The Real Mandela

• Truth about South African icon at odds with public portrayal

By Pete Papaherakles

As South Africa’s 95-year-old Nelson Mandela lies in the hospital, the worldwide media portrays him as a larger-than-life heroic figure and the liberator of his people. But is that truth or fiction? And how will honest historians judge him?

The official story goes something like this: Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was born in 1918 into the Thembu tribe’s royal family. He studied law at two prestigious universities and became involved in “anti-colonial politics,” joining the African National Congress (ANC). He was committed to non-violent protest in gaining sovereignty for blacks. In 1962 he was arrested and convicted of sabotage and conspiracy to overthrow the government and was sentenced to life in prison.

An international campaign lobbied for his release, which was granted in 1990, and he was hailed as martyr of white racism by the international media. This popularity propelled him to be elected president of South Africa in 1994, where he continued with his struggle to “end ethnic tensions and bring about racial equality.” Over the years, Mandela has received over 250 awards, including the 1993 Nobel Peace Prize, the U.S. Presidential Medal of Freedom and the Soviet Order of Lenin.

That’s the official story. His critics, however, have a different opinion.


They point to the fact that Mandela was not imprisoned for opposing apartheid, or segregation, in Africa, but for being a communist terrorist murderer-bomber in service to the Soviet Union.

The ANC’s guerrilla force, known as uMkhonto we Sizwe—MK, or “Spear of the Nation”—was founded in 1961 by Mandela and his advisor, the Lithuanian-born communist Jew Joe Slovo, born Yossel Mashel Slovo, who was officially named secretary general of the South African Communist Party in 1986.

Slovo had been the planner of many of the ANC terrorist attacks, as detailed in the book Victory or Violence: The Story of the AWB of South Africa, including the January 8, 1982 attack on the Koeberg nuclear power plant near Cape Town, the Church Street bombing on May 20, 1983, which killed 19 people, and the June 14, 1986 car-bombing of Magoo’s Bar in Durban, in which three people were killed and 73 injured.

In 1962, Mandela was arrested along with 19 others, half of whom were White communist Jews, in a police raid of ANC headquarters at a farm owned by Andrew Goldreich, also a communist Jew, at Rivonia, a Johannesburg suburb.

In the Rivonia Trial, which took place between 1963 and 1964, the defendants were tried for 221 acts of sabotage designed to overthrow the government and conspiring to aid foreign military units, when they invaded SA to further the objects of communism.

The prosecutor, Percy Yutar said at the trial that “production requirements for munitions were sufficient to blow up a city the size of Johannesburg.”

Escaping the death sentence, Mandela was given life in prison.

By 1990, the communists behind Mandela had gained enough power to force his release. Apartheid was abolished in 1992 and the ANC was put into power in 1994 with Mandela as president. Slovo became his secretary of housing.

Shortly thereafter, Mandela and Slovo, along with a group of ANC leaders, were filmed chanting a pledge to kill all whites in South Africa.

Current South African President Jacob Zuma, also of the ANC, was also filmed as late as January 2012 singing a song called “Kill the Boer” in front of a crowd of thousands of blacks while they cheered and danced. The song advocates the murder of the descendents of the original white settlers of South Africa, with lyrics encouraging blacks to gun down the farmers with machine guns.

Mandela’s ex-wife Winnie, also a longtime ANC activist, prefers a method called “necklacing,” where a gasoline-filled tire is placed around the neck of a victim and set ablaze. “With our boxes of matches and our necklaces we shall liberate this country,” she is infamous for saying.

(Mandela was in solitary confinement at the time of the necklacing torture-murders. An estimated 3,000 victims died by necklacing.)

Since 1994, 68,000 whites have been brutally tortured and murdered by blacks in South Africa, in ways too gruesome to describe, including almost 4,000 Boers whose farms were confiscated by savage murderers, a combined area of over 25,000 square miles.

