Pathological Altruism and the Mandela Lovefest

• Is fancy word for “white guilt” the impetus for outpouring of affection for avowed terrorist?

By the Staff at AFP

On December 10, thousands of mourners attended former South African President Nelson Mandela’s memorial and funeral including 90 heads of state, royalty, celebrities and VIPs. Four U.S. presidents, including Barack Obama, also showed up to pay their respects to this terrorist thug, who was responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocent South Africans.

Since Mandela’s death on December 5, the world has been immersed in an over-the-top nonstop lovefest for Mandela. The media praised him and the prolonged ceremonies and large international attendance of the proceedings have solidified the image of a man of peace. But as AMERICAN FREE PRESS has shown in past articles, something is terribly wrong with this picture.

The reason whites can’t see Mandela for the real criminal that he was, is because most of them have been afflicted by a condition identified as pathological altruism, more commonly known as white guilt.


While many blacks in South Africa have some reason to be hailing Mandela as their great liberator, there is no rational explanation for whites to be singing his praises.

After all, aren’t the whites the bad guys in this scenario? If whites are saying Mandela is a liberator, then by definition they are accepting the accusation of having been the oppressors, and this marks them with the stamp of guilt.

Hard Assets Alliance

Whites have been brainwashed for over half a century that they bear responsibility for the shortcomings of minorities. White pride has been stamped out and replaced with shame for oppressing blacks, American Indians, Jews, women, homosexuals and every other perceived victim group.

An orchestrated and sustained “guilt trip” against whites on all fronts by the print media, television, Hollywood, music industry and the controlled education system since the 1950s has produced two generations of whites afflicted with pathological altruism.

Whites, who have accepted and internalized this guilt, no longer feel proud that they single-handedly created western civilization. Instead, whites are portrayed as the root of all evil and remain the oppressors to this day.

It is this deep-rooted guilt and self-hate that drives the perceptions of whites and makes them less likely to identify with their own race and instead to root for those whom they perceive as having been victimized by whites.

With the promotion of the myth of South African apartheid’s oppression of blacks, Mandela is now seen as the liberator of his people, and whites want to see him as such to satisfy their liberal pathological altruism-induced desire for guilt redemption.

Seen through the jaded prism of pathological altruism, all of Mandela’s crimes are whitewashed, and even if he did murder thousands of blacks and whites in South Africa—well, they must have had it coming.