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• Rep Ron Paul and other populists on Bilderberger radar

By James P. Tucker Jr.

CHANTILLY, Va.—Internationalists at the annual Bilderberg confab in Chantilly, Va. gathered to press on for integrating the world under one global government despite the serious setbacks they face from nationalist groups in the United States, Canada and Europe.

Herman Van Rompuy, president of the European Council, and Jean-Claude Trichet, former president of the European Central Bank, spoke at the secretive Bilderberg meeting in support of using financial stress to promote world government.


“Budget consolidation [and] growth policy sustain the European economy,” Van Rompuy said in calling for a global treasury department on grounds that a collapse in Europe would affect nations worldwide. Trichet said the International Monetary Fund could evolve into such a department. Trichet was not on the official attendee list that Bilderberg offered to journalists.

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Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) was denounced by a gang of Bilderberg boys wolfing down cocktails in the lobby on Thursday, May 31. Paul has been denounced for years because he opposes U.S involvement in foreign wars. Paul opposed the Vietnam War, but he put himself in harm’s way as a combat flight surgeon. He is the only candidate for president who wore his country’s uniform. But Bilderberg was griping about Paul’s preventing Senate ratification of the sovereignty-surrendering Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST).

“It would be much easier to get the world to accept our policies if Paul and other ‘nationalists’ would disappear,” said one. “I’d like to charter a jet, hire a Muslim suicide pilot and give them all a free ticket to hell.”

The source stressed that the Bilderberg boy seemed to be joking when he said this and that there did not seem to be any real plan to kill the maverick congressman. The point was that this conversation demonstrated just how angry they are at those who stand up to their plans.

LOST was completed in 1982 and ratified by 160 countries. Under the treaty, the UN would gain control of U.S. areas designated as “world heritage sites.” Violations would be prosecuted by the UN, which would collect the fines. Paul has led House opposition to enabling legislation, required because the Constitution prohibits the Senate from originating tax increases. Ronald Reagan rejected the treaty. Every president since has tried but failed to have it ratified. Every president since has also been a Bilderberg busboy.

Bilderberg insiders also stressed to one another the importance of using their own greatest asset to impose their political will: money. They will “bundle” their contributions under a system whereby private groups can finance political campaigns without identifying contributors so long as it is not “direct.”

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Thus, Rockefellers and Rothschilds can anonymously donate billions to a group that spends big bucks on broadcast and newspaper advertising on behalf of a candidate (or attacking his opponent). But once elected, he will hear from a lower-level employee that Rockefeller is very concerned about global warming or whatever.

Canadian Premier Alison Redford warned that “the world will be doomed and man and womankind will cease to exist unless the issue of global warming is addressed on a global basis.” She received thunderous and unanimous applause because Bilderberg embraced the “global warming” fantasy years ago because of profit potential. Her speech was also a demonstration of how Bilderberg boys should publicly address the issue (“we
only care about people”).

“Unless we act now, on a global basis, our world will burn up in the years ahead,” she said. “Many of us remember being terrified by nuclear weapons. To save, not ourselves but our children and children’s children from horrible deaths, we must form a world department of defense, under the UN, and take meaningful global action.”

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