AFP RADIO: “In the Spotlight” with Keith Johnson

“In the Spotlight”


8 – 10 p.m. ET —

AMERICAN FREE PRESS reporter Keith Johnson and his special guests share their unique perspectives on the most relevant world events in this informative live radio broadcast.

On this premiere edition of “In the Spotlight,” Keith continues to argue against those who believe that Sandy Hook was an elaborate hoax. Calls are invited in the second hour.

Sandy Hook researcher CW Wade joins the program to discuss his April 7 AFP debate with school safety expert Wolfgang W. Halbig.

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Keith Johnson in an investigative journalist and creator of the Revolt of the Plebs.

9 Comments on AFP RADIO: “In the Spotlight” with Keith Johnson

  1. Keith Johnson, that nasal, arrogant, pompous, dimensionless voice. I see it 10 times a day on social media where there is only text, but you can practically hear the attitude and it sounds just like this. Robots. Know-it-all know-nothings. Talking just to hear yourself speak. Evil.
  2. Keith Johnson can’t be taken seriously; the man is a joke. He goes around saying that he is an expert on Sandy Hook. What qualifies him as an expert? He claims he has read and studied the thousands of pages of the official Sandy Hook Government report. That’s like saying one is an expert on the JFK assassination by exclusively studying the government’s Warren commission report, or a supposedly 9-11 expert studying only the official 9-11 government report. Either Johnson is a complete idiot or he is some kind of shill.
  3. William McKinley is correct, this guy is about as credible as Chicken Little saying the sky is falling.

    After much searching, I answered my own question from a previous post—unfortunately this guy goes back several years and predates the efforts of creating bogus website(s) and blogs to discredit Wolfgang Halbig and anyone who believes Sandy Hook “Massacre” was a hoax.

    I think I could have shortened my time in trying to find out more about this guy and refute his supposed “resume” by simply looking at the few still photos available of this guy. If one looks at the picture above, it is a considerably younger version of the image he uses on his YouTube channel. The second thing that you should notice is the dark splotch on the right side of his neck, partially obscured by his collar.

    More interestingly, if you look at the YouTube photo, you can see it is actually a tattoo. Using a viewer to magnify it, you can clearly see what appears to be the left half of a WWII German Nazi Eagle insignia, commonly worn on the breast of German uniforms. The same design used in tattoos by neo-Nazi groups. This coupled with his association to the anti-Semitic website “Revenge of the Plebs” a cornerstone of his “qualifications” as an “investigative journalist,” can only lead one to conclude the guy is just a self-aggrandizing “skin head” that has grown up and discovered the Internet.


    And for his claims of being a polygraph expert and working for law firms and Fortune 500 companies, he’d have trouble getting a job at Walmart being a door greeter. This guy’s only experience with a polygraph test seems more likely to have come from being on the wrong side of a criminal investigation than any type of gainful employment, LOL.

    So he has proven (HOWEVER or WHOEVER is funding him), that any whack job can have a silencing, even DEAFENING voice with a few dollars in hand on the Internet and create a perception that his opinions and theories are seemingly credible when in fact they are garbage and have ZERO worth or merit.

    It is also a testament to the relative ease with which one can cast doubt on even the most credible of sources by simply posting the same drivel numerous times on the Internet and to use a few tricks to lure unsuspecting users to what seem like credible websites, like his “”

    The fact that this bozo is able to cast doubt on the reputations or efforts of those such as Mr. Halbig’s or Alex Jones—whose pedigrees and past actions clearly outweigh in tonnage anything this anti-Semitic nutjob has or will ever do—is fairly alarming and one must always be vigilant when considering sources of information.

    TLDR; Keith Johnson has ZERO credibility. Substantiated. Case Closed.

  4. This guy “Keith Johnson” is a highly suspicious character. Where is it documented that he ever wrote for Alex Jones? There is a much younger reporter who has contributed with the same name but clearly a different, much younger person. (YouTube Alex Jones—Keith Johnson—Walter Williams re: mandatory vaccine demonstration) but other than that, who is this guy?

    Wow, after a lot of searching I doubted this dude even existed at first. He has virtually no legitimate online footprint except all his anti-Wolfgang Halbig and anti-Alex Jones articles. His “Newtown Post-Examiner” is pretty one-dimensional despite the newspaper-esque sounding name.

    It is “Privately registered” to some LLC named Wild West Domains LLC out of Phoenix, Arizona whose domain is set to expire Sept. 15, 2015. I don’t suspect after this date this guy will ever be heard from again.

