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Wicomico County, Maryland Sheriff Michael A. Lewis has grabbed the national stage recently with his no-nonsense, politically-incorrect comments on the Baltimore riots.

Now, Dave Gahary had a chance to sit down with the outspoken sheriff, a breath of fresh air in these stifling, politically-correct times.

Sheriff Lewis discusses his background, the riots in his state in which he was present for at the governor’s request, President Barack Hussein Obama’s war on this country’s history, culture and traditions, as well as his pro-criminal and anti-law enforcement position, his decision to run for higher office, as well as other topics, in this refreshing interview (28:39).

Tough Talking Sheriff Provides Uncensored, Inside View of Baltimore Riots

By Dave Gahary

In these freedom-stifling, politically-correct times, it’s hard to find a public figure willing to call a spade a spade, but one need look no further than the “Old Line State” for a breath of fresh air, where longtime subscriber and supporter Barton Van Ness told this writer he could find such a brave soul.

Wicomico County, Maryland Sheriff Michael A. Lewis, who grabbed the national stage recently with his no-nonsense, politically-incorrect comments on the Baltimore riots, sat down with AMERICAN FREE PRESS to discuss the riots in his state in which he was present for at the governor’s request, President Barack Hussein Obama’s war on this country’s history, culture and traditions, as well as his pro-criminal and anti-law enforcement position, his decision to run for higher office, as well as other topics, in a 35-minute interview on July, 22.

A highly-decorated and innovative Maryland state trooper for 22 years, Mike Lewis retired in 2006 and was elected sheriff in November of that year, of Wicomico County, on the Eastern shore of Maryland located between the Atlantic Ocean and the Chesapeake Bay, where he was born and raised.

“I’m proud to say that I’m serving my third term as sheriff here in Wicomico County,” Lewis told AFP.

AFP asked the sheriff his opinion of a story covered by this newspaper back in December, 2013, when a Florida resident who was driving through the Fort McHenry tunnel got stopped, harassed and charged carrying a loaded gun.

“I am a staunch defender of our Second Amendment right to bear arms and I’ve been very vocal about that, and I don’t like to see that encroached or infringed upon in any way,” said Lewis.

Lewis has struck a chord with a lot of Americans ever since he was interviewed by Fox News during the Baltimore riots, where for six days he displayed his honest, no-nonsense, politically incorrect personality, and has received hundreds of media requests since late April, 2015.

AFP asked Lewis what he thought of former Maryland governor and U.S. presidential candidate Martin O’Malley’s apology for stating that “all lives matter,” and not just black lives.

“Of course all lives matter,” railed Lewis. “Why would you apologize for that? Why did he apologize? Because he quickly found that it wasn’t politically correct and it offended some of the blacks.”

“That’s what makes me sick to my stomach,” Lewis continued. “Political correctness has destroyed this country, and as long as I have a platform, and I’ve been given a platform by the American people, I will no longer be silenced, I will speak up for those whose voices are silenced in this country.”

“I’m sorry,” continued Lewis. “I am who I am, but I will not recognize, like many people do, like Martin O’Malley, that political correctness is what we need to be very much in tuned to everyday. I’m sick of it, I’m tired of it. You and I both know it’s destroyed our country. We need to take this country back and move it in the opposite direction in which we’re moving right now under Obama.”

Why do you think Obama shows up at the funerals of criminals across the country but not law-abiding police officers and citizens?

“It’s absolutely despicable,” he said. “It is absolutely unconscionable to me, to think that not only would Obama show up, but his representatives routinely show up at funerals for these thugs that have challenged police officers.”

“Michael Brown down in Ferguson is a prime example,” he said. “Michael Brown wrote his own death ticket. He challenged that police officer, he rushed him, he attempted to disarm him, and he got precisely what he deserved. Michael Brown executed himself.”

AFP asked Lewis about the Baltimore riots.


