Growing Global Nationalism Sparking ‘Deglobalization’

By James P. Tucker Jr.

There is a growing threat to globalism that is being caused by “a frightening rise in nationalism,” according to David Smick, Bilderberg messenger boy, market consultant and editor of The International Economy, a monthly magazine that is popular among internationalist elites.

It’s gotten so bad, writes Smick, that “deglobalization” is starting to happen. Trade and international money flows are slowing and, in some cases, declining.


What’s unclear, Smick says, is whether this will produce “prolonged economic stagnation and rising nationalism” or will make the world economy “more stable and politically acceptable.”

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For some Americans, Smick says mournfully, “deglobalization will seem delicious.” He called globalization “the proverbial goose that laid the golden eggs” but “it has weakened and “there’s no new model to replace it.” The Federal Reserve, European Central Bank (ECB) and Bank of Japan have tried to fill the void by printing more play-dough, but Smick fears there will soon be “currency wars” and “asset bubbles” caused by “easy money.”

Bilderberg and its brother group, the Trilateral Commission (TC), are determined that the global recession continues through 2014.

Meanwhile, Americans celebrated lower gasoline prices during the holiday season, forgetting that gas costs more than $1 per gallon compared to a year ago.

Bilderberg and the TC are composed of international financiers, such as David Rockefeller and the Rothschilds of Europe, heads of state from Europe and high officials of the U.S. government and congressional leaders. Because the U.S. president’s every moment is accounted for, he is unable to attend publicly. But President Obama has been positively identified as having attended at least one such meeting under cover of darkness. These secretive groups see a global recession as a means of gaining public support for a “world treasury department” under the United Nations, a giant step toward world government.

Three such proposals are pending before the UN, but covered up by the controlled press.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, a Bilderberg leader, said Europe has far to go to recover economic growth and stressed the need for the ECB to take full control of the economy “to save the euro.”

The continent should evolve into a “United States of Europe, functioning as a single nation,” she said.

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James P. Tucker Jr. is the world’s foremost expert on the global elite. Tucker is AFP’s editor emeritus and the author of Jim Tucker’s Bilderberg Diary.