Newborn Babies ‘Pre-Polluted’

•Medical establishment admits “chemical lobby” has FDA, Congress in hip pocket.

By James Spounias —

In the past, a mother was told more often than not that her baby was “perfectly healthy” upon birth. Today, however, the medical establishment has a new Orwellian phrase for newborns: They come into the world “pre-polluted.”

We’re not making this up. A National Cancer Institute report states, “to a disturbing extent babies are born ‘pre-polluted.’ ”

Yes, major establishment organizations are finally fessing up to what many of us knew was a ticking time bomb: “Unregulated” chemical substances are implicated in a myriad of diseases, such as breast and prostate cancer, genital deformities, obesity, and infertility.

In a shocking example, a birth defect called “hypospadias” is on the rise. This is a condition in which boys are born with a urethra opening on the side of their penis rather than at the tip, according to Nicolas Kristoff of The New York Times in his November 28, 2015 column.


Decades ago, alternative health journalists such as Tom Valentine not only began exposing the connection between toxic chemicals and health, but also advocated for detoxification methods to rid the body of these contaminants. In 1993, 22 years ago, Valentine blasted endocrine-disrupting chemicals, noting that The New York Times wrote of the effects of these chemicals on wildlife, but not humans.

“We the people, in order to deform our perfect union and insure domestic upheaval, have allowed our government of the people, by the people and for the people to protect deadly and destructive monopolies by lying, cheating, covering up, and stonewalling against the truth. . . . The key contributor to this eruption of chronic disease conditions in our society may be a particular group of manmade chemicals that have the ability to mimic and effect hormones and are dumped into the environment by the billions of pounds per year.”

Valentine reported how a prominent group of scientists, led by Dr. Theo Colborn,  met in Racine, Wisconsin in 1991. Their work was “extremely important to society, but virtually nothing about their findings appeared the media.”

Valentine was among the first to highlight Dr. Tyrone Hayes’s findings that a common herbicide changes the sexual orientation of frogs and that such toxins may cause diseases, such as cancers, in humans decades after exposure.

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Hayes studied breastfeeding women and deduced that they may have lower rates of breast cancer because they are literally “mobilizing toxins from the breast [and] excreting [them] into the milk.” As a result, what should be an ideal source of food for a developing child becomes a toxic cocktail, which is all the more reason, ideally, a woman should detoxify years before bringing a child into being.

Today, however, expressing concern about the chemical and endocrine-disrupting pollutants Valentine and others warned about is considered mainstream opinion.

Kristoff reported for the Times on a landmark study released in October by the International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics, which warned, “Widespread exposure to toxic environmental chemicals threatens healthy human reproduction.”

He added: “The gynecology federation’s focus is on endocrine disrupters, chemicals that imitate sex hormones and often confuse the body. Endocrine disrupters are found in pesticides, plastics, shampoos and cosmetics, cash register receipts, food can linings, flame retardants, and countless other products.”

“Exposure to toxic chemicals during pregnancy and lactation is ubiquitous,” the organization cautioned, adding that virtually every pregnant woman in America has at least 43 different chemical contaminants in her body.

Kristoff reported:

“Emerging evidence ties endocrine-disrupting chemical exposure to two of the biggest public health threats facing society—diabetes and obesity,” the Endocrine Society said in announcing its 150-page scientific statement. It added that mounting evidence also ties endocrine disrupters to infertility, prostate cancer, undescended testicles, testicular cancer, breast cancer, uterine cancer, ovarian cancer, and neurological issues. Sometimes these problems apparently arise in adults because of exposures decades earlier in fetal stages.

“The threat is particularly great when unborn children are exposed,” the Endocrine Society warned.”

Wait a minute—doesn’t our government test chemicals for safety? Not so much, according to Tracy J. Woodruff of the University of California, San Francisco.

“One myth about chemicals is that the U.S. government makes sure they’re safe before they go on the marketplace,” Kristoff wrote in his report. “Of the 80,000 or more chemicals in global commerce today, only a tiny share have been rigorously screened for safety. Even when a substance is retired because of health concerns, the replacement chemical may be just as bad.”

Professor Woodruff told Kristoff: “It’s frustrating to see the same story over and over. Animal studies, in vitro tests or early human studies show that chemical A causes adverse effects. The chemical industry says, ‘Those are bad studies,
show me the human evidence.’ The human evidence takes years and requires that people get sick. We should not have to use the public as guinea pigs.”


Kristoff laments, “The chemical lobby spent the equivalent of $121,000 per member of Congress last year, so expect chemical companies to enjoy strong quarterly profits, more boys to be born with hypospadias and more women to die unnecessarily of breast cancer.”

Kristoff quoted some “experts,” who contend that “the best approach is for people to try to protect themselves. Especially for women who are pregnant or may become pregnant, and for young children, try to eat organic, reduce the use of plastics, touch cash register receipts as little as possible, try to avoid flame-retardant couches and consult the consumer guides at”

We in the alternative health movement have advocated the consumption of organic and “clean” foods for decades, warning about dangerous foods such as estrogenic mimicking soy, ever since chemical agriculture and its consequent
medical-industrial poison, slash-and-burn monopoly have taken hold of our government.

Is the pre-polluted moniker a warm-up campaign for a massive do-nothing program to “deal” with pre-polluted children, or just a way to hand more power to regulators who are already part of the revolving door of industry and government?

The idea that one can simply eat well and avoid the consequences of chemical contamination has long been known to be foolhardy. Detoxification is still considered quackery and bizarre to some, but the fact the establishment has gone so far as to create the Orwellian term “pre-polluted” is a curious thing, indeed.

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