U.S. Army Loosens Tattoo Policy After Recruitment Suffers

What will the United States Army look like after this policy change goes into effect?

Will U.S. Army personnel look like gang members?

What does this say about our nation?

U.S. Army Chief of Staff General Raymond T. “Ray” Odierno said on April 1:

“A newly revised tattoo policy that will remove the limit on the number and size of soldiers’ tattoos is coming very soon,” but “the new revision to the appearance policy still prohibits soldiers from having tattoos on their necks, and the ban will remain on tattoos that are extremist, racist or sexist.”

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1 Comment on U.S. Army Loosens Tattoo Policy After Recruitment Suffers

  1. As I examine the things that are being set in place to seat the Anti-Christ, it should cause People to wake up. This Government that allows Tat-toos, When God’s Word Commands in Liv:19, Print no mark upon you Your Body. Our Young Men that come back with no Arms, and no Legs, then 20 a Day are taking their own Lives by Suicide. Satan is setting things in place to seat the World Dictator. Wake up America, only Five more Major things to set in place and the World dictator will be seated in TYRE. Don’t Agree to His Carnal works, or you will be in grave Danger. Reject His Works and you will be SAFE.

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