City Insider Reveals Why Lee Yanked

Lee Monuments

Former Dallas City Council member Sandra Crenshaw explains how a bevy of cultural communists worked to get the general’s statue pulled from its place of honor in Dallas.

By Dave Gahary

Sandra Crenshaw, a black, 65-year-old former Dallas City Council member, who’s part of a predominantly black group that formed to protect Confederate monuments, is steaming mad when she thinks about the recent assault on a statue in her beloved city. On Sept. 14—at a cost of almost a half-million dollars—a crane unceremoniously hoisted the Gen. Robert E. Lee statue that President Franklin D. Roosevelt dedicated in 1936, renaming Oak Lawn Park to Robert E. Lee Park.

“I was just devastated with these efforts to take down these Confederate statues,” Ms. Crenshaw told this newspaper in an exclusive interview.

Ms. Crenshaw said, “We’re just shocked at the conversation and the hatred and the protest rallies that we are seeing here in Dallas, and we keep asking where this is coming from.”

She’s surprised that the ostensibly organic protests to remove anything Confederate spread to her city, because no groups other than Dallas’s large gay community, which has a long history of opposing the Lee statue, came out to protest. Ms. Crenshaw explained that denizens of Dallas had no need to protest the statue in what she sees as a racially fair city.

“When I was on the park board,” Ms. Crenshaw began, “and we had a slave cemetery without markers, we asked for support to build a monument; it’s the only one in the country. We asked to change the name of the recreation centers—which were named after geographical locations—after African-Americans. So we have federal buildings, an African-American museum at the state fair that rivals any other in this country, a beautiful memorial that sits to the left of a Lee Confederate statue on the state capitol that is just beautiful. Texas is the first state that made Emancipation Day for the blacks a state holiday. We have a Martin Luther King statue, a Rosa Parks statue, tributes to Malcolm X, and so I just don’t know how you could be a much fairer city.”

Ms. Crenshaw explained why the gay community has had their sights on the general for 25 years. “In 1992—when I was on the park board— that was only the second time since 1936 that there had been any desire to take down the Confederate statue in Lee Park,” she said, “and it was the gay community then.” That desire was generated, she explained, by the board’s denial of a request to put up an AIDS memorial in the park.

Another event stirred the gay hornets’ nest as well.

“Lee was a Southern, Christian person,” Ms. Crenshaw explained, “and they used to have an annual Easter symphony [in the park]. The people who lived in that area went to the park department and said they were concerned about bringing their families there for a Christian event and their children having to watch two men kiss. They were very upset about that, and they didn’t know that the park director was a gay person, so the park director let some people know what they were saying. Some on the police department who were angered by this used a gay vice prostitute and caught him in the park having sex, and he got fired [in] a very public firing.”

Since no protests had materialized over any of the Confederate monuments in Dallas in spite of the Charlottesville, Va. mayhem and removal of monuments in other locations, the city’s gay community apparently decided to strike while the iron was hot. They had to overcome, however, a law that had been on the books for over 30 years to protect the monuments.

“In the 1980s,” Ms. Crenshaw explained, “[Dallas] designated all of these statues as art, and to remove them, you had to go through a decommissioning process. So, when Charlottesville, Va. went off like it did, the [Dallas] mayor and the city council panicked, and they said, ‘We better use an emergency clause to go ahead and take this statue down before any harm comes to it.’ So when we filed for a temporary restraining order to keep the city from taking it down, the judge asked [the mayor and city council], ‘What is your emergency purpose for you to circumvent your own public policy that allows the people to vote on whether or not they want to decommission this piece of art?’ And they could not give any evidence of any threats—no call-ins, no pickets, no protestors.

“The next thing,” she continued, “there were 10 or 15 African-Americans, all the TV media’s out there, and they’ve got this rope around Lee’s neck trying to pull the statue down, but there were thousands of members of the gay community, all white people, standing around.”

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Ms. Crenshaw gave her take on these white agitators, who have made up the clear majority of protestors at anti-Confederate events across the country. “I get irate, I get angry, when I see an Anglo person walking around with a sign that says, ‘Make the white race afraid again,’ or wearing t-shirts that say, ‘Black Lives Matter,’ ” she said. “The African-American community that lives here, we don’t even see that statue.”

The so-called protestors then petitioned the court, claiming the “protest” indicated there was indeed a threat to the statue, and got the temporary restraining order removed, leading to removal of the statue. Ms. Crenshaw and her group may have the last laugh, however.

“When they took the Lee statue out of the park,” she explained, “the gays and all of these students, they saw that as a victory for them, not knowing that it was only an emergency clause that allowed them to remove it, to protect the value of it. But it’s coming back up. They can take Lee out of that park but you can’t take Southern heritage out of Texas. This is a fight that we have got to fight. This is a fight that we have got to win, because what comes next?”

