The Outrageous Case of Matt Hale

• Government feared growing influence, popularity of pro-white activist, so they set him up.

By the Staff at AFP —

The political railroading of Reverend Matthew F. “Matt” Hale constitutes, quite clearly, one of the most outrageous offenses against constitutional principles and the civil liberties guaranteed Americans by our founding fathers. Hale’s case is one American citizens concerned with police state tyranny need to know about.

The former leader of the avowedly pro-White and anti-Jewish World Church of the Creator—founded by the late Ben Klassen in 1973—Hale, an accomplished classical violinist and prolific writer and public intellectual, received a law degree from the Southern Illinois University School of Law in 1998. In 1999, Hale became an international celebrity of sorts when the state of Illinois refused to grant him a license to practice law on the basis of his political, racial and religious beliefs.

Speaking across the country from 2000 to 2002—often the subject of heated media coverage—Hale became widely known for his unswerving advocacy of preserving white civilization. Featured, among other places, on the “Today” show and “Good Morning America,” Hale was such an articulate voice for his cause that hate groups such as the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center attacked him repeatedly and targeted him for destruction.

As a consequence—perhaps to no one’s surprise—on January 8, 2003, Hale was arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and charged by the United States Department of Justice (DoJ) with allegedly having solicited the murder of Chicago-based federal judge Joan Lefkow during the time Judge Lefkow was hearing an ongoing civil lawsuit in which Hale’s church had been accused of having infringed upon another church’s trademark.

Most remarkable about Hale’s subsequent criminal trial (a classic study of the DoJ run amok) is that there was no evidence whatsoever of Hale’s guilt. Although accused of supposedly having solicited Tony Evola—a government informant posing as a supporter of Hale—to kill Judge Lefkow, no evidence was produced that this ever happened.

Hale neither asked Evola to commit murder, told him to commit murder or even implied he wanted Evola to commit murder. Instead, it was Evola—not Hale—who urged the judge be killed and Evola who solicited Hale to join his own professed plans. The only person who talked about killing anybody was Evola who was being paid thousands of taxpayers’ dollars for his efforts.

Not only did Hale not “solicit” the judge’s assassination but it is also an incontestable fact that he repeatedly rejected Evola’s suggestions.

Suffice it to say, however, many believed Hale’s conviction was almost assured, not because any evidence suggested he was guilty (which it did not) but precisely because many of the jurors (for personal racial and religious reasons) were already clearly inclined to be opposed to Hale because of his well-known political views.

On April 26, 2004, Hale was convicted on the fabricated charge and subsequently sentenced to 40 years in prison.

Thus, Hale’s is yet another case in which federal law enforcement concocted a non-existent crime to imprison an innocent man, determined to silence him for political and ideological reasons.

Hale has now been imprisoned for over 11 years, time spent entirely in solitary confinement. The wrong done to him is an atrocious injustice, and while there have been many in the history of American jurisprudence, the attack on Hale was clearly politically motivated.


Several appeals of his conviction have been filed but all have been denied by judges who refuse to rule in favor of a reputed “white supremacist” and critic of Jewish power: The judges will not—or can not—acknowledge a person such as Hale can be innocent, regardless of the facts.

The judges have gone so far as to even lie about the facts of the Hale case in order to deny his appeals. Some observers have suggested that not since the days of the Soviet Union’s famous show trials have such sham legal proceedings been so vividly demonstrated. And that is saying much considering many of the political railroad jobs seen in recent years in American courts.

Outraged by Hale’s treatment, outspoken American nationalist William A. “Bill” White vocally supported Hale on his own website and, likely as a consequence, was himself targeted by the authorities and charged with “soliciting” the murder of one of the jurors in the Hale case—an echo of the original trumped-up charge against Hale. The government clearly figured that since a phony charge of this type had worked in Hale’s case, it might work again—and it did: White is himself now sitting in prison.

Despite everything, Hale won’t give up. In many respects, he is precisely what the controlled media monopoly falsely claimed about the terrorist Nelson Mandela: a man of peace with great love for his people who has endured years in solitary confinement at the hands of an oppressive government.

Those who value the traditional American concept of liberty—as opposed to criminal tyranny—should rally behind Hale’s bid for freedom. He will soon be filing another motion for his release.

