Pentagon Using Bribery to Control Film Scripts

By Ronald L. Ray —

If there ever was any doubt whether the police state is here to stay, it was erased in early April by Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Director John Owen Brennan, speaking at Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government Institute of Politics, when he said that the “War on Terror” may continue forever. That Orwellian prospect is frightening enough. But what if, in its alleged mission to make America safe for its citizens, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) were both exercising influence over the mass media message and countless United States industries—and compromising national security through profit-motivated crony capitalism?

We will return to Brennan’s world of “doublethink,” but first we’ll review the dangers of the EB-5 immigration visa program, administered by DHS’s U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

The EB-5 program allows thousands of wealthy foreigners each year to purchase permanent residency (“green cards”) for themselves and their families. They do this by investing $500,000 to $1 million in starting or developing a business in the U.S., which then also must provide at least 10 new, stable jobs to Americans. This is a fairly significant hurdle, and other restrictions apply.

But in recent years the EB-5 program has been modified to allow “regional centers” to pool money from numerous investors, and with fewer restrictions. This latter has become a major vehicle for financing the entertainment and travel industries, along with some more usual “nuts and bolts” businesses—even nursing homes. USCIS issues permits to the regional centers, which can be run by either private parties, a governmental unit or a combination of the two.

It is long known that the federal government, through its technical advisors and loans of military equipment etc. purchases great influence over ideological messages carried by films and television, as well as other media outlets. Its “help” is a bribe to ensure conformity with Big Brother’s message. But when USCIS approval of investors can make or break a project, whether film production or a casino, it is easy to see that a quid pro quo quickly can develop, making consumers the target of government propaganda. Think of the ubiquitous Stalinism: “If you see something, say something.”

Since then-head of USCIS (now number two at DHS) Alejandro Mayorkas greased the skids for Sony Pictures’s EB-5 needs in 2011, as exposed by a DHS inspector general’s investigation, the recent WikiLeaks revelation does not surprise that Sony reciprocates by allowing the Pentagon to line-edit film scripts and submitting to State Department pressure to demonize Russia.


That same investigation uncovered at least three cases in which Mayorkas, a Cuban-born Jew, strong-armed career USCIS officials into reconsidering EB-5 denials to companies in which the likes of Senator Harry Reid’s son and Hillary Clinton’s brother were active participants. Another result in these and other cases was that some investors—especially from China—who engaged in criminal activity or were potential spies were granted EB-5 visas because they were “creating jobs.”

Pleas from the Federal Bureau of Investigation went unheard. Although such decisions endanger national security, USCIS claims Congress gave it no authority to consider security concerns in the EB-5 process. The almighty dollar is more important, and “homeland security” has become big business.

All that is fine, though, because DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson says Mayorkas is “patriotic.” So are critics suspected of treason?

This is no idle question. Director of Central Intelligence Brennan tells us the “War on Terror has been in existence for millennia . . . [in] the use of violence for political purposes against noncombatants by either a state actor or a subnational group.” He foresees no end to the hostilities, so long as alleged bad guys have access to weapons and mass communications.

“And so this is going to be something, I think, that we’re always going to have to be vigilant about,” Brennan said.

But then, this is from a man who justifies torture of prisoners and lies for a living, a man who, in an hour of questions and answers at Harvard, delivered responses like an emotionless automaton and seemed unwilling to make eye contact when expressing key “facts.”

Yet he spoke the truth for those able to hear it amid mass disinformation: “The use of violence for political purposes against noncombatants by . . . a state actor” has been going on for “millennia.” It is the never-ending effort of a few to exert raw power and enslave the unwashed masses, grinding freedom into the dirt.

The U.S. federal government, particularly through the CIA, is the No. 1 state sponsor of terrorism throughout the world, destabilizing and destroying countless nations while impoverishing their peoples in order to establish the New World Order. As DHS control of mass media and the now ubiquitous U.S. police state demonstrate, the federal government also terrorizes the American people.

George Orwell, in his book 1984, wrote: “If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—forever.” That future is now. The only question you as an American must answer is: Will you acquiesce to your chains, admitting you love Big Brother—or will you fight to regain your freedom?

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Ronald L. Ray is a freelance author and an assistant editor of THE BARNES REVIEW. He is a descendant of several patriots of the American War for Independence.

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  1. Path America EB-5 was denied Regional Center Status and then somehow was approved. Could it be this same pressure was put on USCIS to reverse their decision?

    Investors in Lobsang Dargey PathAmerica Potala Tower were told that their applications would have a letter from the Governor of the State of Washington included. Is this what has been going on? Governors supporting projects in order to get Chinese money into their states so they can have the reputation as a good governor who created jobs?

    But how much is known by the governor or other elected officials? In May of 2014 Lt. Governor from the State of Washington attended Phase II meeting for Potala Tower and claimed that the Tower would open for business that summer (approx 2-3 months). The property had no construction on it. It was just dirt. Now a full year later there is still no hotel, no apartments, no retail, no Tower.

    Did the state officials know that there would be no tower in 2014 as claimed?

    Did heavy contributions to democratic candidates in the state encourage their blindness to the true facts?

    Did they fill the remaining 83 investor spots (at $500,000 each) based on the reassurance that investors were buying a piece of something that was nearly complete?

  2. So long as the Pentagon is doing Israel’s dirty work, it needs not spend any taxpayers’ money to fatten the Zionists who control Hollywood.

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