Was Epstein Really a Victim of the ‘Clinton Body Count’?

Epstein Arkancided

The “Clinton Body Count” is being spoken of frequently again with the alleged suicide of Bill Clinton chum, pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Was he really another victim?

By Donald Jeffries

Multi-millionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s recent alleged suicide revived stories about the Clinton Body Count, and many included him on the list. Fox News reported in 2016 that Bill Clinton had visited Epstein’s private Little St. James Island, dubbed “Pedophile Island” and “Orgy Island,” some 26 times. Even Donald Trump retweeted a reference to Epstein and the Clinton Body Count.

Many presidents, going back at least to Franklin D. Roosevelt, have had an inordinate number of suspicious deaths connected to them, but none approached the ever-continuing body count associated with Bill and Hillary Clinton.


The list of dead bodies left in the wake of the Clintons’ rise to prominence began in earnest during Bill’s tenure as governor of Arkansas. Many readers have heard of the two unfortunate teenagers, Kevin Ives and Don Henry, who died under very mysterious circumstances on the railroad tracks one summer night in 1987, when they randomly encountered one of the drug drops connected to the Mena Airport.

Jerry Parks, the head of Gov. Clinton’s security detail, was shot and killed from an unidentified passing car in1993, shortly after exclaiming to his family, “I’m a dead man,” upon learning of the “suicide” of White House counsel Vince Foster, perhaps the most famous name in the Clinton Body Count. Putting an exclamation point on Parks’s death was the later murder of Dr. David Milstein, the man Parks’s widow had married. Kathy Ferguson, ex-wife of Arkansas Trooper Danny Ferguson, a co-defendant with Clinton in the Paula Jones lawsuit, supposedly shot herself in the head on May 10, 1994. A month later, on June 12, her fiancé Bill Shelton was found dead of an allegedly self-inflicted gunshot at Kathy’s grave site.

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On Nov. 29, 1996, the bruised, partially nude body of Barbara Wise was found in her Commerce Department office. Authorities laughably attributed the death to “natural causes.” Wise worked closely with Commerce Secretary Ron Brown, who was under investigation for a variety of things when he died in a plane crash on April 3, 1996. James McDougal, a Clinton business partner connected to the Whitewater scandal, died of an alleged heart attack in a federal prison. “His death appears to reduce the legal risks to President Clinton and Hillary Rodham Clinton, and was a clear setback to Starr and his prosecutors,” the Baltimore Sun reported. “I just got sick and tired of lying for the fellow,” McDougal said in a 1997 TV interview. “Yes, I was trying to protect him.”

The man who’d developed the software for the underreported “Big Brother” database within the Clinton White House, Charles Miller, was found dead in a Little Rock pit with a gunshot to the head, on Nov. 17, 1999. On Nov. 20, 2000, noted attorney Charles Ruff, who’d defended Clinton during his impeachment trial, was found unconscious outside his shower. Reports claimed he died “after an accident at his Washington home.”

America's next big bankruptcy, StansberryMI6 spy Garth Williams’s naked body was found padlocked in a duffel bag in his London bathtub, on Aug. 16, 2010. According to the UK Sun, Williams had illegally hacked secret data on Bill Clinton. According to the paper, “His death is still one of Britain’s most mysterious unsolved cases.” Sounding very much like American law enforcement does in these kinds of cases, Scotland Yard ludicrously declared the death a suicide.

During Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, several new associated unnatural deaths occurred. Former President of the United Nations General Assembly John Ashe dropped a barbell on his throat during a June 22, 2016 workout, only days before being scheduled to testify against Hillary. On July 25, 2016, Joe Montano, a close aide to Hillary’s running mate, Tim Kaine, died of an alleged heart attack at just 47. Also in July, DNC staffer Seth Rich, all but named by Julian Assange as his source for the leaked party emails, was murdered in Washington, D.C.

“There had been a struggle. His hands were bruised, his knees are bruised, his face is bruised, and he had two shots to his back, and yet they never took anything,” his mother, Mary Rich, told NBC. Bernie Sanders’s supporter Shawn Lucas officially served papers to the Democratic National Committee, informing them of a class-action lawsuit being filed over their overt attempt to rig the primaries. The 38-year-old Lucas was found dead on his bathroom floor on Aug. 2, 2016.

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These are only a few of many, many examples. As even Rush Limbaugh asked years ago, “How many people do you know who have been murdered, died in a plane crash?” The answer for most people would be very few or none. For Bill and Hillary Clinton, it’s quite a different story.

Donald Jeffries is a highly respected author and researcher whose work on the JFK, RFK and MLK assassinations and other high crimes of the Deep State has been read by millions of people across the world. Jeffries is also the author of three books currently being sold by the AFP Online Store.