The city council will vote in late November on whether and when the Lee statue will be restored to its Lee Park home.

Ms. Crenshaw summed up her feelings on this issue: “We’re not gonna keep fighting this ‘civil war’ over again every two years when someone decides that, ‘I don’t like this, and I don’t like that.’ ”

Dave Gahary, a former submariner in the U.S. Navy, prevailed in a suit brought by the New York Stock Exchange in an attempt to silence him. Dave is the producer of an upcoming full-length feature film about the attack on the USS Liberty. See for more information and to get the new book on which the movie will be based, Erasing the Liberty.

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  1. People who forget their history will lose their memory as to why we are here and where we are going. This is shameful!!

  2. It is Communist International that are behind these tactics such as removing American history/heritage. Here’s what Communist International have been busying themselves with since 1922 up to date, whilst Americans have been working and playing and just being normal – social gatherings on weekends with family and friends, sports, watching movies, travelling etc:

    Firstly, on the contrary to what we have been ‘told’, Communism did not ‘fail’ and ‘end’ when the Berlin Wall came down. It went underground and International with the purpose of overthrowing Western Civilization for its goal always has been global domination:

    The Cultural Marxism Plan to Overthrow Western Civilization:

    Polarize People along ‘Tribal’ Lines by:

    Teaching Different Groups Western Civilization is Oppressive

    = Awareness of Oppression creates Alienation

    = Alienation Turns to Anger and Chaos towards ‘the System’

    = Western Civilization is torn Down


    Fleeing to the Soviet Union after the counter-revolution, Communist leader Lukacs was secreted into GERMANY where he chaired a meeting of Communist-oriented Socialists and intellectuals. This meeting founded the Institute for Marxism but changed its name (to be like a chameleon and hide its true nature) to the Institute for Social Research. For the next 10 years the Institute worked out what was to become Communist International’s most successful psychological warfare operation against the capitalist West.

    Comrade Lukacs realized that the greatest obstacle to a Marxist ‘paradise’ was the Culture of Western Civilization itself and that any political movement capable of bringing Bolshevism (hell-on-earth) to the West would have to be, in his own words, “demonic”.

    It would have to “possess the religious power which is capable of filling the entire soul in which an individual believes that his or her actions are determined not by a personal destiny but the destiny of the ‘community’ in a world that has been ‘abandoned by God’.

    The working class had rejected communism, they decided, because of Western culture, which was embedded into the societies of the working class. It was decided that, BEFORE a Marxist Revolution could take place therfore, Western culture had to be destroyed. New cultural forms must be found to increase the alienation of the population, in order for it to fully realize how truly alienating it is to live without Socialism.

    The task of the Frankfurt School then, was to

    1. UNDERMINE the Judeo-Christian legacy for the ABOLISHMENT of the culture.

    2. To determine new cultural forms which would increase the alienation of the population thus creating ‘a new barbarianism’.

    The purpose of the Frankfurt School is purely to destroy.

    In 1932 Herbert Marcuse became a member of the Institute and he would become the most important member of the Frankfurt School for the development of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS. In the 1950’s and 1960’s, Marcuse would complete the translation of Marxism into cultural terms and inject it into the new left.

    It was Marcuse who finally answered the question ‘who could substitute for the working class as an ‘agent of revolution’? Instead of using ‘class’ as it was difficult to get a Black and a White ‘blue collar worker’ to identify with another race over than their own, what they would use as a proxy would be RACIAL groups to tear down the US and its capitalist system, suggesting that racial groups are the ‘victims’ of capitalism. (Its about emphasizing victimhood).

    The plan was about building a ‘rainbow alliance’ of grievances. So they found different groups to persuade them that Western society and the patriarchal society, capitalist society, the nation, and so on, in some way discriminates against them. Then they use that discrimination to bring that group into a larger alliance of a big broad ‘church’, breaking society down then molding it back together again in a way of destroying what society is left.

    They use groups that are very different and often mutually antagonistic with different interests. A classic example is how on the one side, the left tries to mobilise and use the homosexual lobby, and on the other side works with radical Islam which wants to stone homosexuals to death. So there are no principals here, its just a matter of them dragging everyone they can into this big broad church.

    Cultural Marxism is exactly the same as Communism but in addition to the economic factors that Karl Marx emphasized, they believed that culture was central to the legitimization of oppression ie these people are going to say ‘The problem with society isn’t merely the economics but its also the culture because….women aren’t represented fairly in industries, gays should be allowed to marry etc…. By these tactics they intend to get strongholds and footholds into subcultures, like parasites.

    Communism NEVER builds anything. It IS a parasite ideology. Communism isn’t about building an equal society. It is about taking the society that already exists and cause a revolution within it. This is what cultural marxists do. They go into subcultures and journalism and then start complaining, whining, signing petitions etc trying to get things banned in order to get power. They determine to terrify the drawers of ‘comic books’ so that they only draw ‘comic books’ according to the cultural marxists’ desires.

