Earn College Credits for Bashing Whites: Jewish Professor Creates ‘White Privilege’ Confab

• Annual conference seeks to blame whites for world’s ills

By John Friend

The 15th annual White Privilege Conference (WPC) is scheduled to take place in Madison, Wisconsin, March 26-29. According to the official website of the conference, the aim of the WPC is to examine “challenging concepts of privilege and oppression” while offering “solutions and team building strategies to work toward a more equitable world.” In truth, though, white privilege is yet another bogus theory concocted in liberal and academic circles that seeks to degrade white people and the contributions they have made to the Western world.

The website also specifically states that the conference is not meant to “attack, degrade or beat up on white folks” and that the issues examined and analyzed during the conference pertaining to privilege are “beyond skin color.”

If this is indeed the case, many wonder why the conference is called the White Privilege Conference in the first place.


“What struck me immediately was the hypocrisy of equality mongers dedicating an entire event to lambasting a single race,” Brad Trun, who maintains the popular “Libertarian Realist” website, explained to this reporter. “If members of this purportedly privileged race were to organize an event celebrating white achievements, it would spark outrage. It certainly wouldn’t receive support from universities or governments.”

The WPC has a variety of partners, including the Anti-Defamation League, the City of Seattle’s Office for Civil Rights, the YMCA of Greater Milwaukee, and a host of other non-profit organizations, university departments and offices, and “social justice” organizations. High school, undergraduate, and graduate students are able to earn credit for their participation in the conference.

The concept of so-called white privilege originates in Marxist and anti-white academic and “social justice” circles, gaining traction in the mainstream over the past decade or so. Activists and university professors teach courses, lead seminars, write books and give speeches denouncing white privilege and “white oppression,” which has created a strong anti-white bias amongst the general public. Whites have been made to feel guilty and ashamed of their own ancestors, history and achievements, while inconvenient truths are kept from the masses through anti-white propaganda.

White privilege “gives leftists a sweeping, prepackaged explanation for white achievement,” Trun explained. “By chalking it all up to white privilege, they don’t have to acknowledge the influence of biology or the deficiencies of other cultures.”

The white privilege theme and other Marxist, anti-white propaganda have severely impacted the way whites view themselves and their ancestors, both historically and in contemporary times.

“White privilege propaganda serves to make whites feel bad about themselves,” said Trun. “A demoralized population is easier to manipulate and control.”

Dr. Kevin MacDonald, editor of The Occidental Quarterly and author of numerous scholarly studies and books dealing with racial issues from an evolutionary perspective, described the psychological mechanisms of white dispossession and displacement taking place in America and Western Europe today, largely as a result of effective anti-White propaganda and messaging.

“Not only are anti-white messages prestigious, they are also badges of moral rectitude,” MacDonald noted. “Displacement-level, non-white immigration has become a moral imperative. To dissent from such policies is to place oneself outside the moral universe of the contemporary West.”

Trun authored an article and video masterfully critiquing the WPC entitled “An Open Letter to a Person of Privilege,” directed at professor Abby L. Ferber, Ph.D., the director of the Matrix Center for the Advancement of Social Equity and Inclusion at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs. Professor Ferber, a Jewish “social justice” activist, is the co-organizer of the WPC.


Trun’s article reads in part:

As a professional pontificator against privilege that is white, male and heterosexual, you certainly have a nose for privilege—of certain kinds. There is another kind of privilege as yet unnamed that I think you are especially qualified to help make more visible. . . .

Your White Privilege Conference inspired me to launch the logical—and morally necessary—offshoot to the White Privilege Conference. The particulars of your privileged background make you eminently qualified to be the keynote speaker. So I hope you’ll join me at that upcoming social justice activism extravaganza that will henceforth be known as the Jewish Privilege Conference.

Since Jews on a per capita basis hold more wealth, control more media outlets, lead more corporations and occupy more spots in legislative, judicial and central banking bodies than whites, Jews must be more privileged than whites. Face it, you wouldn’t be where you are today without your privilege. It’s time [you] own it and speak out against it—or you, too, will be perpetuating social injustice.

Given the inordinate amount of influence Jews and Jewish organizations in America have over the government, media, banking and financial industry, academia, Hollywood, and other prominent institutions, perhaps a Jewish Privilege Conference is appropriate in the near future.

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John Friend is a writer who maintains a blog and hosts “The Realist Report.”