Study Shows Gender Dysphoria Soared by 1,500% in Last Decade

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By the AFP Staff

Radical left-wing activists don’t want to admit that some of their views are actually damaging to society’s most vulnerable, especially children, but a new study in Sweden seems to confirm this. According to a new report, health clinics in Sweden have seen a 1,500% increase in diagnoses of so-called “gender dysphoria” among 13- to 17-year-old girls.

Gender dysphoria refers to a mental condition where people say they do not feel comfortable in the gender they were born in. The condition seems to strike girls especially hard as they hit puberty and their bodies begin to develop. It is cause for serious concern, as sufferers of gender dysphoria commit suicide at a higher rate especially when it comes to teen-aged girls.

In the United States, mental health experts have coined a term for the phenomenon where individuals, most of whom are children, seemingly out of the blue seek to switch their genders. The term is rapid onset gender dysphoria, and it could be used to help explain the dramatic increase in cases of gender dysphoria and the growing number of young people who are not comfortable in their own bodies.

In Sweden, this notable increase in gender dysphoria has sparked renewed debate in a country that is well-known for being accommodating to transgendered people. Left-wing activists have exploited these accommodations and pushed for even more laws that reflect their bias. In 2018, for instance, Swedish legislators passed a law that lowers the age at which an individual can transition, from 18 to 15. It also allows kids as young as 12 to be allowed to legally change their gender. Finally, they removed existing laws that require parental consent when it comes to transitioning one’s gender.

For the most part, the media in Sweden and the medical establishment have kept their lips tightly sealed out of fear that they would be attacked by powerful left-wing groups there. Recently, however, some people are beginning to push back.

One prominent psychiatrist wrote an article in a major newspaper noting the dangers of transitioning one’s gender. He pointed out how the science does not support leftist claims that the process is safe and that a person can switch back to their biological sex with no lasting repercussions such as cosmetic physical changes or even sterility.

In addition, a major news commentator released a series of investigative reports, including an interview with a man who transitioned to a woman, took hormones, and, ultimately regretted the irreversible changes to his body.

Even a cursory search of the internet turns up groups of young men and women who bought into the lies told by activists and then came to regret the change. They have had surgeries and have taken hormones that change their bodies. Then, when eventually they regret the change, they find some of the changes such as more hair, voice changes, even sterility, are permanent.

Activists are trying to spin the latest findings to say that it is because the mainstream media is somehow bigoted against “transgenderism,” which is bizarre considering that almost all of the big media as well as the billion-dollar social media companies have a widely recognized left-wing bias.

Users of Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and Instagram have found this out the hard way by getting banned from online platforms for “dead naming” (using a person’s name that was given to them at birth rather than their chosen name), using the wrong pronoun, or even saying such simple, commonsense things as “men are not women.”

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