World Ignores Slaughter of Christians

By Victor Thorn —

Thousands of Christians are being slaughtered in the Middle East, but President Barack Hussein Obama’s White House refuses to do anything to help put an end to it. Some innocent victims face mass executions from firing squads. Others are drowned. The most unfortunate die from gruesome beheadings and crucifixions. Christian women are kidnapped, raped or threatened with being sold into slavery by their abductors.

Meanwhile, Christian churches keep disappearing from the Middle East after being demolished and ransacked.

Recently, radical Islamic State jihadists released a video in which they tossed Bibles and other Christian artifacts into a raging bonfire.

As this onslaught against the world’s largest faith unfolds, the Obama administration has inexplicably remained passive. While Pope Francis, the United Nations, the Knights of Columbus, the European Council, and Congress have all called these atrocities genocide, the Obama White House has thus far failed to acknowledge it.


Obama spokesman Josh Earnest has relied on semantics and wordplay to avoid discussing the subject. In February 29 press briefing, Earnest determined that, at least according to their standards, “My understanding is, the use of that word [genocide] involves a very specific legal determination that has at this point not been reached.” He did condemn the terrorists’ “willingness to target religious minorities, including Christians.”

However, on March 8, Judge Andrew Napolitano stated during a televised interview that, if Obama’s people wanted to, they could settle this matter within 15 minutes and conclude that it was indeed genocide.

Why are Obama and his cronies engaging in such blatant misdirection and denial? On February 7, Travis S. Weber, the director of the Family Research Council’s Center for Religious Liberty provided an answer.

“This is based on a political fear,” he told AMERICAN FREE PRESS. “There is moral and legal weight behind calling it genocide. Under a [1948] treaty, parties must prevent and punish genocide.”

On March 9, this reporter could think of no person better able to unravel this dilemma than Power of Prophecy founder Texe Marrs, whose new book, Holy Serpent of the Jews, will soon be released.

When questioned about Obama’s refusal to support Christians in the Middle East, Marrs replied: “I believe there is a general hatred of Christianity by Obama and his coterie. I also think there is a satanic element at play here. Obviously, Obama is not a Christian.”


Marrs provided some important details to support his claim.

“Many of the bureaucrats in Obama’s White House are homosexuals,” he said. “Among gays, there is deep animosity against Christianity. It’s the same with Hillary Clinton.”

This aversion to Christianity takes on another element, Marrs noted.

“Years ago when Obama was about to enter the political arena, he asked a Jewish federal judge named Abner Mikva, ‘What can I do to be president?’ ” said Marrs. “Mikva told Obama, ‘You need to become a member in good standing at a Christian church.’ So, what did Obama do? He attended this horrible church run by Reverend Jeremiah Wright that preached ‘Black liberation theology.’ Obama only saw the church as a political advantage for his career.”

Black liberation theology is a belief system developed by leading black thinkers that seeks to entwine Christian doctrinal teachings with the notion that blacks in the U.S. have been mistreated and kept down by whites.

Obama is not the only villain in this sordid affair. Marrs identified another culprit.

“Secretary of State John Kerry knows the criteria of genocide,” he said. “If they call the murder of Christians a genocide, then certain actions need to take place, such as sanctions. They’d also be required to place much more exposure on this situation, which means doing things they don’t want to do.”

Victor Thorn

Victor Thorn is a hard-hitting researcher, journalist and author of over 50 books.

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  1. Agree w/most all stated in article above, it seems pretty accurate based on my knowledge of holy Biblical scripture, the specifics therein regarding prophecy which is more or less the cornerstone of Christianity, i.e. the dynamic changes away from Judaism after Christ’s sin offering, resurrection and whatever faults we may see in the man, Peter, the rock on whom Christ’s church would be built.

    Notably, in the USA, we have lived a relatively persecution-free existence for the last century or two depending on ethnicity and it shows in all we do. With the exception of Mormons whom most would perhaps rightfully argue have no place at the table of Christianity, most missionary work is a spring break vacation or better still if able to afford = a summer vacation.

    It has become so commonplace for the local church to beg, borrow and beg for funding whilst the flock feels and is praised for throwing money at the church. The church, like any corporation, country or empire can never get enough cash because in the world cash equals influence which equals the headliners are a big deal.

    Unfortunately, I believe, some of Christ’s church does its most powerful, most spectacular, most necessary work when persecuted. Many in the USA have enjoyed God’s blessings for generations and not to say there haven’t been marvelous Christians about. However, given our financial, military, social circumstances and most denominations too eager to preach what we want to hear as opposed to what we need to hear the dynamic titled and described above will likely only grow more dire.

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