Audio_IconRSAFP PODCAST: The Horror of South Africa Today

Contrary to popular belief, the vast majority of blacks in South Africa aren’t natives, but came by the millions from neighboring countries only after the white Boers created a country with a thriving economy, education opportunities and medical benefits.

Under white rule, blacks in South Africa enjoyed better living conditions than any other African country, where blacks kill each other in tribal warfare.

In 1994, the same year Mandela took power, the Hutu tribe killed 800,000 Tutsis in Rwanda. Similar tribal genocides have taken place in Congo, Somalia, Ethiopia, Chad, Mali, Zimbabwe, Angola and many more African countries. Tribal savagery and genocide has always been a way of life for Africans.

Since Mandela took over, South Africa has become a Third World country. It went from being the safest country in Africa, to being the rape and murder capital of the world. In Johannesburg, 5,000 people are murdered every year. Unemployment went from 5% in 1994 to 50% today.

South Africa also has the largest number of people infected with HIV/AIDS in the world. In 2007, over 18% of adults, or 5,700,000 people had AIDS. In 2010, an estimated 280,000 died of AIDS.

Looking beyond the media myth of a “demigod Mandela” as he faces his twilight, one can only say, “good riddance.”

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Pete Papaherakles is a writer and political cartoonist for AFP and is also AFP’s outreach director. Pete is interested in getting AFP writers and editors on the podium at patriotic events. Call him at 202-544-5977 if you know of an event you think AFP should attend.

34 Comments on The Real Mandela

  1. Oh really! so South Africa should have been left for the Whites why??? Give me another way it would have attained Independence without Mandela and the rest of the freedom fighters. So much for Whites calling Mandela a terrorist. Britain colonized the rest of the world. America bombs every small nation for 0% reasons.

  2. Apartheid was put in place to keep the normally warring tribes from decimating each other. As a result, South Africa became one of the most economically stable countries in Africa. Despite the so-called “evils” of apartheid, there was a large influx of immigrants into South Africa. Food was plentiful. Apartheid was able to “keep the peace” and was successful until communism’s “inventors”–the jews (despite having arms agreements with South Africa) pushed to dismantle apartheid. The rest is history . . . South Africa is a “basket case”; its white farmers (producers) are being murdered. Farms that have been “appropriated” by blacks are being looted–not useable for farming anymore because anything of value is being sold for scrap.
    If one good thing comes of this, it will be the deserved “retribution” placed on the South African jews for being a major part in destroying this once-prosperous country.
    I, for one would welcome the emigration of white South Africans to the United States. However, current immigration laws do not apply to whites who wish to immigrate to America. Only third-world non-whites need apply . . .

  3. Malcolm not X
    The day you saw Nelson Mandela freed from prison walking hand-in-hand with his wife Winnie (who was involved in the slaughter of so many of her own people) is when you should have seen the light that he was just another terrorist. Amnesty International refused to assign him political prisoner status due to his commitment to violence. He was always a piece of trash, and his legacy lives on in the violent crime for which present-day South Africa is internationally renowned!

  4. There are two things that irritate the sh!t out of me:

    1. LIBERALS – Anonymous, smoke weed and go to bed.

    2. STUPIDITY – Jeff Medina & Dennis Bekeros, form a club and drink lots of beer.

  5. The day I saw Nelson Mandela on television sharing the stage with Jacob Zuma, pledging his support to Jacob Zuma for the upcoming Presidential Elections, I realised Nelson Mandela is like all his compatriots, not a patriotic South African but an African National Congress member. That was the day I lost all respect for him.

  6. Reply to COLIN:

    Awww, stop bullshi*ting yourself!

    1. Choosing between genocide by sadistic Africans and evil colonialists is obvious;

    2. What BS, the Afrikaners did “take power” in 1945! Search Apartheid Legislation in Wikipedia, the BRITISH created Apartheid in South Africa, LONG before the term Apartheid existed! Starting with 1884 Hut Tax, the British created apartheid laws DISENFRANCHISING blacks. Apartheid was INHERITED by Boers 1948 to 1961, when South Africa was STILL a BRITISH colony!

