Radical Activist Says Blacks Need Their Own Homeland

By Victor Thorn —

White Democratic presidential candidates have been shouted down and even forced from their campaign stages by members of a radical group named Black Lives Matter (BLM). It has happened on at least two occasions, to former Maryland Governor Martin J. O’Malley and Senator Bernie Sanders (Vt.).

On July 18 at a Netroots Nation rally in Phoenix, O’Malley stood passively by as crazed BLM activists chanted, “Burn everything down,” “Rise the fuck up,” and “That’s the only way motherfuckers [white people] like you listen.” Later, after O’Malley told the crowd that “all lives matter” not just black ones, he feebly apologized for being “insensitive.”

Weeks later, on August 8 at Seattle’s Westlake Park, two women from BLM—Marissa Johnson and Mara Willaford—hijacked the stage from Sanders. While doing so, the duo referred to attendees at Sanders’s rally as “white supremacist liberals.”

Three days later, Republican presidential front-runner Donald J. Trump showed his disdain for Sanders’s mousiness. Trump said of the black rabble-rousers who pushed Sanders aside: “That will never happen to me. I don’t know if I’ll do the fighting myself or other people will, but that was a disgrace. I felt badly for [Sanders], but it showed that he was weak. But believe me, that’s not gonna happen to Trump.”

Trump also commented on O’Malley’s weakness.

“He apologized like a little baby, like a disgusting, little, weak, pathetic baby, and that’s the problem with our country,” Trump told host Jeanine Pirro on Fox News’s “Fox & Friends” Friday morning.

Because Democrats have been kowtowing to such socialist and communist ploys for decades, they tolerate BLM’s merging of Black Panther racism, Saul Alinsky gutter tactics, Marxist politics and radical feminism. It’s not surprising that BLM’s three primary founders—Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors and Opal Tometi—have ties to the Weather Underground Organization, Black Liberation Army and other violent communist revolutionaries. In their eyes, they see all whites as “black people’s common enemy.” They also advocate the targeting of law enforcement officers and the complete disbanding of police departments, while urging “freedom from mass incarceration” for those they deem political prisoners.


To get a clearer view into this mindset, on August 12, AMERICAN FREE PRESS spoke with Stephen Biko [AFP has not verified if this is his real name], a member of the Universal Negro Improvement Association. Biko also hosts a radio show called “Problem Solvers Unlimited” and belongs to the Collective Black People Movement.

When asked why racial tensions have escalated since Barack Hussein Obama took office, Biko opined: “Blacks are suffering from PTSD—post-traumatic slavery disorder. It’s been passed down from generation to generation for 400 years, and is now transferred right into the DNA of our offspring.”

Biko’s sense of perpetual victimhood became apparent in his further explanations.

“White people can’t wrap their minds around the thought that the system they created—one of oppression, exploitation and injustice—is doing exactly what they created it to do,” he said. “The Founding Fathers broke every law imaginable. They engaged in organized terrorism, and blacks are going through the same things today as they did during slave days.”

Despite his completely ludicrous rationale, Biko suggested a remedy that many whites may champion.

Biko told AFP: “We need a revised and amended 2015 Barack Obama Emancipation Proclamation that would give blacks their own territory in the southeast U.S. We need to be separate to begin the healing process and that includes policing ourselves.”

Unfortunately, Biko, BLM and others who constantly blame whites for all their problems don’t realize that, when left to their own devices, blacks create violent, drug-ridden hellholes like in Chicago, Baltimore, Ferguson, South Central Los Angeles, Detroit and Harlem.

As the old adage reminds us, “Be careful what you wish for.”

For more read my book, America’s Racial Powder Keg.

Victor Thorn

Victor Thorn is a hard-hitting researcher, journalist and author of over 50 books.

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  1. African American Homeland, The Secret to Political, Economic and Government Powers are control of State/States Governments and all It’s Institutions.

    North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas and Tennessee are the 8 States I proclaimed the African American Homeland. A place where Black Americans could live in peace and prosperity. It would not be an Independent nation, but a Regional bloc of States with no more or less rights than any other State in the United States of America. With a land area of 375,000 square miles and population of 45,300,000, the racial makeup of the region is 80% Black Americans, 15% White, 3% non black Hispanic and 2% Asian and others. All 8 Governors are Black Americans, 16 Senators are Black Americans and 61 Congressman are Black Americans. Most of the State Legislatures, Judges, State Prosecutors, County Sheriffs, State Officials and State Government Workers are Black Americans. We will control the three branches of State government, Executive branch, Legislature branch and State Supreme Court, and control two of the three levels of government State and Local. Only the federal government will be out of our sphere of control. However, the Federal government has been more fair and just. Most Jim Crow and Separations laws were State and local laws.

