Kill Bilderberg

By James P. Tucker Jr.

The jig is up for Bilderberg. Not even the mainstream media can ignore it any further. Instead of the two or three protesters that showed up along with me at the annual Bilderberg meeting just 15 years ago at Lake Lanier, Ga., this year more than 1,000 fervent patriots gathered at the entrance to the Westfields Marriott, 30 miles outside Washington, D.C., to let the attendees know that the citizens of the world have had enough meddling in the affairs of their respective sovereign nations. Demonstrators from 17 countries were counted among those “welcoming” Bilderberg with catcalls and signs demanding Bilderberg stop meeting behind closed doors—hidden from public scrutiny—to decide the fate of the world.

Inside this issue of AMERICAN FREE PRESS—the one newspaper in the world that has consistently led the charge against this gathering of criminal plutocrats—you will find our reporting on the meeting.We have so much information, in fact, we have dedicated this entire issue to the subject.

I urge you to contact your senators and congressman and let them know that you want Bilderberg banned from America forever.

Tucker’s  One-Man Band Now a Full Orchestra

By James P. Tucker Jr.

From its inception in 1954 until pursued by AFP’s grandpa, The Spotlight, in the 1970s, Bilderberg maintained strict secrecy. In 1957, the late, great Westbrook Pegler was tipped off by a reader about international financiers and world political leaders gathering at St. Simons Island, near the infamous Jekyll Island, off the coast of Georgia. Big black limos brought these dignitaries on a bridge that was sealed off to the public. The resort was also sealed off by armed guards.

He did not know they called themselves “Bilderberg” but he wrote two lengthy columns naming many participants and raising the logical question: Why the secrecy? In some cases, when meeting in a resort in a remote village, Bilderberg would provide the local weekly with a brief story to keep the natives calm. On one occasion, they said it was a “medical meeting.”

In 1971, Liberty Lobby’s Washington Observer sent a shock wave by publishing the first-ever detailed exposé widely read by patriots about Bilderberg’s intrigues. This dragged Bilderberg into the spotlight as never before.

In 1979, this writer began personally covering Bilderberg for The Spotlight when it met in Baden-Baden, Austria. And here I am at Chantilly in 2012.


These early ventures were lonely—just me and a few curious natives. I would arrive early and “borrow” documents brought in by an advance staff that, at the time, had no idea of a hostile presence.

In 1983, I found Bilderberg at the Montebello resort, 30 miles from anywhere in Canada. The only other accommodation was a small bar-restaurant across a dirt road from the resort filled with armed guards behind big walls.

I was waiting at the bar for the shift change when a gang of employees—bartenders, waitresses and janitors—came in to celebrate the end of their workday. I explained my mission and asked for their help—to pick up any piece of paper, listen and observe. The group’s leader answered, in French, and another translated. No, they could not help me in any way. They would be fired, and jobs were scarce. Besides, they were good people.

The next afternoon, the same crew returned, loaded with pilfered documents. The same leader, now speaking flawless English, announced that he had decided Bilderberg was evil and doing harm to both Canada and the United States. “We will help you all we can,” he said. They earn low salaries, so I picked up the entire tab each night. I stressed that they should tell me everything, even if it seemed trivial. One evening, one of the girls told me she had nothing to report, it was “so silly.” “Tell me,” I responded. She revealed that, late at night, David Rockefeller found he had the wrong brand of scotch. So a limo bearing his pilot roared back to the airport. Rocky’s private luxury jet flew back home and returned with the right brand of scotch. Could this be the most expensive drink in history?

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James P. Tucker Jr. is the world’s foremost expert on the global elite. Tucker is AFP’s editor emeritus and the author of Jim Tucker’s Bilderberg Diary.