INTERVIEW: Elite Media, Feminists Ignore Clintons’ “War on Women”

• New book dedicated to Victor Thorn.

By Victor Thorn —

Would the American public allow Bill and Hillary Clinton back into the White House if they realized the full extent of their depravities? Roger Stone, coauthor of The Clintons’ War on Women* with Robert Morrow, seriously doubts it.

On October 22 during an AMERICAN FREE PRESS interview, Stone described a sickening act.

“When Bill Clinton raped Juanita Broaddrick, he used a signature disabling technique by biting his victim’s upper lip,” said Stone. “He’s done the same thing to several other women in a bid to keep their mouths shut as he sexually assaulted them.”

Stone filled in more details: “Women would be repulsed if they knew what happened to Mrs. Broaddrick when Bill Clinton almost bit through her lips. Afterward, her lips kept bleeding and turned black from his savagery.”


In terms of Broaddrick’s integrity, Stone offered this vote of confidence: “When NBC’s Lisa Myers interviewed Broaddrick on January 20, 1999, she said, ‘The good news is, you’re credible.’ Unfortunately, NBC execs kept this footage in the can for months until Clinton’s impeachment hearing was concluded, despite Myers’ arguments that it needed to be aired. Had they televised Broaddrick’s claims before Congress voted, Clinton would have been impeached.”

When AFP inquired as to why feminists and the National Organization for Women (NOW) persist in giving the Clintons a free pass, Stone replied: “In my experience, feminists to a person are liberals and Democrats first and feminists second. They’re very partisan. NOW refuses to respond to Bill’s sexual crimes because they’re dedicated to
an agenda. Neither will you hear any news from the mainstream media about Bill’s history as a sexual predator, or how Hillary has made a career of being his enabler.”

Since it increasingly appears as if Mrs. Clinton will win the Democratic Party nomination, Stone had some advice for GOP candidates: “Republicans need someone like Donald Trump who will stand on the debate stage beside Hillary and say: ‘Your husband is a rapist, and you’re his cover-up artist.’ They have to quit being so polite. The key to beating Hillary comes by exposing Bill’s behavior as a serial rapist and predator. He’s someone that’s as bad as Bill Cosby.”


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Stone offered additional ideas: “Another woman that Bill targeted was Kathleen Willey. In a profound way, she’s gone on the record stating that Hillary’s the one engaging in a war on women. After going public about how Bill sexually molested her in the White House, Willey’s house was broken into and ransacked, her windshield smashed, and she was assaulted on a jogging path. One of Willey’s pets was also killed, plus she received late night phone calls threatening her children. All of these dirty tricks were verifiably linked to a Hillary associate named Jack Palladino.”

There exist further hypocrisies that Stone pointed out.

“No place where Hillary was ever the boss did women receive the same pay as men,” he said. “Plus, it’s incredible how much money flows into the Clinton Foundation from places that horribly oppress women. In these countries, women can’t vote, they’re not allowed to drive cars, and in Muslim countries under Sharia law, if a woman claims that she was raped, oftentimes she’s stoned to death. Yet, the Clintons still gladly receive dirty money from these places.”

Not surprisingly, the Clintons fear these revelations. “Hillary is very afraid of this book,” said Stone. “Her press secretary, Brian Fallon, has created a war room to specifically discredit this book and any other which exposes their crimes.”

*Book dedicated to Victor Thorn and others

Dedicated to the women and men violated by Bill and Hillary Clinton in their scramble for power.

And also to Sean Hannity, Nick Bryant, Matt Drudge, Peter Schweitzer, Daniel Halper, Michael Goodwin, Christopher Hitchens, David Sirota, Paul Sperry, Ed Klein, Brent Scher, Victor Thorn, Marinka Peschmann, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, Jim Nelson, Roger Morris, Sally Denton, and Chris Ruddy. These journalists have done more than anyone else to expose the Clintons’ epic transgressions.

—Roger Stone and Robert Morrow

Victor Thorn

Victor Thorn is a hard-hitting researcher, journalist and author of over 50 books.

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