INTERVIEW: Will Obama Federalize Local Police?

• White House looking to have cops nationwide answer to the feds.

By Victor Thorn —

When one looks beyond the senseless looting, rioting and destruction that followed the police shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, could an even more ominous plot be at hand? Are power-obsessed authorities, spearheaded by outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder, setting the stage to further federalize local police forces?

To get more information on this, on December 11 this reporter interviewed Cheryl Chumley, author of the book POLICE STATE USA: How Orwell’s Nightmare is Becoming our Reality.


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In terms of the Obama administration’s hidden motives, Ms. Chumley said: “The federal government wants to take over police departments,which up until now have remained locally controlled. That should be a red flag to every American.”

Adding specifics, Ms. Chumley explained: “Barack Obama’s former chief of staff Rahm Emanuel once said, ‘Never let a crisis go to waste.’ Well, the Obama White House is using the chaos from New York City and Ferguson as ways of shifting their agenda to an increased use of the Pentagon’s 1033 program.”

This newspaper was one of the first publications to report on the Pentagon’s 1033 program and its transfer of military equipment from warzones in Afghanistan and Iraq to city police departments. The hardware includes high-powered sniper rifles, tanks, helicopters, night vision wear and vehicles capable of withstanding explosive devices.

Ms. Chumley warned of this trend: “By and large, Americans don’t like these militarized activities in their own neighborhoods, as well they shouldn’t. In May, an Atlanta toddler was mistakenly blown up with flash-bang grenades when officers issued a no-knock warrant. In 2011, a former Arizona Marine was killed after authorities entered the wrong residence. Every police department should be alarmed by the Obama administration’s carrot-and-stick approach to law enforcement.”


When asked for more details, Ms. Chumley replied: “Obama is telling local police departments that in order to receive this equipment, they’re mandated to issue reports to the feds. This means officers would be more accountable to the federal government’s wide-sweeping orders and dictates than to local or state legislators. Once you take community oversight out of the picture—which is more streamlined and transparent—police officers would become tools of the federal government, not servants of local citizens.”

Obama has introduced another element to the equation: upping the Big Brother surveillance state. Ms. Chumley revealed the implications: “Obama has demanded that $263 million be used to purchase 50,000 body cameras for the nation’s police. The information obtained from these cameras would then be fed into a federal database. But do we want an onerous government further peering into our backyards? Plus, who’ll collect this data, store it and have access to it? More than likely these live-feed cameras would become part of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice. Can you imagine the nightmare we’d face trying to process FOIA [Freedom of Information Act] requests?”

Even the way Obama is implementing this power grab remains questionable, as Ms. Chumley noted: “Obama didn’t actually sign an executive order, but instead issued an executive action, telling Eric Holder to move forward with his plans. By using this strategic backdoor political move, Obama is being even more secretive.”

Considering how certain elements within this administration used the Internal Revenue Service to target political foes, it’s imperative that no further powers be granted them.

Victor Thorn

Victor Thorn is a hard-hitting researcher, journalist and author of over 50 books.

10 Comments on INTERVIEW: Will Obama Federalize Local Police?

  1. My municipal police and county police are already being federalized without having to make one law. It’s easy, it’s done through DHS grants (bribery) and setting up “fusion centers” and multi-agency “task force” (collusion). My municipal police force is using city personnel and vehicles to conduct commercial traffic road blocks for the USDOT. They use a command officer that has been sworn in as a municipal officer AND a USDOT agent he then swears “deputies” (other officers) and they conduct federal business in city police uniforms with city-owned vehicles and get Federal money in police coffers to do it yet they only solve about 35% of city break-ins because they don’t practice immediate response. It’s a conflict of interest for ANY officer to serve more than one jurisdiction. Watch out; they don’t have to actually absorb your local law enforcement, they simply co-opt it by playing with grants and funding and by launching “investigations” against departments that they use to coerce departments into going with the program.
  2. Where is America the free? Nowadays all I see is surveillance, war mongering, federalization, foreign regime change operations coming out of U.S. media.

  3. Hey John, good luck trying to clean the sh*t out of your eyes, you are so full of it, it is starting to come out all over.

    Didn’t the illegal alien himself militarize the cops?

  4. First, there is no actual Constitutional governing body since and before 1933, pursuant to The Emergency War Powers Act, The Buck Act, The Treasury Act, The Emergency Banking Relief Act, The Federal Reserve Act, etc., (an ‘Act’ is not law, it’s a corporate policy).

