AUDIO INTERVIEW: It’s Time to Take a Stand Against the Race Hustlers


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After being promised a “post-racial” America by Barack Obama, this nation has instead seen cities set ablaze, anarchy in the streets, police officers assassinated in cold blood, and violence directed against innocent whites. Similarly, not only are members of the New Black Panther Party permitted to intimidate voters at polling stations, their leaders unequivocally call for the slaughter of whites, including their children.

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Dave Gahary speaks with  Victor Thorn and Pete Papaherakles about the new book, America’s Racial Powder Keg, which takes the race-baiters head-on, in this candid and politically-incorrect interview (36:01).


Dave Gahary, a former submariner in the U.S. Navy, is the host of AFP’s ‘Underground Interview’ series.

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4 Comments on AUDIO INTERVIEW: It’s Time to Take a Stand Against the Race Hustlers

  1. Look at world history. The greatest thinkers, inventors, statesmen, politicians, writers, warriors, etc., etc. have all been white. If not for slavery, nig*ers would still be in Africa painting their faces and chasing animals around with sticks. I’d prefer we treat ’em in the same manner Hitler did the Jews. Less crime, less problems, lower prison population, less payouts in welfare. If the nig*er leaders can call for violence against whites, well white people, let’s do what needs to be done down through history. Kill, conquer and overcome.

    Sieg Heil

  2. In the interview:

    I do not agree with Pete Papaherakles’ bias take on the Slaughter/Genocide of the American Indians (AI).

    The AIs were merely defending their Nations from the invading/colonizations of the foreign white-Savages who were massacring, enslaving, torturing and having their resources robbed. (would you not expect them OR the Palestinians OR even the white peoples themselves or any other peoples living in peace NOT to defend with every means possible for the protection of their families?) No!

    There are many books that disprove Papaherakles’ biased views.

    PLUS, what about all the other NON-white nations invaded—with the people minding their own business, (as is happening today—to-and-including Mr. whitey—BY the Talmudic Jews)

    Since he condones these actions on the part of the colonizing white invaders, then what other parts are flawed in his biased thinking?

    Black slaves:

    All during this time, the white man as a whole, WITH the Talmudic Jew slave ship owners benefited—but kept his yammering mouf’ shut when it came to profit time.

    Where was their CHRISTIAN ethics/morals that their Master, Jesus taught? To be kind, gentle, blablablablablabla….They especially like carrying the cross, the ‘holy’ book and when one turns his back, he suddenly finds a knife sticking out his back. o_o

    Also, whitey as a whole peoples fu**ed up by not returning the black slaves to their rightful homelands when they had a chance but noooooooooo……they were (and I’m guessing) just too self-serving and greedy to do the righteous and honorable act.

    American Indian Invasion/Genocide.
    All non-white countries invaded, killed, robbed.
    Black Slaves.
    White Slaves (yes…they do it to their own kind too—SICK!!!!)
    On ‘n on… continues today.

    If only whitey had just stayed in his own countries and took care of its own affairs, the world and ALL LIFE would have been a much better place.

    Guess it’s Karma payback time for whitey 🙁

  3. I do not mean to hurt feelings, but this does not lead us anywhere. I heard what whites have done, I heard what black are doing, and I hear what Obama is doing. Focusing on these things is a laughing matter to Obama and his allies. We can all publish our opinions; they are good for nothing if it changes nothing. It is great deception to believe that we could change the system of this evil domain ourselves; we can talk and write all we want. Anything goes WITHIN! Until you play their games (division, opinions, oppression, put down, let down), you are in.

    What we must do is PRAY, so that God ALMIGHTY WOULD SHAKE THE WORLD TO END EVIL AND BRING FORTH HIS KINGDOM! through us! I heard nothing about what God has done for America and what God is doing and could do, which is the key and the only solution!

    God says:

    “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”
    —2 Chronicles 7:14

    We are not fighting against flesh and blood, blacks, or Hispanics, not even religious groups, but Satan, principalities, powers, ruling spirits, devils. Yes, they use humans, pray for them too. The number of Satan and the number of men is the same (666), because it is the same. The whole world lives by the spirits of the world, even if most people are unaware of it, and not by God’s Holy Spirit of LOVE, expect a few. The church let it happen, whoring after other gods, mammon, power, fame, and control, greed, selfishness, making coalition with Baal (government, programs, grants, worldliness, sin), it is time to return to the Lord!

    It is time to arise and shine! The Glory of the Lord has risen upon us!

    Obama, the elite, the EU, the United Nations, the bank system, prominent business people, the Vatican, the Brotherhood, the whole world is after the beast, pushing forth the New World Order! Decide this day who you are going to serve! Stand up for righteousness sake, Jesus, the KING, and love not your life, even unto death. Save your soul and other’s! Get out of the blame game! All this is foolishness, a set up, a facade! Turning blacks against whites enslave and impoverish people groups to sin, using every means possible, so evil.

    Our youth is brainwashed, black and white, unable to tell right from wrong, the next generation. Give them the Word of God not your own, the living water! Give them life and light until there is light, for darkness is soon approaching when no man can work! Let there be light!

  4. The lamestream media’s neglect of this issue is far more than just shameful, it’s downright criminal.

    My heartfelt thanks to all the hard working folks at AFP who strive daily to bring us the real news as it happens.

    Truth crushed to earth will always rise again.

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