Putin is currently president because he is popular. However, argued Gozman, if he loses popularity, he may be out of office the next day and in jail the day after.

Gozman claims that there are no peaceful solutions to stop Russia’s fascist future and urged America to pressure the nation with sanctions and other underhanded means.

When an audience attendee pointed out that Russians are adaptable and resourceful, Gozman replied that because in times of need most turn to Putin for help, the trouble would start when the government started shooting its citizens.

Of course, mass violence can be staged. During the coup in Kiev in the spring of 2014, Western-backed snipers shot at protesters and police and blamed it on the government. A leaked call between Estonian and EU foreign ministers exposed the plot.

CFR member Sestanovich agreed with Gozman’s belligerent talk, adding that Putin has driven politics into a dead end from which there is no way back. “There is not any way out of the current situation other than through a new crisis,” said Sestanovich. “There’s not a soft landing.”

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Melissa Jones is an independent journalist based in Virginia. She is also an activist for sound money policy and alternative health issues.

6 Comments on D.C. Power Brokers Push for Conflict With Russia

  1. Take everything Putin is accused of and apply it to the authors of these utterances at the NED, CFR and elsewhere. It will feel like wearing new glasses. Psychopaths and toadies of the NWO, go to hell.
  2. NED is the privatized function of what Ollie North and the other coke peddlers did before: subvert, sabotage and attempt to overthrow governments worldwide. Maybe the U.S. ought to focus on getting its own act together before going abroad to slay dragons? Also why is Obama supporting the Banderite Nazis of Kyiv?
  3. Putin is a hero, next to Obama and the war criminals running this country now.

    The U.S. puppet government is used as a Nazi globalization propaganda generator, and the military arm for tyranny, expansion and control over countries around the world.

    The Department of Homeland Security has become the most powerful terrorist organization and organized crime group operating inside the U.S.

    There is no one to stop the criminal acts of the U.S. government here, in targeting citizens for crimes, or around the world in the ongoing war crimes and assassinations of citizens in other countries.

    So-called civil rights organizations are just as useless as the political parties, who have been corrupted and controlled from within.

    Putin looks like the only force that can counter the Nazi globalist, corporate takeover of the planet now. He is the ONLY HOPE the world has now, in my eyes, to stop the acts of criminal aggression and terrorism of the U.S. government and their agents.

  4. With all the propaganda that these think tanks and the corporate-controlled news media is cranking out, their credibility among the world’s people is heading “down the tubes.” It is interesting to note that many news media corporations have merged with Military Contractors like General Electric. No wonder they keep pushing for more war!

    They don’t like Putin because he is preventing their war plans.

  5. The aliens (to the USA) in the corporation of D.C. have something in common with the Russians: Russian roulette with the weapon pointed at their (our) head.

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