America’s Appalling Racial Double Standard

• Professor predicts today’s hatred of whites will become tomorrow’s large-scale, unstoppable victimization

By John Friend

Measured by recent events, elite opinion in the United States, which is reflected in the controlled mass media and political establishment, is increasingly becoming more and more hostile toward traditional white America.

According to iconic media personality Oprah Winfrey, America is still a deeply racist country in many regards, despite the progress made since the fratricidal, destructive “Civil” War.

During a recent interview with the British Broadcasting Corp., Ms. Winfrey said that old racists “just have to die” in order for America to overcome its “racist” past. She also stated that much of the criticism leveled against President Barack Obama and “disrespect” shown for the office of the presidency since his election is based on the fact that he is a black man—a truly absurd statement to make. Ms. Winfrey is one of the richest and most powerful women in the entire world, and has amassed much of her fortune in the very country she considers marred by “racist” attitudes.

“The media goes into overdrive only when the message is that whites are evil or, as with the election of Obama, that America is at last shedding its white identity and none too soon,” explained Dr. Kevin MacDonald, author of numerous books dealing with racial issues from an evolutionary perspective. “The main source of information in today’s society is the mass media, which is controlled by an elite that is hostile to the traditional people and culture of America. Oprah Winfrey saying that critics of Obama are racist and saying that all racists have to die illustrates the deep hatred toward whites that permeates elite opinion in the U.S.”


Gordon Jenkins, the black mayor of Monticello, New York, was recently arrested for drunk driving and went on an unhinged, vicious, anti-white rant while being processed at the police station, all of which was captured on video. He repeatedly referred to white police officers as “crackas” and characterized the black police officer processing his arrest as a traitor for not letting him off the hook. Despite Jenkins’s vitriolic racial epithets, there was no outrage in the controlled mass media. There can be no doubt that the situation would have been quite different had Jenkins been a white man spewing racial slurs.

The same anti-white message “comes through loud and clear from the black mayor—hatred of white America,” added MacDonald. “This serves to reinforce the current multi-cultural zeitgeist which is based on the premise that white people have no right to assert their interests and identity as whites except when white identity is linked in the media to unjustified violence against non-whites or some other evil.”

The disdain for white America could not be more obvious in the mainstream media and political establishment. Whites are regularly attacked, both physically and verbally, in America. The epidemic of black-on-white violent crime is on the rise, and more and more Americans are coming to the realization that the much-ballyhooed “knock-out game”—in which unsuspecting whites are sucker-punched by roving groups of black thugs in an effort to knock out or seriously injure unsuspecting victims—is a real phenomenon in major American cities all across the nation. White Americans who care about their country, traditions and history are routinely demonized and slandered as “racist” and “backwards.” Meanwhile, millions of unskilled non-white immigrants—both legal and illegal—are displacing the former white majority in America.

“Whites are foolish indeed to willingly head into minority status given the outright hostility shown toward whites in the mainstream political and media establishment,” said MacDonald. “When whites are a minority they will be powerless to stem the tide of hatred against them. Today’s hatred of whites will be tomorrow’s large-scale victimization of whites.”

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John Friend is a writer who lives in California.

4 Comments on America’s Appalling Racial Double Standard

  1. It’s really disgusting how humor towards whites in discrimination matters is promoted by mainstream networks while even the hint of a white person making a remark or not even having to say nothing at all can be bought and sold. The majority of real racism that exist comes from blacks not wanting to let go and Mexicans wanting to take over.
  2. grabme:

    Wow, full of vitriol are we? A lot of hate and anger, too. Whites are racist, blacks are racist. When blacks are racist it is poo-pooed as backlash at years of whatever. Let a white express even a slight hint of anything and Jessie or Al want not only an apology but money and a boycott and an indictment. Some advice. Get out of Old McDonald’s slop trough and leave the world of perception and join reality.

  3. MacDonald, welcome to the world of minorities in America. It is people like you who promote hatred. How do you spell hatred, MacDonald? E-I-E-I-O!

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