INTERVIEW: Hope on the Range

• Gutsy Nevada rancher, supporters refuse to bow to Feds.

By Victor Thorn —

Earlier this spring, Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy successfully beat back Bureau of Land Management (BLM) officials’ attempts to seize his cattle ranch. The struggle became a tense standoff that received national media attention as a true David and Goliath story. To many in the patriot community, Bundy became a heroic symbol of how a determined citizenry can stand up against federal government overreach.

The feds have not given up so easily, though. Today, the BLM is back at it, trying to quietly intimidate Bundy and his family and force them off the land he and his forebears have farmed for over a century.

During this newspaper’s initial April 23 interview with Bundy, the Nevada rancher declared: “I learned that I’m not the last man standing. Lots of courageous people  that want liberty and justice also joined me. Americans are tired of centralized government acting tyrannically and with unlimited power. They realize that the Constitution doesn’t allow for such behavior.”

As staunch supporters of Bundy and his family, AMERICAN FREE PRESS decided to do a follow-up with this gutsy man.


When asked on November 12 what life was like today, Bundy told this reporter: “On the positive side, there’s a feeling in Clark County, Nevada that life is back to normal. It’s much better because law enforcement isn’t harassing the public and trying to stop our every action. So we’re enjoying some liberties and taking care of our cows.”

However, BLM bureaucrats are taking a more clandestine approach in order to forward their agenda.

According to Bundy, “The government isn’t physically here anymore with their army, but they’re placing another layer of regulatory policy over this area, including our ranch.”

Bundy explained: “Before, it was only desert tortoises on the endangered species list. But then they took the tortoise out and replaced it with multiple species. Now, everything comes under that classification. Under what’s known as ACEC—Areas of Critical Environmental Concern—it’s claimed that these all-inclusive endangered species are now inhabiting everything, including wilderness areas and parks. They’re seeking unlimited control and policing power over us.”

Still, Bundy remains adamant that the federal government will not tread all over his rights.

“The BLM wants to lock out the public from their land,” he stated. “But they can’t affect anyone who doesn’t recognize the federal government as having any business here.”

Patriots Draw Line in Nevada Sand

• Feds single out Bundy family for special form of police state harassment

By Victor Thorn

In spring 2014, patriots across the United States rallied to the defense of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and his family, who faced a showdown with federal bureaucrats intent on driving him from the land his parents and grandparents have farmed since the 1870s.

At the time, over 200 heavily armed agents from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) had seized a portion of Bundy’s cattle. The story had a happy ending, though, as nearly a thousand Americans converged on Nevada to help Bundy take back his herd from federal authorities who had been seeking to extort over $1 million in grazing fees that the Bundy family in all their years in Nevada had never been required to pay.

In the May 5 & 12 edition of AMERICAN FREE PRESS, Bundy told this newspaper, “Our Founding Fathers fought a war against the British for this same reason, and today people are saying, ‘We’ve had enough of these abuses of power.’ Out here in Nevada, to a large extent the feds control our land, state laws, state regulators, the county sheriff, not to mention leasing power over how we use our resources. It’s time for us to exercise our conscience, and freedom was the key component of how we expressed ourselves against the feds. Up until this point, many Americans felt depressed and anxious. Now they see that we have a chance against big government.”

Bundy won that day. However, in an exclusive interview with AFP, he recently said the federal government is still up to no good, harassing his family in an effort to demoralize and intimidate them.


“During our standoff in April, Senator Harry Reid (D-Nev.) declared us domestic terrorists,” he said. “Well, my son recently wanted to fly from Phoenix to Salt Lake City, but at the airport TSA [Transportation Security Administration] officials informed him that he’d been labeled a domestic terrorist.”

The results are Orwellian, as Bundy related: “The TSA searched my son and his 11-year-old daughter for a couple of hours and placed all kinds of restrictions on them. Not only did they miss their flight, but the airport refused to issue them a refund. An airline employee said to my son, ‘It’s not our business. Bring it up with the federal government.’ ”

Bundy continued: “My son went to Cabela’s [a national sporting goods chain store] to see if he could buy a gun, but they refused to let him purchase a weapon because he’d been tagged a domestic terrorist.”