“Had the Baltimore City Police Department [BPD] been allowed to do their jobs and allowed to do what they wanted to do, it would have been a battle,” he said. “But this particular battle was one-sided, and it was the thugs, the absolute thugs who were assaulting, feloniously assaulting, the BPD with large cinder blocks, bricks, bottles, and Molotov cocktails, who were told not only to stand-down, but many times to evacuate the city while the looting and destruction was going on.”

Although “61 businesses were burned and over 350 severely damaged,” said the sheriff, “no one is saying anything about the around 170 police officers, who were injured, many of them seriously injured, and many of those injuries were career-ending injuries.”

Sheriff Lewis explained the insanity that prevailed during the riots.

“In many cases these police officers had made arrests of individuals for assault on them, only to have someone of a higher authority within the BPD, who were getting their orders directly from the mayor, come by and say, ‘un-handcuff him, un-arrest him, let him go.’”

“I was up there with a BPD radio tethered to my body armor in armored gear because I was ready to do battle with those bastards,” said Lewis. “I was ready to show them, the BPD might get their orders from the mayor, but I do not. My orders came from the governor.”

AFP asked if it was mostly blacks who were rioting.

“The looting and rioting was almost 100% black, but it was the black people in that city that walked up to me repeatedly and shook my hand and thanked me for being there,” he said.

Lewis explained a fact of the riots not given much publicity.

“The first nights up there were the worst nights as you can imagine,” he said, “and that was primarily blacks up there, living in the city. However, the days that followed, more white people were coming in by carloads to demonstrate and protest, most of which had gauges in their ears (a form of body piercing where the ear’s skin is stretched) and covered in tattoos.”

The whites, explained Lewis, were the aggressors.

“Their hands were constantly waving in the air with their middle fingers up in my face, inches from my face,” said Lewis. “While videotaping with their cell phone in one hand, they were giving the middle finger in the other hand. And that was mostly the whites, absolutely the whites.”

While guarding BPD headquarters and city hall, Lewis explained the reactions of the Baltimore cops who were not allowed to do their jobs.

“Not one car, out of the hundreds of cops that came in and out, came through without stopping to thank us for being there,” he explained. “They were worn down, beaten down, extremely apologetic, dumbfounded, stunned and emotional, at having been thrown into the trenches with these wolves and given no means in which to protect themselves. I heard many comments, ‘I’m outta this f-ing city,’ ‘I’m done here,’ ‘I’m resigning,’ ‘I’m going to work somewhere else.’”

AFP inquired if he would consider running for higher office.

“I have never considered running for higher office,” he said. “I love being a police officer, I love being the sheriff of my county, I love to do the job that my American people have elected me to do. However, as every day passes and I see what’s unfolding in this country, yes I will consider higher office. We’re tired of being silenced by the majority in Washington D.C. We need to know there are other people out there, like-minded people, who feel that this country’s headed in the wrong direction. So would I consider it? You bet I’m gonna consider it, more today than ever before.”

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Dave Gahary, a former submariner in the U.S. Navy, is the host of AFP’s ‘Underground Interview’ series.

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  2. Mr. Halbig, this interview was with Sheriff Mike Lewis from Maryland. What does he have to do with Sheriff Mack?

    Also, let’s be real here. According to your website, you were a state trooper for one year, while Sheriff Mack was a sheriff for over a decade. Give the guy some respect!

  3. Sheriff Mack is a total Coward.

    After providing him with all the facts about the Sandy Hook School Shooting he refused to even take a look.

    He sounds great, talks great, but at the end of the day he is an outright Coward and I am a former Florida State Trooper who took an oath and actually believed in that oath.

    He should be ashamed of himself.

    If you want the truth call 352-729-2559.

    I am not afraid of giving out my phone number.

    Go to Sandy Hook Justice and read the scripts used that day which I have sent to this Mack the Coward. Or maybe he cannot read?


  4. Thank God for people like Sheriff MIKE LEWIS! I just looked up the meaning of Truth in the dictionary and a picture of Sheriff Mike Lewis is there!

