AUDIO INTERVIEW: Terry Jones Targeted by Terrorists


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Pastor Terry Jones runs a ministry and a website, “Stand Up America Now,” and believes Islam is not compatible with Western ideals and values.

Because of this, Jones is being targeted by Islamic assassins and receives local police and Federal Bureau of Investigation protection around the clock.

On January 15, Dave Gahary spoke with Pastor Jones, who discusses the Hebdo attack, the several hundred death threats he’s received and the terrorist organization out of Pakistan that’s put a reward on his life for $6.5 million, making him the No. 2 person on the al Qaeda hit list, and the only American, in this revealing interview (11:47).

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Dave Gahary, a former submariner in the U.S. Navy, is the host of AFP’s ‘Underground Interview’ series.

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1 Comment on AUDIO INTERVIEW: Terry Jones Targeted by Terrorists

  1. Although my comment could be expanded greatly, I am choosing to be as brief as I can be.

    The described problem of this audio article, is for me, another of an endless stream!! Of putting out endless brush fires instead of removing the source!!! I suppose that this addiction to endless problems is a source of some perverse enjoyment, and or a source of revenue.

    My method is to go straight to the “jugular”!!! And that is that our race should have decades ago, in “America” at least, formed an IMPENETRABLE new nation, wherein, into the revived, and slightly changed Constitution, have as its FIRST requirement, the absolute bar, prohibition against the presence, or importation OF ANY NON-WHITES!!! For ANY REASON!! The Penalty, by its own act, and fact, serving as jury, judge, and executioner. Any, who would place the interests of other races above their own, would be free to leave, and thus express their “Freedom of Speech” against this supreme requirement, elsewhere.

    To idiots who will inevitably ask, “Do I hate other races?,” my answer is: I could be FORCED to do so by those other races, knowingly imposing their presence among us. Though my preference is summoned up in my motto: (which would also be the national motto) “FRIENDSHIP, YES! INTIMACY—NEVER!” Those that race-mix are enemies to all! And the mixlings would, in time, form their own groups and be at each other’s throats!! What was accomplished in a positive Sense? NOTHING!! Naturally, Jews, and Jewish banking would be out, and naturally, that “Hamiltonian” insertion, “to borrow on the Credit of the United States.” Other than inertia and the addiction, it is females that might prevent the salvaging of our race. I have never met as a regular phenomenon even ONE racially patriotic, racially loyal female who loves and prefers WHITE children, and thus, all positives of our race.

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