New OKC Bombing Video Ignites Bitter Controversy

By Victor Thorn

The release of a new documentary on the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Building in Oklahoma City entitled A Noble Lie has brought with it a renewed examination of who was behind the attack that killed 168 innocent men, women and children on April 19, 1995. Did a criminal cabal within the United States government plan, coordinate and execute this tragic event? Or was it merely a “sting” operation “gone bad”?

In A Noble Lie, Charles Key, an Oklahoma state representative and founding member of the Oklahoma Bombing Investigative Committee (OKBIC), called this devastating act “a sting operation that went wrong, and the effort to cover it up was because they weren’t able to stop it.”

By using the word “they,” does Key imply that our government couldn’t have prevented this bombing and that it “just happened”?

Key chooses his words carefully: “Some in the media would accuse us [OKBIC] of saying the government blew the building up, which we never said, and I don’t believe.”

But there are many who have studied this tragic event and disagree with Key that this was a “whoops” on the part of the government.

After viewing Key’s comments, Hoppy Heidelberg issued a written statement, disavowing his participation in the film.

“I was never told that there would be people on the film touting the government’s story that it was a ‘sting gone bad,’” wrote Heidelberg. “If I had known, I would never have allowed my name, face and reputation to assist in the acceleration of that lie.”

Readers may remember Heidelberg as the courageous individual who was kicked off a grand jury because he wanted to subpoena witnesses and view the Alfred P. Murrah videotapes.

During a January 17 interview, this writer asked Heidelberg about Key’s statements.

“He knows better, so he’s either lying, or he doesn’t have the courage to tell the truth,” said Heidelberg. “Or, he’s promoting the ‘sting gone bad’ theory.”

Six days earlier, Heidelberg provided insights into how the truth can be neutralized. “This documentary is a limited hangout,” he said. “The government itself isn’t pushing it, but they get so called insiders [in the patriot movement] to do it for them. It’s very difficult to find somebody with the courage to tell the truth and not push it off into a gray area. If someone’s not telling the complete truth, then it’s a lie.”

On January 13, this reporter contacted Craig Roberts, a former veteran member of the Tulsa Police Department and author of numerous books, including The Medusa File. When offered Key’s comments about the OKC bombing being a “sting gone bad,” Roberts said: “That’s a pretty dangerous sting. People saying this have never been in law enforcement. That bell just doesn’t ring true to me.”

For this article, a dozen individuals were approached for interviews, all of whom have extensively researched the OKC bombing. Only Key formally declined to answer questions.



Arousing even deeper suspicions is Key’s association with former Representative Bob Barr (R-Ga.). In 2005, Wing TV, a website created by this writer and Lisa Guliani, worked in unison with A Noble Lie co-producer Chris Emery to organize a 10th anniversary OKC Day of Truth conference.

However, less than two weeks before this event, Emery said Key had invited Barr to be the keynote speaker. This troublesome move immediately  triggered red flags because the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) had employed Barr for seven years from 1970 to 1977.

To make matters worse, Emery informed us that Key told him to remove every reference to Wing TV from all promotional flyers. When asked why, Emery told the organizers that Key said Barr was uncomfortable with Wing TV because “they’re critical of Israel.”

Wing TV’s website was invaluable, because we had posted numerous firsthand interviews we had done with eyewitnesses, survivors and OKC researchers, along with expert testimony including a conversation with explosives expert Brigadier General Ben Partin. Barr’s demands left the organizers wondering who would want this information erased from the flyer other than someone who had been in the CIA’s employ.

During his speech at the 10th anniversary truth conference, Barr denied any government involvement in the Murrah Building bombing. Then, during a question and answer session, Heidelberg, Guliani and this writer—in three separate questions—presented direct evidence that refuted the government’s official story. Still, Barr continued to reinforce the government’s position, saying they had no involvement in the OKC bombing or 9-11.

In his written statement mentioned earlier in this report, Heidelberg referenced this seminar.

“After Barr’s address, I asked him face to face if he understood that the government blew up the building,” wrote Heidelberg. “He told me the government was not responsible, and used the exact same words that [Key] used in his Noble Lie interview.”

John Kaminski, another well-known researcher, also weighed in on this subject.

Kaminski, who was originally scheduled to speak at the OKC 10th anniversary conference, told this writer during a January 17 interview: “Bob Barr is a neoconservative. When I heard he was going to be there, I nearly vomited. He’s one of the reasons why I pulled out. By bringing him in, it sent a signal that those who thought this conference may be a problem were assured that it wouldn’t be a problem.”

At the 10th anniversary speaker’s forum, this writer directly asked Barr why he wanted Wing TV removed from the flyers. Barr denied knowing about it. In this light, if he was telling the truth, then Key was solely responsible for the move. Or, if he lied, then he and Key were working jointly to prevent those in attendance from accessing this crucial information.

Dale Phillips, another OKBIC founding member, said in A Noble Lie that their group was formed to “get the truth.”

The question remains: Why would Key invite a man employed by the CIA for seven years to be the keynote speaker, especially since Barr repeatedly reinforced the government’s position that Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols were the sole, “nut” bombers?

Victor Thorn

Victor Thorn is a hard-hitting researcher, journalist and author of over 50 books.