    If African Americans control a State we’ll have U.S. Constitutional Powers to, Make and Enforce Laws, Taxation, Eminent Domain, Control of State Budgets, Charter Corporations, Banks, Charity Organizations. The State Charters Cities, Counties and Courts, Controls State and Local Courts, Control State Public Schools, Control State Universities, Control State and Local Police Departments. The State Regulates all businesses and regulates most Land within its boundary. All State Universities in the Region such as North Carolina U, Clemson, Georgia Tech. Georgia, Auburn, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana State U, U of Arkansas and Tennessee are predominately Black Americans. Private Universities must conform to the demographic make-up of the State. 80% of the Farm land and forest land is owned by Black Americans.

    Formation Of Regional, State and Local Black owned Banks with $2.5 trillion in asset.

    Utilities, Natural Monopolies, Critical Infrastructures are State Owned Enterprise (SOE) or sold to African American investors or Black Corporations. An African American Stock Exchange with a capitalization of $1 trillion is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia to assist Black owned corporation to buy up white-owned corporate assets in the region. There’s a regional equivalent to Freddy Mac for Home Mortgages. White-owned large corporation will dominate the African American Homeland, but laws, policies, regulations and others will be put in place to help Black American-Owned Corporations and Businesses to compete. 80% of all businesses in the 8 State Southern Region are Black American owned and they will received 80% of all State and Local government contracts. Whites, Asians and Hispanics who are loyal and obey our State Laws are encouraged to live among us or integrate with Black Americans in peace and prosperity. Whites that want to leave will be given just compensation for their property.

    To acquire power in the 8 State Southern Region we have to have a super majority. To have a super majority there must be a modern day mass migration of 24 million Black Americans to the 8 southern States. The mass flooding of Black people into the 8 State Southern Region will cause the white population to mass migrate out of the region for fear of crime, safety and lower property values. The Great Migration North 1910-1970 was unorganized and by word of mouth. With social media and modern transportation, The Great Reverse Migration to the 8 State Southern Region could be done in 6 years instead of 60 years. Millions of Black Americans migrating North, Northeast, West, and there was no military response. Moving from State to State is a basic Right. It is much more practical and economical to migrate from any big city in the west, mid-west or northeast, than to ship or fly millions of people to West Africa or Angola.

    We’ll have incentives for Black Americans to migrate South, including land, farm land, housing, jobs, business opportunities, leadership opportunities, favorable laws and others.

    Visit AFRICAN AMERICAN HOMELAND and follow me on twitter: BlackAmerican33

  2. It is funny how this reporter always looks at the most ignorant and poverty stricken areas and puts it on an entire people. There are very nice African American and Latino areas that he will not look at. In Chicago, Chatum, Pill Hill, Hyde Park and some others have been black for decades and remain nice. The middle west side and part of the south side are the bad areas. The removal of many projects put ghetto people in some lower income decent areas which have become sh*t. The ghetto and the ignorant do not represent African Americans or Latinos. You need to drive around and see the good and the bad and stop labeling people. The Simon Kings in Louisiana are a white ruthless gang that puts mayhem on its many victims and they have been around for decade, but no one blames white people, they blame the ignorant gang.
  3. Please, by all means and my tax dollars leave post haste! You want a country/county of your own? It’s called Africa, check it out….OH wait? You would be too far away to siphon off of someone wouldn’t you? Like the Jews in reverse you’re too parasitical, you don’t assimilate, you only consume with hate, destroy rather than build, etc, etc.

    I have a B.S. in Engineering, I don’t say this lightly. After spending 40 years in the West (and around the world) and coming to S. Florida 4 years ago. I can see the de-evolution strikingly. Blacks that grow up in predominant white areas become educated. Down here, they remain animals. Even back in Colorado, they never make it, but, at least they aren’t on film ripping wigs off people in Walmart or beating some white chick up because she’s in the wrong hood or destroying a neighborhood because Soros told them they’d get paid for it. ONCE YOU CROSS THE MISSISSIPPI EVERYONE IS FUC*ING STUPID…WHY DID I EVER LEAVE? Oh yeah, Rothschild money fake money. This place Amerika…it’s turned into fuc*ing sh*t before my own eyes inside of 6 years. Let me tell you, if you want to see the toilet of the 3rd world, don’t get a passport, come to South Florida. Sh*t you not, and bring 5 different phrase books in many languages.

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