    What in the hell are “We the people” doing, sitting back and letting this government do what they are doing? They are taking our country from us and for we people that is a true legal citizen of this country, that truly loves this country and are here to do no harm or to change our Constitution. ANY ONE, no matter what color, gender or nationality that can not honor and obey willingly and gracefully the Constitution that our Founding Fathers wrote and put into action to protect this great country, needs to get the hell out and go somewhere else. If you don’t like it here then leave! But to sit here and watch our country go downhill FAST like we are seeing with people like Sheriff Mike Lewis with his hands tied behind his back when helping to bring order back in the city because that idiot mayor of Baltimore told the law enforcement to stand down just makes me want to puke!

    Sheriff Lewis, please run for president and get this country back for us before it’s too late. Everything is backwards and that is putting it very lightly. Our government is against “We the people” and against our Founding Fathers Constitution and the laws of OUR land which were written for the people of this country and not the government, so we always need to remember this when someone in government wants to change our Founding Fathers gift to the people of this country which is the Constitution, and until I see something different, I have to call it what it is and it’s totally backwards!

    There is no republican and democrat and to be honest I think there should be no such thing in our government as republican or democrat because as long as there is a divide in government there will be a divide in our country, plain and simple. And to prove that in fact that our government is in fact all one behind closed doors but on the outside or to the American public, they want us to think that there is such a divide as in a republican and democrat party. Just take a look at the Sandy Hook massacre hoax in Newtown, Connecticut, that has been totally pushed under the radar by mainstream press and the republican party sits idle when this is their chance to shine? If there was a true separation in government with the republican and democrat party, then why have I not heard anything at all about the Sandy Hook Hoax on FOX News? If there was a true split like we all think there is, then the republicans, and FOX news would be covering this case as this great citizen Wolfgang Halbig is trying to bring justice for “we the people” yet hardly anyone knows about it. Why in hell isn’t the republican party backing this man, why on earth is FOX News not blasting this story and bringing this on air for Mr. Wolfgang Halbig and “we the people”? Instead, this man Wolfgang Halbig, who was also in law enforcement, is constantly being harassed, threatened, and told to shut up so the truth will not be told. We need people like Sheriff Lewis and Wolf Halbig at the very top.

    When I think about our Founding Fathers and what they stood for, I can’t help but to think of Sheriff Mike Lewis and Wolfgang Halbig. We need to push to find out everything we can on the mayor of Baltimore and why she did what she did and get the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth and we need to be told the truth and paid back for the millions of dollars that Newtown, Connecticut received from donations from the good people in this country, and for the fraud they committed, they all need to be punished for the lies that they committed that nearly had our gun rights taken from us and scared the hell out of the kids and parents across this country for the past three years, so please do not forget about this good man Wolf Halbig! He needs the backing and support from “We the people” and we need the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth so help OUR God!

    Mike Lewis for president! Mike Lewis for president! I feel safe with him as my sheriff and I sure in hell would feel safe with him as our president. We want true change? Do we? Then what are we waiting for! Go for it Sheriff Mike Lewis! Let’s take back our damn country before it’s gone! God bless America and thank God for people like Sheriff Mike Lewis.

  5. No nonsense. This is how we put these demons in their place. Call ’em what they are, ‘Demons,’ possessed to create strife, division, to destroy God’s country, America.

    Satan can’t get to God, so he goes after God’s people, just like he did in the garden of Eden.

    There’s a difference today though. Christ’s Bride is a Warrior Princess.

    Come and get it, little demons. My blade’s been sharpened.

  6. Dear Sheriff Michael A. Lewis:

    I read an article about you today that inspired me, and restored much needed hope to my hurting heart.

    I am a proud God loving, American Patriot fighting fiercely for the Restoration of my once magnificent Constitutional Republic, the Rule of Law and my People.