The Nevada farmer sees the world changing, though.

“A line is being drawn, and everyone must decide which side they’re on,” he said. “Do they want the Constitution—an inspired document and law of our land—to protect them, or will they let a central government seeking unlimited power bring their armies against us? The government claims that the land and courts are theirs, not ours, and like commoners we’re subjects to them as if they are kings.”

Bundy concluded with these words: “We the people issued a mandate during our standoff. County sheriffs must take the guns away from federal agencies when they step onto our land. They have no jurisdiction here. If sheriffs make the feds surrender their guns while on our property, it’ll save us from a civil war.”

Victor Thorn

Victor Thorn is a hard-hitting researcher, journalist and author of over 50 books.

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  1. I followed the Bundy Ranch invasion by the BLM. It was organized crime under faint, faint color of Law. It should never have happened if the County Sheriff of Clark County followed 1,100 years of Sheriff law. The County Sheriff is the chief conservator of the county peace. His duties are set by common law, lex non scripta. Unwritten law. Whether there are any State-written statutes or not, of the duties of the State County Sheriffs, the County Sheriff duties remain unchanged and in force. No legislature, executive or judiciary can reduce the duties of the County Sheriffs. County Sheriffs existed in England before there was the English Parliament. The oldest civil government title and office in England is “King.” The second oldest civil government title in England is “sheriff.”

    Here is the finest paper on the history of County Sheriffs. It includes the information of county sheriff duties in the USA today on making arrests etc.

    Sheriffs law books:

    (1) read this one, history of the office and law of sheriffs: Sheriffs-Posse-Comitatus

    (2)The following is the law of Sheriffs in the USA. Still unchanged: William L. Murfree 1884 – Treatise on the law of sheriffs

    (3)This is a book printed in colonial Virginia covering the County Sheriff law in the colony: George Webb 1736 – The Office and Authority of a Justice of Peace

    (4)This is an English printing covering the County sheriff law in England in the 1600. This is a later edition of the first edition: Michael Dalton 1682 – Office of the Sherifs

    (5)This is a English later edition which includes additional information of Sheriff’s law: Michael Dalton 1746 – The country justice

    (6)William Henry Watson 1848 – A practical treatise on the office of sheriff (English)

    All the above downloads are free. EVERY COUNTY SHERIFF SHOULD READ (1) ABOVE.

  2. Abraham Lincoln once quoted: “We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.”

    The perversion of our Constitution started at the inception of our government in the 1789 Judiciary Act where congress prescribed a second oath of office for federal justices and judges to “understanding, agreeably to the Constitution,” in violation of Article VI, Sec 3, “to support the Constitution.”

    “Understanding, agreeably to the Constitution,” was then used in the Marbury v Madison decision in 1803 as justification for the federal government’s power of judicial review, the power to interpret the constitution. Also in violation of the 10th Amendment “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

    “We the People,” who ordained and established the Constitution to ourselves and our Posterity, will always fall short of our promise of self-government if we continue to allow federal justices and judges the unconstitutional power of “judicial review.” “We the People” are the rightful interpreters of the Constitution. (Why would “We the People” ordain and establish the Constitution to ourselves and our Posterity, to protect us from an overreaching federal government, and then give that government the power to tell us what the Constitution means? This is insanity.)

    It would be great if the federal government would listen and act on the pleas of, “We the People,” but the only thing the federal government listens and acts on is the end of the barrel of a gun, in the hands of a citizen militia.

    Jesus said in Luke 22:36, “he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one.” Just as the sword was a deterrent to thieves in the gospel, so is the citizen militia a deterrent to an overreaching federal government.

  3. Check out this article published not long ago at Future Of Freedom Foundation (Recipient of Ron Paul Liberty In Media Award). Mr. Bundy is not as individualistic, “patriotic,” nor above-reproach in all this as you might think.

  4. Prayers are with you Mr. Bundy and folks there.

    To all you bureaucrats, to all those that serve the paycheck god. Yes, I said god; that is what it is.

    Ask yourself this when they are done with us: Who do you think is next? It will be you the feds and global governance come after. You are 100% being used by the system. You are nothing but tools in their eyes.

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