    His YouTube channel is devoted entirely to—as he calls it—“debunking Sandy Hook.” The other notable website that seems it is probably also ran by him is Wolfgang Exposed, another curiously one-dimensional website started three months before the Newtown Post-Examiner site. It is listed as being owned by a “Bjorn Bjornsson” who can be contacted at a highly dubious email address of “[email protected].”

    He is credited with being an “editor” for “Revolt of the Plebs,” but when you go to this website, it does NOT exist.

    From his debate with Jim Fetzer on American Free Press;

    “Keith Johnson, an investigative journalist, radio talk show host and editor of Revolt of the Plebs, has for 17 years worked as a private investigator and polygraph examiner for several Fortune 500 companies and prominent law firms.”

    I cannot find ANY evidence that a shred of this guy’s resume is true. He looks to be a creation solely to discredit the investigations of Sandy Hook.

    Following various incarnations of anti-Jewish, “Revolt of the Plebs” that he is credited as being an “editor” for and the current one which contains a dead-link to his original site. With regards to his “show,” the podcasts I have found seem to have started May 2, 2014—about the same time as the domain was registered.

    Can anyone verify this guy has been around longer than that? It seems as though he is a spook-construct.

  5. Halbig took you down Johnson. All you did was attack or divert. Learned a lot from you on how NOT to debate. You are pathetic.
  6. Keith Johnson,

    If you want to report on the Sandy Hook Hoax, then go out and get the answers to all the inconsistencies and unanswered questions.

    1. Get all the State issued Death certificates for the victim and have them inspected to prove they aren’t forgeries.
    2. Get the crime scene photos that prove the story happened as stated.
    3. Get proof of Adam Lanza’s existence. (Anyone can be created on Photoshop and given a fake name.)
    4. Get the footage of the 400+ people rushing out of the school.
    5. Find out out who pronounced the pretend victims dead.
    6. Find out who cleaned up the hazardous waste, if there really was any, at the crime scene.
    7. Find out who delivered the porta-potties and what time they were delivered.
    8. Ask the police why they didn’t keep the only access road opened and cleared for the emergency personnel to get in and out of the crime scene.
    9. Ask why there was no computer activity at Sandy Hook since 2008.
    10. Ask why there were no holiday children’s decorations on the School windows, and instead massive amount of junk was plied up along the windows.
    11. Ask why all the ambulances were sitting at the firehouse instead of the school.
    12. Find out if the parents are really who they claim to be. (There is massive Photoshop fakery in the phony Parker family photos.) Ask why this was done.
    13. Ask the Parents who went on television why they were smiling and laughing.
    14. Ask the three police officers who were interviewed about the Sandy Hook shooting myth why they were at the Boston Bombing Hoax dressed in Craft International uniforms.
    15. Ask the F.B.I. why their 2012 crime report shows 0 murders in Newtown.


    A real reporter would.

    The only thing you seem to good at is being annoying, talking fast, name calling, speculating, and making accusations.

    We were sold a story with no proof what so ever that a crime was really committed.
    You cannot be very bright if you bought that crap.
    I suppose you bought the one about Usama bin Laden as well.

    You call yourself a truth seeker, well come on Mr. “truth seeker,” get to it.

    You like the Sandy Hook Story, as it was sold, so start proving it happened.

    If you can’t get these answers, then go away and shut the f*ck up!

  7. Whether Sandy Hook went down the way the mainstream media says it did is quite debatable since there are plenty of inconsistencies to go around, my comments are aside from that.

    What amazes me is how anyone considers you (if they do) a credible journalist or reporter. I recently heard an archived interview you did and I was amazed at your style. So I went back and listened to as many archived reports/interview/debates that I could find and I have come to one conclusion, you do not seem to have the personality to be a credible reporter on any subject since your ability to be objective seems to be non-existent.

    You have not come to the realization, and at this juncture I doubt you will, that your reporting style makes the substance of your production whether it be a interview, article, or whatever, irrelevant. In other words, whether you have the facts on your side or not, your style, overshadows and renders it worthless.

    It’s time to find an new career!

  8. This is for Keith.

    Dude, I listened to you on Infowars. You were combative, evasive, and a bully. You are the reason why Infowars exists. They’re was so much disinfo about Sandy Hook. I watched the whole debacle. Things like the school, the nurse, the shooter and his mom, who was a kindergarten teacher there. Guess what? She wasn’t. Etc. Etc. I don’t need to go on. It is all the inconsistencies that lead thousands to believe other than what the mainstream propaganda machine wants us to believe.

    Wake up dude.

  9. What a fu**ing douchebag you are, pal. You need to go back to shill school and get better instruction. Absolutely farcical defending the government version of this STERLING chicanery of Sandy Hook.

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