Why No National Outcry Over Murder of White Pastor’s Wife?

• Black conservative insists white Americans need to stand up and demand truth from the mainstream media.

By John Friend —

A particularly grisly home invasion and robbery on November 10 resulted in the sexual assault and murder of the pregnant wife of a leading pastor in the Indianapolis area. Amanda Blackburn, 28, was 12 weeks pregnant when she was attacked in her house in the early morning hours.

Local news covered the attack, but there has been no mention in the broader mainstream media. Why is this the case? The answer is obvious. Blackburn was white and the suspects that have been arrested in connection with her rape and murder are young black men.


Larry Taylor, 18, and Jalen Watson, 21, each face multiple felony counts in Marion County, Indiana, where the murder took place. A third man, Diano Gordon, has been named in a probable cause affidavit, but has not yet been charged in Mrs. Blackburn’s murder. If convicted, Taylor and Watson face life in prison and possibly the death penalty.

“People in Indianapolis may be shocked and horrified at this example of black-on-white crime and violence, but they are not surprised,” Colin Flaherty, an award-winning journalist and author of the best-selling book White Girl Bleed a Lot, which documents the widespread epidemic of black-on-white violent crime, explained to AMERICAN FREE PRESS in a recent interview. “Racial violence is part of the DNA of Indianapolis.”

Blackburn’s husband, Davey, left their Indianapolis home about 6 a.m. on the morning of November 10. Police investigators believe the suspects, who are accused of breaking and entering into multiple houses in the Blackburns’ neighborhood that fateful morning, watched him leave. The suspects entered the Blackburn residence shortly after Davey left.

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According to local reports, neighbors say they heard gunshots about 6:45 a.m. Police allege the suspects sexually assaulted Mrs. Blackburn and then murdered her in cold blood by shooting her in the back of the head and watching her die.

“Whites are under attack and if they don’t start speaking out things will get worse,” Jesse Lee Peterson, the popular black radio host and author, recently explained to AFP in an exclusive interview.

“Whites need to speak up against these types of crimes and expose the lack of coverage and racial double standards.”

Flaherty is also critical of the way in which the political establishment and mainstream mass media regularly downplay, excuse, or ignore the many examples of black-on-white violent crime, which all too often includes some of the most grizzly and brutal acts of violence, including rape and murder, as in the case of Mrs. Blackburn who was allegedly sexually assaulted before being murdered by her black assailants.

“Another part of this grisly epidemic are the reporters and public officials who ignore, deny, condone, excuse, encourage, and even lie about it,” Flaherty noted. “In Indianapolis, just a few days after the murder, local TV news ran a story about one of the killers and how he was turning his life around.”


While the controlled mass media devotes significant resources, including hours of air time, toward covering high-profile public shootings, such as the shooting at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado recently, as well as any shooting involving a white police officer and a black suspect, black-on-white violent crime rarely makes national headlines.

Mrs. Blackburn’s horrific sexual assault and murder, for example, has not received nearly the amount of national media attention as such a ghastly crime deserves, largely because the suspects are black and the victim is white. Had the races been reversed in this situation, media attention would no doubt be widespread.

“The mainstream media covers up black-on-white crimes and they play up white-on-black crimes, which are rare,” Peterson told AFP. “The reason they do this is to keep alive the lie that blacks are still being victimized and brutalized by white racism.”

While high-profile public shootings and altercations involving white police officers and black suspects are relatively infrequent, black-on-white violent crime can be documented every single day, Flaherty explained.

“Black-on-white violence [is] against cops, women, old people, young people, gay people, handicapped people—you name it,” Flaherty stated. “I post many of these examples on my YouTube channel, along with the denials from the controlled media and cowardly politicians.”

Peterson argues that the black community suffers from “a lack of stable two-parent families and a lack of good fathers in the home,” which is leading to widespread violence, criminality, and degeneracy.


“The black thugs and criminals that are committing crimes are often the product of a bad upbringing and failed parents,” he said. “Most of the high-profile criminal cases involving black males like Michael Brown, Shannon Miles, Jamar Clark, and Laquan McDonald all have one thing in common—these guys all had a terrible home life. They didn’t have a father to guide them and to teach them to overcome evil with good. They were all consumed with hatred for authority—especially white police officers.”

Making matters worse, Peterson contends, is the fact that the organized black community, mass media, and political establishment continue to make excuses for black criminality and violence.