    All law enforcement from federal, state, county, parish, city, and townships are classified pursuant to The Intergovernmental Personnel Act, as: ‘Agents of Foreign Principle,” because they do not represent We The People, but rather foreign corporate powers, and are in direct collusion with the United Nations since The Geneva Convention of 1938. All international treaties usurp any and all constitutional law.

    In other words, the police and all law enforcement are foreign-owned-and-controlled franchisees or sub-corporations of: Crown Corporation, and ultimately Vatican Incorporated. This also includes all Sheriff Departments since 1938.

    This massive lie and fraud also includes the totally evil and corrupt court system which is also a corporation that is foreign-owned-and-controlled.

    Let me make this as plain as I can, there is no federal ‘government,’ there is only:

    THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA INCORPORATED aka USA Inc., a private foreign-owned off-shore corporation that has been fraudulently masquerading as our sovereign governing body since and before 1871.

    Obama is CEO and employee of USA Inc., and does not nor has he ever represented the interests of the American People, but rather the financial interests of USA Inc., and its global ruling elite shareholders.

    CON-gress, is Board of Directors for USA Inc., and they also do not represent We The People.

    This de facto fraudulent USA Inc., is a hostile, invading international criminal banking/military cartel that is domiciled in yet another de facto fraudulent corporation called:

    WASHINGTON DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA (goddess of war and destruction) INCORPORATED.

    All law enforcement took an oath to ‘Protect and Defend The Constitution.’ Oh really? Which ‘constitution’ would that be?

    1) The organic Constitution of 1776, ratified in 1789? Nope, sorry not this constitution. It’s not recognized in the foreign occupational court system everywhere in Gulag Amerika, under Admiralty International Uniform Commercial (Contract Law) Code or UCC, so, maybe it’s this CON-stitution,

    (There’s far more to this than I can explain here.)

    2) The de facto fraudulent and altered CON-stitution of 1871, that is actually a private corporate business charter for USA Incorporated?

    ‘We The People’ in this fraudulent document means: ‘We The Shareholders’ of UNITED STATES INCORPORATED.

    Yeah that’s it, this is the CON-stitution that the de facto fraudulent corporate-state and every so-called public official that includes ALL law enforcement and military, has sworn an oath to protect. A private foreign corporate business charter that is masquerading as our organic Constitution.

    Do the fraud, lies and deception ever end?

    I haven’t even scratched the surface of the endless lies, fraud and deception that is destroying what was once our Constitutional Republic.

    You had better learn this information because it could save you from imprisonment and at the very least penalties and fines.



  5. There was a time I’d laugh at such a ridiculous headline, but I can see our dictator trying this. And we KNOW what the Republicans would do to stop it: NOTHING!
  6. I’ve seen a few Department of Homeland Security police vehicles around Des Moines. DHS is federal, isn’t it?
  7. Grego is correct; federalizing local and state police is totally illegal; period. State and local police were created by the states and local communities and may not be federalized by any POTUS, whoever he may be.
  8. “AFP INTERVIEW: Will Obama Federalize Local Police?”

    Will AFP pull its head from its stupid ass?

    Both questions are of the same nature. Both are valid. Both are meaningless (because we already know the answers).

    Answer a) No, Obama will not be federalizing local police. There is simply no factual evidence of this, period. Just fear-mongering from the right wing fu**tards.

    Answer b) Same answer. No, AFP will not pull its head from its ass because fear sells. And selling fear (and lies) it what AFP does. The very headline is a deliberate psyop technique—pose a question designed to plant doubt.

    The entire content of the article totally fails to provide any evidence or proof of anything—just conjecture and straw arguments intended to beguile the fu**ing idiots that read this sh*t.

    You people are STUPID BEYOND BELIEF. You are exactly what is wrong with this country. You practice stupidity. You teach stupidity (and pass it off as “news”).

    Well, here is some “news.” Pigs don’t fly you fu**ing idiots. Your conjecture is simply made up bullsh*t from your little tiny paranoid minds. The entire website is a marketing scheme (and a sad joke). If you fu**ing morons believe even 10% of the sh*t you publish, what the fu** are you still doing online?

    Yeah, right. It’s because you are all a bunch of liars and thieves and are actively marketing (selling/profiting) your brand of fear-mongering bullsh*t to the other idiots in this country. Just take a look at the ads this site runs—only utter fools would link to this sh*t.

    Now, to go wipe off this sh*t from my eyeballs and go read something worthwhile.

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