George Soros: Marxist Manipulator

George Soros.

Thought his influence waned?


He’s more powerful than ever.

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He proudly boasts of being the Rothschild banking family’s right-hand man and is listed as one of the world’s top Jewish plutocrats.

His name is Gyorgy Schwartz—today known as liberal billionaire George Soros—and in this special four-page special report, AMERICAN FREE PRESS reveals how, if not stopped, this madman with a messianic complex could trigger a civil war in America, a currency war that topples the U.S. dollar and World War III with Russia.

Report contains:

  • An overview of Soros
  • Soros’s influence and control over Obama
  • Soros’s role in financing and instigating race wars
  • Soros’s behind the scenes influence in Ukraine and his desire to bring about World War III

PDF, 4 pages full of facts ignored by the mainstream media for just $2

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7 Responses to George Soros: Marxist Manipulator

  1. RYAN JONES says:



    The Road to Revolution or Civil War II

    “Behind this year’s surge is a toxic mix of cuts to social services, unemployment, hopelessness…”

  2. Palos Trend says:
    GEORGE SOROS Zionist Jews CHARACTER WITH MURDER YOU WANT discredit Donald Trump presidential candidates CHRISTIAN !!!
    THE JEWISH ZIONIST US terrorist POLITICAL prostitutes Bill Clinton cheated on my wife Hillary WANT PRESIDENT they are easy to manage and blackmail !!!

    The liberal Gawker two journalists have “set a trap” at the end of last year, Donald Trump.

    “I started a Twitter account called @ ilduce2016, which only posted quotations from the notorious Italian fascist dictator, Benito Mussolini from, Trump addressed to his campaign slogan. The name (Il Duce, Mussolini was well known nicknames), and profile picture (Mussolini’s face Trump distinctive haircut) made it clear that parody, which is running out how big the similarity between the former fascist leader, and Trump sentences. Trump finally received on 28 February on the bait and the Retweeted Mussolini quote that “It is better to live one day as a lion than a hundred years as a sheep.” The Gawker and exposed the joke “- read the index.

    The only hitch is that the ominous citátum not originally come from Mussolini, but by Tipu Sultan.

    According to them, the ominous Gawker was probably too lazy to look up the origin of the quote.

    Because I did not dare to think that maybe the real purpose of substantial amounts by George Soros supported Hillary Clinton probably the biggest opponent, Trump was the total besározása and discredit.

  3. nozionistwars says:
    Keyword here is manipulator; these people will support communists, neo-Nazis, cannibal jihadists etc., whenever it suits the agenda.
  4. sovereigntea says:
    Mao Cheng Ji:

    Look up a German chap who changed his name, now called Amitai Etzioni, a former Israeli terrorist and intellectual father of American Communitarian Fabian politics/ideology. There you will find your Marxist links and connections to Martin Buber and the Frankfurt School. Note also that the Nazis were national SOCIALISTS. The U.S.-imposed EU dictatorship is communitarian as is the World Economic Forum (DAVOS) and Bush’s “thousand points of light.” They share a Common Purpose.

  5. Mao Cheng Ji says:
    How can he be a “Marxist Manipulator” when one of his main pet projects is the neo-Nazi regime in Kiev that has actually banned the Communist Party there? Something doesn’t fit.

    Perhaps he’s just an old rich narcissist creating troubles everywhere he can with no particular ideological aim—just to enjoy reading the headlines with his morning coffee.

  6. Rebekah says:
    Love the work AFP does!

    But in today’s world….American FREE Press isn’t free!?

    Its always been this way. Nothing is “free.” Someone always has paid a price. Me and mine have always gotten it. Because we were raised by those who lived through the U.S. Great Depression, the countless Talmudic coup d’états in Ireland, Scotland and in Europe….And who knew! Their Irish heritage, and who have a deep deep seeded love of HIS Story….But as then, countless many in today’s communist AmeriKa are living hand to mouth, on the verge of homelessness, and worse. Many still today thirst for knowledge and truth. And we many must do what, and ALL we can.

  7. itdoesntmatter says:
    “Soros” or whatever his Khazar name is can go to Hell. It’ll be a cold day there when I pay anything to read sh*t about him.

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