    3. MANDELA was a COMMUNIST, funded by ANGLO ZIONISTS, CECIL RHODES and the JEWISH OPPENHEIMER family! They own De Beers diamond and ANGLO AMERICAN GOLD MINES (deep into SOUTHERN AFRICA) to this day! Rhodes and Oppenheimers funded BOTH Apartheid and COMMUNIST Mandela, the Boers DO NOT own SA RESERVE BANK or those mines! Mandela’s ANC is listed as a terrorist organization, Mandela was jailed for terrorism, he was a member of South African Communist Party, comrade of Fidel Castro!

    4. Jews are indeed innovative, so are parasites! Goldman Sachs destroyed World Economy 2008, never to recover, USA economy $18 trillion debt, not smart to destroy the host even if you are a parasite!

  7. It is very difficult to change anyone’s mind regarding political issues. However, let us look at Zimbabwe and actually some of the African, Middle East and Central European countries run by the evil colonialists in the past and now have been “liberated.”

    The average person is leaving those countries and heading towards Europe—the powers they wanted freedom from. The closest thing to Europe for Zim is RSA. (RSA will soon fail—corruption and poor leadership).

    In 1945 the Afrikaans Government that took power made a big mistake in Separate Development (Apartheid). All the people of RSA should have been included in the growth and development of the country. Voting requirements should have included education level or ownership of property, not the color of your skin. RSA would have better leadership. In the end we all want the same thing—stability and a good future for our kids.

    Reagan and Thatcher, in conquering Communism, finally allowed RSA to have majority vote. Mandela was a a great person and was forced to receive aid from Russia. At the time of the Cold War, the West could not gamble on the support of Mandela.

    One last comment. Jewish people are creators, inventors, smart and you know you are in a good society if you have a Jewish doctor and a Temple nearby.

  8. The truth is 10 times worse. There’s a list of over 5,000 terrorist attacks on civilians, from discos, to churches to ATMs, to trains, to car bombs that killed roughly 4,500 civilians. It is on the Internet.

    Google global terrorist database. Enter African National Congress.

    Stanford University’s database for all the terrorist groups in the world. Both black and white civilians were killed by the ANC. A very tragic part of South Africa’s history hidden for obvious reasons: FOREIGN INVESTMENT and POLITICAL CORRECTNESS.

    They wanted a Communist state, the USSR collapsed, they had no funding and accepted multi-party democracy.

    Don’t hide the truth

  9. People singing psalms of praise to Nelson and Winnie Mandela clearly don’t know who Stompie Sipei is (amongst many others who befell his same fate). Winnie Mandela is a sadistic terrorist who derives pleasure from torture of her victims. Which god will bless someone who necklaces an innocent person? Can you put yourself in the shoes of someone with a tyre doused in petrol and set alight? If you consider the latter a “blessing” then sure, Nelson is already receiving his and Winnie will follow the day she has to account for all the blood she has on her hands. If “liberated” is synonymous to “on the verge of starvation/famine,” then yes, this country has been liberated. Soon you can rejoice when the whole of Europe, Canada and the USA is also then liberated!
  10. Let us not forget who facilitated the creation of Apartheid Israel, communist Britain!
  11. It is NO coincidence that Apartheid was observed in Palestine! The same Anglo Zionist colonizers that funded Apartheid in South Africa, funded the development of Israel! Cecil John Rhodes and Ernest Oppenheimer exploited cheap black labor for their diamond and gold mines (De Beers, Anglo American). Google Harry Oppenheimer Museum in Tel Aviv. The Oppenheimers, directly related to the Rothschilds, funded the Apartheid Engine and, unbelievably ambiguous, funded COMMUNIST Mandela. Apartheid placed too much embarrassing focus on their activities. That is why Mandela never fulfilled his mandate of nationalizing the mines as he was mandated to do by the people who voted for him. South African diamonds, gold funded the development of Israel, who had major arms deals with South Africa during global sanctions. South Africa was manufacturing Israeli designed weapons during Apartheid and assisted Israel with testing NUCLEAR weapons in the Indian Ocean. Google the VELA incident! Apartheid is a controlling, liberty destroying, divide and conquer strategy of the the Rothschilds, who control Britain. Britain is communist. Soviet Union was their ally in WW2.
  12. Please take down this article and put it in the trash can where it belongs, this is worse than what you will see on Fox News, is this the so-called free press.
  13. This is a shameful, disgraceful, and utterly misguided piece of article and the author doesn’t even hide his racist attitude towards the African people. Your true colors have been exposed and I can only say it’s a disgrace that this piece of article is appearing in a so called “American Free Press.”
  14. God bless Nelson Mandela and Winnie and every other black man or woman who fought for and gave their lives to liberate South Africa. We need to liberate all of Africa. Send those white colonial evil people back to their own lands which they have managed to corrupt and destroy which is the main reason they go around the planet destroying paradise wherever they find it!
  15. Dear Jeff:

