Hillary’s Libyan Lies

• Hillary the mastermind behind destruction of Libya?

• Qaddafi’s “pan-African currency” plan got him killed?

By Ronald L. Ray —

The moral bankruptcy and intense duplicity of United States foreign policy, which brings “democracy” in the form of death and destruction to the “oppressed” peoples of the world, is most apparent in the 2011 violent military overthrow and extra-judicial murder of Muammar Qaddafi, the late ruler of Libya. That successfully developing nation was bombed into unending chaos by opportunistic American and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) armed forces. Now, as Barack Obama readies another foray into the oil-rich country, emails from Hillary Clinton’s infamous private computer server prove this newspaper was right all along about the real reasons for the bloody coup.

One of those emails is a memo from then-Secretary of State Clinton’s subordinate, Jacob Jeremiah “Jake” Sullivan, who lists an entire timeline for propaganda and future election purposes, showing Clinton was a key organizer of the Libya operation from February 2011 onward. Clearly, presidential candidate Clinton has no scruples about violating either international law or even basic morality in foreign affairs.


Hillary was involved deeply in the military adventurism that destroyed an entire country and plunged it into civil war. Worse, the emails leave the impression that this was the intended result. They demonstrate that the supposed humanitarian reasons used as propaganda aimed at Congress and the masses, in order to justify military operations, had already been resolved.

Only 11 days into bombing Libya, on March 30, 2011, as the “Huffington Post” points out, Clinton friend and advisor Sidney Blumenthal wrote that any “humanitarian motive offered is limited, conditional and refers to a specific past situation.” (Document C05782459.) Yet the U.S. and NATO continued to destroy that country into October.

Multiple key claims by Clinton’s State Department, such as Qaddafi allegedly providing Viagra to his troops to encourage rape of Libyan civilians, were unsubstantiated rumors and likely never occurred. In fact, Blumenthal may have invented them. (Doc. C05782390.) Only American sheeple would believe that an internationally isolated Qaddafi would have nearly unlimited access to such a medication.

Clinton and Blumenthal also knew that al Qaeda was a part of the rebel forces in eastern Libya supported by the U.S. and correctly predicted the outcome of such involvement, yet made no effort to reconsider their misguided strategy. (Doc. C05780521.) This suggests that the mayhem, brutality and war crimes perpetrated against civilians by those rebels were a desired end.

Tellingly, European special forces were already on the ground in Libya within a month of initial, ostensibly popular, anti-Qaddafi demonstrations, training and supplying insurgents who included al Qaeda operatives. (Doc. C05782401, which appears to have been removed from the State Department website, but available here.)

The late General Smedley Darlington Butler said, “War is a racket.” That certainly has been true in Libya.

So, if the humanitarian reasons for destroying Libya were no more than propaganda, what was the real purpose?

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First is that the U.S. accepts no nation free of its hegemonic control—except Israel, of course.

For many years, Qaddafi had been working toward national and pan-African self-sufficiency, free of the enslaving shackles of international banksterism. To this end, he had amassed gold and silver valued at over $7 billion.

“This gold was accumulated prior to the current rebellion and was intended to be used to establish a pan-African currency based on the Libyan golden Dinar.” (Doc. C05779612, also since removed, but available here.)


French President Nicolas Sarkozy, in particular, viewed this as an existential threat to his country’s hegemony in French-speaking Africa and even declared that Qaddafi’s efforts threatened the world financial system. This, along with motives of self-aggrandizement, led Sarkozy to commit French forces to the Libyan campaign.

Likewise, the Rothschild and other international banking cartels suffer no nations to become free of their evil system of usury. Nor would Big Oil and Western nations accept Libyan or African oil free of their control and of the petro-dollar. The state-owned, independent Central Bank of Libya had to be destroyed. The fact that, already on March 19, 2011, rebels somehow managed to declare establishment of a new Libyan National Oil Corporation and a Central Bank of Benghazi would seem to indicate Big Bank/Big Oil collusion.

Even more important to the equation was Qaddafi’s “Great Man-Made River” (GMMR) project—the largest public works project of modern times, funded entirely free of the banksters. The GMMR, although not fully complete, was an amazing array of underground conduits bringing clean, deep-underground water for drinking and irrigation to 70% of Libyans at no cost.

The United Nations and a few private companies like Nestle, however, seek to dominate every drop of water on the planet, controlling the population by selling them their own water for massive profit. That is the real, genocidal reason the GMMR was bombed into oblivion by the U.S.

In view of Hillary’s close ties to major banks like Goldman Sachs and the pharmaceutical industry—which consumes the largest share of the world’s petroleum—and her personally beneficial friendship with the Rothschilds, she is clearly no more than a murderous New World Order shill. She and her former boss, Obama, should be punished for their war crimes in Libya.

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Ronald L. Ray is a freelance author and an assistant editor of THE BARNES REVIEW. He is a descendant of several patriots of the American War for Independence.

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