Black Americans Encourage Everyone to #WalkAway from Democrats

By AFP Staff

This month marks the one-year anniversary since activist Brandon Straka encouraged black Americans to leave the Democrat Party in his #WalkAway social media. Since then, a number of prominent black Americans have jumped ship, including singer Joy Villa, who went so far as to wear a “MAGA” dress at the Grammy’s awards in Hollywood in 2017.

At a recent townhall event in downtown Los Angeles, Straka told attendees, ““It’s really up to us I think to reclaim the narrative, which has been hijacked by the left that anybody’s who’s not a liberal and anyone who’s not a Democrat is a racist, a bigot, a homophobe, a sexist, a monster, and supports the second coming of Hitler.”

Hollywood is notoriously far left, and it has been well documented that anyone who has the nerve to even leave the leftist tent is punished by losing out on jobs.

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That didn’t stop Actor Isaiah Washington, rapper Anomaly, author Angela Stanton-King, radio host Jesse Lee Peterson, Pasadena mayoral candidate Major Williams, and Villa from attending and speaking at Straka’s event.

Washington specifically stated during the talk that his conservative views and his vocal support of Donald Trump have hurt him financially.

“I just was given a wonderful job recently,” he said, “[but] they were concerned about my politics. I wasn’t sure if I was just going to be bought out of my contract and they’d tell me to stay home.”

In an interview with Fox News, Villa said she left the liberal tent only a few years ago right around the time she was able to vote for Trump in 2016. She couldn’t tell her family she was a Trump supporter and only came out until when she wore her famous MAGA dress to the Grammys.

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“This man, what he’s saying is truth and he’s fighting for all Americans,” Villa told attendees during her speech. ““t’s unfair what they say to him and unfair what they say about him. If they say that about the president, who’s a billionaire, who they loved just a few short years ago, right, what are they going to say about me? What are they going to say about you? What are they really saying about Americans and the over 65 million people who are Republicans, who did vote for the president?”

Barring any national quarantines, Straka said he is planning on hosting more Walk Away events in the coming months, including one at the Trump hotel in Washington, D.C,. in mid-May.