    You probably don’t deserve a response, or even restraint from the commenter, so here is more than you deserve on both counts:

    The white man cultivated the land. The Free State is not the best land my friend! It’s nearly desert but yet the white man supplies your people with their favorite source of nutrition, maize! On the other hand the Transkei and Ciskei WAS the best land and in spite of the best training efforts by the knowledgeable white man through the CNDC/TNDCs of the time, the black man utterly destroyed these fertile lands the moment they took control.

    Your statement on killing is totally devoid of ANY truth. The killing started the moment the ANC was unbanned, and rapidly increased! The overwhelmingly black South African police kill over 600 people in custody every year! Over the full 30 years of Apartheid the total figure was less than 80! Under YOUR government the risk of a white farmer being shot in South Africa is far greater than that of a soldier in Iraq! I ask you: who is killing whom?

  16. Dear CPN:

    Thankfully I must admit that I see fewer and fewer people with your liberal bias. I’m guessing it is because generally liberals don’t learn from the experience of others, but have to experience first hand. It’s also not if any more, but rather when. BTW dare I say I’m also a white South African male.

    I also cannot verify/disprove the figures provided, but surely even you must be aware of the massive decline this country has experienced under ANC misrule!

    It was no secret that under international pressure Nelson Mandela was publicly and repeatedly offered release by the NP-government of the day, on the condition that he renounce violence. He refused up to the day of his release. On that very day he proved his point by triumphantly reuniting with the worst female serial killer this country has ever seen, his wife Winnie Mandela! Her incitement to necklacing brutally tortured hundreds of people to death. Her very words were “we will liberate this country with the necklace.”

  17. As a white South African, I would have to call out this grossly inaccurate statement: “Contrary to popular belief, the vast majority of blacks in South Africa aren’t natives, but came by the millions from neighboring countries only after the white Boers created a country with a thriving economy, education opportunities and medical benefits.”

    Along with “Unemployment went from 5% in 1994 to 50% today.”

    Please provide references, or correct your article.

    I have not come to fully understand what forces were acting on South Africa, but we can’t take liberties with the truth.

  18. Nice situations create nice guys. With tough time, George Washington could have wound up as a Capo in a death camp.
  19. Jeff:

    When the whites were running South Africa the murder and the rest of the crime was a lot lower than it is now. Now we have high rates of black on white crime and an increase of the existing black on black crime. White on black violent crime was never an issue back then or now. Also, back then South Africa’s economy was in the top 5 in world. Now with the Blacks running the show it has been reduced to a 3rd world nation the same with the rest of the African countries that are run by blacks. The majority of people are surviving on below poverty level incomes. The reason that the previous white regime practiced the apartheid policy of keeping blacks separated from whites was because whenever blacks were to interact with whites, whites became victims of the black criminal savages. You should have read the article before you said “Everywhere the white man has gone he has killed and oppressed.”