    Cultural marxists are very much against nationalism (and national sovereignty , capitalism, the nuclear family, gender roles, heritage of history, race). The only way to destroy this was to destroy the culture from within.

    So the Frankfurt School used academic Freud to argue that, in Western culture, everyone was in a constant state of psychological repression! The key then was to dissect western civilization – art, its history, politics, literature etc and reinterpret all of it under the cultural marxist lens:

    – demonize Western Civilization by re-interpreting its History as a system of oppression – teach at university that all history is determined by power by which groups defined in terms of race, sex, etc have power over other groups, by the use of Critical Theory.

    What is the theory of Critical Theory? The theory is – to criticise! Did you catch that?! That’s it! Just to criticise. For example, criticising ‘old White males’ as done by the feminazis. That is why the whinging is relentless and never ending. It will never end! They intend to keep on with it until western civilization collapses into their bolshevik laps. (We must NEVER allow this!) They intend to tear everything down – attack, attack, attack. They intend never to quit.

    Their strategy is to attack the foundations of western civilization because, once these foundations are gone, it will make it easier to then have a Communist Revolution. They decided to do it using ‘The Culture of Critique’ – a system of thought whereby they would simply verbally and intellectually relentlessly attack every aspect of western civilization such as the Church, the family, historical heroes etc. and like a dripping tap these never ending attacks will wear away the foundation strongholds of the civilization. The attacks are nothing to do with truth, it is usually invented, the point is to attack on and on until they succeed.

    For the classical Marxist, its Marxist economics.
    For the Cultural Marxist, its Deconstruction.

    Deconstruction is simply take any text, remove all meaning from it, and reinsert any desired meaning. So for example they would say the Founding Fathers were evil. The radical feminism, the Women’s Studies dept, the Gay Studies dept, the Black Studies depts etc are all branches of Critical Theory and their purpose is – to criticise! Not to create an alternative, just to criticise what is already existing, whatever it is!

    The Frankfurt School was careful NEVER to define what ‘Critical Theory’ is for….only what it was against. Not only did they apply Critical Theory to American (and all Western) society, they added some new elements such as to introduce Studies in ‘Prejudice’ which culminated in 1950 in Theodore Adorno’s immensely influential book “The Authoritarian Personality”. Be aware and resistent. Remember SILENCE MEANS CONSENT!

  3. Unfortunately, today, the children are not learning history anymore. Thanks to the government schools, our children and grandchildren are getting indoctrinated in the so called “social injustices”. A bias liberal point of view that if anyone of any color challenges is called a racist. The best thing that could happen to today would be to eliminate our federal “education” department and give control back to local school boards where the parents will have a better control on the education their children will received. Furthermore, it should be required for students to read “THE SOUTH WAS RIGHT” by Walter and James Kennedy. Ten years of research and you get a more accurate account of the northern aggression against the south.

    Why wipe away the heritage of this country? Schools today to not teach the Declaration of Independence, The Bill of Rights, or the Constitution. When we were in school you had to recite these verbatim. We need to get back to basic of education. It is no wonder there is a rise in home schooling. How else are the children of this country going to get a proper education?

  4. I am pleased that Sandra stood up to the homosexuals, but she needs to recognize 4 things:
    1) Politics is violence. See Tolstoy’s The Law of Love and The Law of Violence.
    2) Confucius say: The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their proper/correct names. So, I stopped using the word gay and use homosexual. The homosexuals have corrupted communications as the word gay used to be a very nice word but now, having been hijacked by the homosexuals, it is a word that conceals perversion and fouls up communications. In short the homosexuals have poisoned a heretofore decent word. Evil corrupts and homosexual evil corrupts absolutely.
    3) The Bible warns of the troika of wickedness, the consort of commerce, politics and organized, false, apostate religion and that it will be destroyed. Also note that at Matthew 22:37-40 we are taught that there are two great commandments: love God and love your neighbor. So, no honest person can approve of any violence. A preacher or priest cannot say love your neighbor and in the next breath say now, go on out there and kill your neighbor without exposing himself as duplicitous. The preachers/pastors/rabbis could have stopped WW I had they stood in unison and told the political leaders that they opposed war.
    4. There is no factual evidence that the constitution and law apply to me or you just because of being present in some state such as orygun, corruptifornia or Texas. See the Marc Stevens videos on YouTube – The No State Project. Read Lysander Spooner’s No Treason No. 6, The Constitution of No Authority and then swing on by the Zero Aggression Project by Perry Willis and Jim Babka wherein they explain that politicians are “statists,” mostly commie/socialists, who believe in the use of aggression; they believe in might makes right, which of course is immoral.

    Sandra is well meaning but she is distracting us from the root cause of the evil and instead deals with the symptom.

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