Globalists Want Obama to Push Climate Issue

By James P. Tucker Jr.

WASHINGTON, D.C.—The  North American Group, a regional subgroup of the Trilateral Commission (TC), held its closely-guarded annual meeting in Washington November 30-December 3. Over the course of the weekend-long event, the members agreed to press for a wider war in the Middle East to generate profits and to continue the global recession through 2014 and beyond. Lawrence Henry “Larry” Summers, former treasury secretary and a luminary in the TC’s brother group, Bilderberg, said the recession “maybe ought to continue through 2015.”

TC continued to embrace “global warming” for political, not environmental purposes. By selling the public on the notion that nations must unite to stave off a disaster for all mankind, TC hopes to establish a world government under the United Nations (UN). Three proposals to do so have been pending before the General Assembly for years.


“Obama must press the climate issue more and I’m sure he will,” said Strobe Talbott, former deputy secretary of state and president of the TC-controlled Brookings Institution, at the gathering.

The secretive Bilderberg-TC group of international financial and political leaders has owned President Barack Obama from the outset. Obama has reportedly been identified slipping into meetings—despite armed guards and darkened windows—at a Bilderberg gathering near Washington’s Dulles International Airport.

“Obama knows how important the climate issue and the Law of the Sea Treaty are to our plans,” said Martin Feldstein, member of the President’s Economic Advisory Board and professor of economics at Harvard.

Under the Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST), the UN could impose taxes on Americans. This would give UN officials the revenue to purchase ships in order to enforce the terms of LOST in U.S. waters. One day, they could be patrolling the Mississippi River and in U.S. coastal waters.


Representative Ron Paul (R-Texas) used his parliamentary skills to get Congress to dump LOST on December 4, 2012. The climate treaty is still pending and a vote will probably come in 2013. Paul will be out of Congress by then but he still has a telephone and influence. He has pointed out that temperatures have decreased in the past decade, earning the ire of well-heeled environmental groups.

Obama sent Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner to the North American Group meeting to make the case for support of LOST, a White House insider said. “Taxes will never be high enough to satisfy them, unless it affects them personally,” the source added. He was referring to the fact that David Rockefeller pays no income taxes but receives “federal aid” each year as an “organic farmer.” Geithner is also a long-time leader of TC and Bilderberg.

Susan Rice, the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, who was at the TC meeting, was overheard saying that Obama will push for higher taxes and these international treaties.

Dennis B. Ross, senior advisor to the National Security Council, agreed: “Yes, you can depend on [Obama].”

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James P. Tucker Jr. is the world’s foremost expert on the global elite, and is the author of JIM TUCKER’S BILDERBERG DIARY.