  20. Peace time, really? After the white man killed all the natives, oppressed the black man, took the best lands, now you want peace? What Nelson Mandela did was what needed to be done. Whites belong in Europe. Everywhere the white man has gone he has killed and oppressed.
  21. Current stats in the happy rainbow nation:

    1 in 5 youth attempts suicide
    Age 10-19 group are one of the highest risk groups for suicide
    38.3% felt so hopeless they needed to see a doctor
    29.1% had attempted suicide that needed medical treatment
    9.5% of all non-natural teen deaths are due to suicide

    This, combined with:

    1) the R240 million private residence built (with tax money) for the current president at a time where it has the 3rd worst youth unemployment in the world. Currently a $305m jet is also being negotiated with Boeing.

    2) Rolling power outages that will continue for the far foreseen future and is costing the economy billion (caused by past 20 years of corruption/negligence/non-maintenance)

    3) 40% of the population live on less than $49 (£31) a month – used to be a first world country

    4) The imminent eventuality of South Africa’s international credit rating falling to junk (real term) status (review again this month)

    5) National dept is currently above 50% of GDP – after all the international funds pumped into South Africa for more than 20 years it is still worse of than it was at the height of the international sanctions – most citizens blame extreme corruption and negligence

    The most crazy fact about South African politics is that it is actually based on a system of free t-shirts and promises that if individuals do not vote for the ruling party then their state benefits will be revoked. Additionally it is widely told that:

    1) if the ruling party does not win the election then “apartheid” will be reinstated
    2) That the government is receiving the help of the “tokkelossies” and that these mythical creatures sit in the voting boxes to spy on who you vote for, and if you do not vote for the ruling party then a death curse is placed on you

  22. Dan:

    George Washington had a lot of Indians killed. He did it in self defense. Mainstream history left out that fact. Shouldn’t go around accepting everything the mainstream puts out there.

  23. Pete:

    George Washington killed a lot of Indians for their land. One general in particular was Mad Andy who secured the Ohio territory for him. He terrorized West Virginians who did not want to pay taxes after the independence. In fact, taxes went up after independence.

    I do not dislike George, but the good guy image is bull. He was a man that accomplished a great deal of things, but many innocents were hurt or killed along the way.


    You should also then bow down to Pol Pot and Josef Stalin and learn from them, or if you prefer, Idi Amin and Robert Mugabe. Anyway, “hate” is an emotion. The “devil” is a mythological construct. Mandela’s history, as written in the article, is documented FACT.

  25. Dan:

    I don’t think you are comparing apples to apples here. George Washington killed enemy soldiers during a war. Mandela killed innocent civilians during peacetime. Can you see the difference?

  26. Terrorist, let me see. George Washington, Kit Carson, Sam Houston, Washington’s Ohio Valley general MAD Andy, Armstrong Custer the Pilgrims and the list can go on and on. They all had agendas to take something and some people believed in the idea put their leader on a pedestal and called him a hero that did the right thing. There is no way you can point at one and ignore all the others. You would end up writing enough reports to fill a library.
  28. I am a white South African lived there during the transition period where the country nearly descended into civil war. I can almost surely say if Nelson Mandela did not restore the situation, it would of developed into a full civil war not only between black and white but also between the Zulu and Xhosa. Thousand more would have lost their lives.

    But there is certainly now within SA a revenge elements against the white people.

  29. For those who don’t understand the connection:

    Where would Mandela be without the support of the International Communist Jews and the International Capitalist Jews, both of whom gave him financing, armaments and good press?

  30. This is another example how how the Jews never, ever benefit the people around whom they are allowed to live. The Jews do not Evolve Mankind, they only Devolve Mankind. Why is this? Because as a pathological, inbred, cultural infection, the Jews are never, ever better than the people among whom they are parasites. So, in order to become “kings of the earth,” they do not make themselves better. They make the people and cultures around them worse through warfare, disease, starvation, poverty and racial mixing.

    The pattern is repeated wherever Jews are allowed to live.

  31. This is so true. Us blacks had better medical treatment in the apartheid years than we have now. Education is poor. Service delivery, water and electricity is failing. Corruption is rife.

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