Shanksville Resident Speaks Out About 9-11

Flight 93

By Victor Thorn

Has somebody actually located the spot where Flight 93—or a plane purported to be Flight 93—crashed near Shanksville, Pennsylvania on September 11, 2001? On August 10, this newspaper’s Washington, D.C. office received a phone call from a woman in Cambria County, Pennsylvania who will only be identified in this article as “Nicole.”

That same afternoon, Nicole told this reporter: “To my knowledge, a plane went down near Imgrund Mountain Road off of New Baltimore Road. It’s so isolated and rocky along that hillside that it’d be an ideal place for a plane to be hidden.”

Nicole’s revelations coincide with information provided in Phantom Flight 93, especially a crucial live telecast filed by CNN’s Brian Cabell on September 11. He reported that a second debris field had been cordoned off approximately six miles from Shanksville. Obviously, plane crashes don’t cause wreckage to mysteriously fly six miles through the air.

Nicole agreed and felt suspicious of the official story from day one.

“I could tell right away that there was something fishy about it,” she said. “I knew a plane couldn’t have gone in there [the 20-foot Shanksville crater] from the pictures I saw on TV. It was such a farce. The main road off Route 30 leading into New Baltimore was cordoned off for weeks afterward. Nobody could drive down it unless they lived there. Everyone was told to shut up and not to say anything to anyone.”


As to the plane’s possible removal, Nicole added, “Since New Baltimore is so isolated and had been cordoned off, I feel they must have combed that wooded area for weeks, and then taken the wreckage out at night along Route 30.”

Even the official Shanksville crater site went into almost immediate lockdown. “There were guards around the perimeter,” Nicole said. “Nobody could have possibly gotten in. They had a lot of manpower surrounding it.”

To rationalize the lack of luggage, engines, wings, fuselage, passengers, seats etc., online writer Michael Fortner spewed some incredible  information that compared the supposed impact of Flight 93—filled with mere jet fuel—to that of an atomic bomb. Even though the airliner in question was last seen only feet above the treetops, Fortner concluded, “The blast destroyed the plane and vaporized the passengers.”

Eyewitness Eric Peterson of nearby Lambertsville verified the aircraft’s horizontal course not far above their heads. “It was low enough, you could probably count the rivets,” he said. Nicole concurred that the plane’s low trajectory prohibited it from having enough force to create a nuclear style blast. “It was so low to the ground, it didn’t nosedive, but slid on its underbelly when hitting the mountain,” she said. “Everything else is a charade.”

Nicole hasn’t spoken with other media outlets about these matters until her first-ever interview with AMERICAN FREE PRESS.

“Anyone that questions the Shanksville story is considered an outsider around here,” she said. “The locals look down on anyone that speaks out because they see all the tourist dollars coming into our area. We got rewarded with an addition to our fire department and new fire engines. So, the townspeople feel important now that thousands of travelers are coming here. Even President Obama is visiting on September 11. We’ve become very popular, but the whole thing is based on a lie, and it makes me disgusted.”

Victor Thorn

Victor Thorn is a hard-hitting researcher, journalist and author of over 50 books.

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