    Today I find myself living in a country I no longer recognize, controlled and operated by Foreign and Elite Powers that have no jurisdiction on our lands. Foreign elite powers who have deemed me and ALL Freedom Fighting American Patriots, Enemy Combatants. (War Powers Act 1933)

    Three Americans from West Virginia, Phil Hudok, Gene Stalnaker and Thomas David House of Deegan, whom I consider to be 21st Century Founding Fathers, have already accomplished the tremendous feat of bringing the corruption and FRAUD of the politicians, legislative body, and constitution-violating corruption of presiding Judges in their state of West Virginia to the forefront, through lawful process, legal filings and recorded documentation.

    The status of the Peaceful Redress of Grievances Process, in the state of West Virginia, brought forward by these three men, is now at the pivotal point, where lawful arrests of these foreign operatives fraudulently posing as West Virginia’s State Representatives, can and MUST be made by We The People (Final Arbiters of this Republic) thereby facilitating the IMMEDIATE REMOVAL of these treasonous and fraudulent foreign operatives from their unlawfully held position of power posts.

    We the People are ready to proceed with that step, but we need back up. We need Constitutional Law Enforcement. We need you!

    Sirs, will you please go here. There you will get a better understanding of what I am asking of you, and other Law Enforcement, that I am in the process of personally contacting for help as well.

    All Sheriffs in the United States of America are the ONLY Law Enforcement that is elected by the TRUSTING American People, in your State/Republic. You entered into a contract with us, when you accepted the position. That contract is then solidified when you take the Sacred Oath/Affirmation and you swear before God that you protect and defend the Constitution for the United States of America, and Her People, to the best of your abilities.

    We The People need you Sirs. Our Republic needs you. We need you to help us restore the Rule of Law, our Blessed Republic’s Sovereignty, and protect the inherent God Given Rights of our People.

    The Rights of the People to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Property (Liberty) are being assaulted every day as the Constitution and Rule of Law is being trampled on and virtually destroyed by these foreign powers. Please be our enforcement and help us stop this travesty and injustice. I know that you can easily just tell yourself and me, that West Virginia is not in your jurisdiction, and to that Sir, I would have to answer the following: America and Her People are treading on very dangerous times and we are on the brink of losing Her. We need to take the power and control away from this runaway illegal, unconstitutional foreign-controlled defacto government that is not the government of our Founding Father’s Constitutional Republican form of government; the United States of America, therefore desperate times indeed call for desperate measures. I am calling on ALL Sheriffs everywhere who still believe in our way of life and are ready to fight and defend the sovereignty of our Nation and the inherent God Given Freedoms of our People.

    Thank you in advance. I will wait to hear from you.

    God Bless You and God Bless America

    In Solidarity and Freedom…

    Alicia House of Lutz-Rolow
    American Patriot
    Guardian of the Republic
    My Life, My Fortune, My Sacred Honor, So Help Me God
    [email protected]

  7. Come on. I thought this was going to be a wide open interview. Why not say what’s really happening. Can you figure a better way to foment racism then descend on a city because of a fake incident incited by the MSM and then tie the hands of the police officers?

    It’s ridiculous. The dumb ass mayor is a shill taking her marching orders from the Obama administration. The usual suspects, Sharpton, etc. As if there is such a thing as republicans and democrats. People who vote need to have their heads examined.

  8. We, in Maricopa County, Arizona, are fortunate to have Joe Arpaio as our sheriff. It is very refreshing to know that the people of Wicomico County, Maryland have such a fine man as Michael A. Lewis as their sheriff. I’m sure the people of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin are equally proud to have Sheriff Clarke. Thank God for such great men.

    I recently had the pleasure of hearing former sheriff of Graham County Arizona, Richard Mack speak. He is terrific. Sheriffs Mack, Lewis, Arpaio, and Clarke all stand about 10 feet tall in my book. These no-nonsense Sheriffs give us hope. They all deserve our support, our respect, and our brotherly love. God bless each one of them and the many other great sheriffs throughout our country.

    Now contrast these MEN with the totally disgusting record of the Obama Administration. Never before has Washington D.C. been so corrupted and just plain nauseating. This insanity has got to stop!

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