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  1. “Most remarkable about Hale’s subsequent criminal trial (a classic study of the DoJ run amok) is that there was no evidence whatsoever of Hale’s guilt. Although accused of supposedly having solicited Tony Evola—a government informant posing as a supporter of Hale—to kill Judge Lefkow, no evidence was produced that this ever happened.”

    Except not: Taking the second element first: the government had to prove that Hale “solicited, commanded, induced, or otherwise tried to persuade” Evola to carry out a violent crime. The government argues that the solicitation was accomplished “through coded and disguised language.” Asking Evola to locate Judge Lefkow’s home address “for whatever reason you wish it to be” was, according to the government, “Hale’s code for approving the attack.” For his part, Hale all but concedes that there was adequate evidence with respect to this element; he seems to accept that the government proved he solicited the murder of someone, just not Judge Lefkow.

    We conclude that there is sufficient evidence in the record to support the jury’s finding on the solicitation element. Hale knew that Evola was willing to arrange murder on his behalf; he had offered to do so on several previous occasions, and Hale had engaged him in serious discussion concerning at least one of those proposed victims. Hale also knew that securing a proposed victim’s home address was a preliminary step in Evola’s process;  it is through that lens that the government asked the jury to read Hale’s email of December 4, 2002, asking Evola to acquire Judge Lefkow’s home address. Evola followed up Hale’s email by visiting him the next day and making it clear that he interpreted the email as a suggestion to “exterminate the rat.” When Hale indicated that he did not want to be involved but that Evola was free to act himself, Evola said, “Consider it done,” to which Hale replied, “Good.” Unlike his repudiation of Evola’s earlier plots, Hale did not “veto” Evola’s plan after this conversation;  in fact, Hale responded with silence to Evola’s email of December 9, which can be read only as conveying to Hale that the “exterminator” had located Judge Lefkow and was “working to get rid of” her. In their conversation on December 17, Hale protested that he could not be involved in illegal activity in any way. In the same conversation, however, he mentioned that he would have a smile on his face if he was to read in a newspaper that “something happens to certain creepy people.” As the government has maintained, Hale tried to “create ‘plausible deniability’ in the event his conversation was being monitored.” Under these circumstances, we have no difficulty concluding that a jury could find from the evidence that Hale’s conduct was a call to action, not a passive failure to intervene to stop another’s crime or, as Hale would have us believe, disapproval of Evola’s stated preparations to kill Judge Lefkow. The jury believed the government’s theory rather than Hale’s, and it is not our place to reweigh the evidence, see Brown, 328 F.3d at 355.

  2. The whole case should have been thrown out trademark-wise because the name “Church of the Creator” is too generic and there are other churches that use “Church of the Creator,” which include an Episcopal church as well that calls itself “Episcopal Church of the Creator,” thus proving political motivation. Doesn’t matter what his beliefs are; right is right and wrong is wrong. Yes, today being called a racist is basically a social and political death sentence because as we all know the learned elders of the neo-Salem witch hunt are very smart people, ego-driven and seeking out the phantom menace and evidence of evil. Cotton Mather has nothing on today’s so-called racist hunters.
  3. What the Jewish media and Jewish organizations did to Hale is typical. To put it simply, Jews are terrified of whites regaining control of their own destiny and creating any solidarity among themselves. This throws a monkey wrench in their agenda to enrich themselves while enslaving everyone else and preventing any effective organized white opposition to their plans. By slandering people like Hale, they can not only derail any pro-white activism but also silence dissenters and discourage any mainstream support of the pro-white cause by convincing the average white person that all pro-whites are violent “neo-Nazis” who subscribe to an ideology of “hate.”

    While it is true that our movement has sometimes attracted some unsavory characters, it is the Jews’ aim to slander all of them equally, no matter how spotless their record and history, to scare away any potential supporters. This strategy has been effective. Most whites unfamiliar with the deceitful nature of the Jew will believe the lie that all pro-whites are inherently violent or criminal without bothering to look at the facts.

  4. Matt Hale is innocent, totally innocent. He’s been railroaded by Thomas Durkin, Esq., David Weisman, Esq. and the federal government.

    Write Matt Hale at:

    Matthew F. Hale
    U.S. Penitentiary Max
    P.O. Box 8500
    Florence Colo. 81226-8500

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