“The violence and dependency in the black community is getting worse because so-called black ‘leaders’ will not address the real problems and they accuse anyone who offers real solutions of being an ‘Uncle Tom’ or of being a ‘racist,’ ” Peterson summarized. “The mainstream media shuts out black conservatives from getting their message out to the masses. And the media and liberal race hustlers have backed whites into a corner by hurling allegations of ‘racism’ against them for telling the truth about race issues. Unless white Americans refuse to be intimidated and begin to tell the truth, violence and race relations will get worse.”

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John Friend is a California-based writer who maintains a blog.

10 Comments on Why No National Outcry Over Murder of White Pastor’s Wife?

  1. Americans have been “dumbed down” and indoctrinated with PC notions simultaneously. They now lack the ability to utilize critical thinking, so we don’t see what’s right in front of us; our freedom of speech is totally eroded. People actually believe it should be illegal to hurt someone’s feelings. Thus, the truth gets buried and the superficial PC thinkers can’t see beyond their stupid little slogans.

    Why has this happened and who is pulling the strings? Someone is trying to take over America and literally own it. Whoever becomes the owner of America automatically becomes the owner of the world. America can easily force its will upon the rest of the world. These totalitarians can then set up a One World society where the people are their servants and slaves while they thing they are “free.”

    They need to “homogenize” society by doing away with the various races. They have exterminated millions of blacks through abortion. They have the practice of infanticide institutionalized under the guise of “women’s health.” They openly promote black/white interracial marriage to blend and homogenize.

    They own the Federal Reserve that is currently bringing down our economy. Our stock market is totally fake and everyone knows it. We say nothing and the media says nothing.

    So, there’s a lot more going on here than a couple of black scum raping and killing a white girl. This is only a small symptom of some kind of New World Totalitarianism and the Dems and Repubs have joined forces to make it happen.

  2. Wait, that white women actually had a baby with a white man?

    That is unbelievable. More likely that white woman was trying really really hard to cheat on the white husband so she could get some black meat.

    USA is all about extinction of the white race and white women are all about extinction of the white race so it is better she is dead.

  3. The truth of the matter is that blacks have a never-ending generational problem passed on from parents to children, from the time they were taken out of Africa 200 years ago by unscrupulous Jewish black slave traders and sold to greedy Southern Cotton Barons.

    Unlike whites, having 2,000 years of Christian culture behind them, blacks are culturally naive, they have no concept of authority, and that is the reason they commit more crimes and fall victim to the police more often. Blacks are killed by the police mostly for failing to yield to their commands. Thus, blacks lack the common sense that Christians obtained for two millennia by studying and obeying the gospel of Jesus Christ, and passing the truth of the gospel on to their children, and their children passing it on to their children.

    That’s the reason we need to bring back Bible reading and prayer recitation into the curriculum of every public classroom in America.

  4. I think there is no outrage because they were arrested and will face criminal charges. Usually the outrage occurs when no one is arrested and no one faces criminal charges.
  5. You mean the hee brooz…911…false flags are their specialty. See the USS Liberty (covered up by John McCain’s dad).
  6. I really hate the white guilt people. The reason that blacks today act the way that they do is because white people gave them a free pass for the past five decades under the guise of equal rights. These “people” have betrayed the kindness of whites and pay us back with evil. No longer should whites apologize for something that we did not do (slavery) and no longer should blacks get to use their skin color as an excuse to act like animals. It is long past time to civilize on up.
  7. The two black men (and the same if they were of any other race) should be hung by he neck in a public setting. If any racial activists which to disrupt any such proceeding they too should be hung along side of these two satanic creatures.
  8. I was ranting and whining about the so-called “mainstream media” being completely monopolized years ago because I knew exactly what would happen.

    Forget the fake “mainstream media.” It is totally under control of the same people who do all of the big crimes like 911 and all of the other fake terrorism around the world.

    And today the cabal which owns it will demand that certain information is either published or not published. And one of the biggest aims of this cabal is the destabilization of the United States.

    Refusing to hold blacks responsible as a community for crimes committed against whites is just another way to create more hatred and fear between whites and blacks and this serves the cabal’s demonic intentions.

    I can’t mention the name of this cabal because in Canada we have a law against identifying any particular ethnic group as being more responsible for crimes than any other group. Of course, anyone with an IQ above 70 can easily discover who controls “mainstream media” by merely looking it up.

    The only reason to read “mainstream media” is to keep track of the latest lies and maybe the correct date.

    I also chucked out my television set two years ago.

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