In Memoriam: Michael Collins Piper 1960 – 2015

It is with a heavy heart that we report on May 30 renowned author, correspondent, world traveler and friend Michael Collins Piper passed away, the victim of an apparent heart attack. For the past few months, Mike had been living in Idaho following recent serious health issues he had been suffering.

While details remain sketchy at the moment, we have been told that the coroner has ruled that Mike’s death was due to natural causes and that there was no foul play involved. His family is planning a small funeral service, but it is our understanding that supporters are planning an event to honor his legacy. We will report those details in an upcoming issue when finalized.


Mike was instrumental in founding AMERICAN FREE PRESS in August 2001, dedicating his life to, among other things, writing books and articles that exposed the machinations of powerful Zionist forces, like The HIGH PRIESTS of WAR, The NEW JERUSALEM: Zionist Power in America, The NEW BABYLON: Those Who Reign Supreme, The JUDAS GOATS: The Enemy Within, and SHARE the WEALTH: Huey Long vs. Wall Street.

(These books are all we have remaining and are limited in quantity and will not be replenished as of now.)

In the waning days of LIBERTY LOBBY, Mike’s wonderful sense of humor kept everyone’s spirits high, even in the midst of those black days. He was also a writer of short comic skits that lampooned top political figures and ridiculed the mainstream line on historical events.

He never backed away from facing off with those he saw as liars and shills, no matter how powerful they were, even confronting Henry Kissinger as he came out of the Library of Congress across from the old Liberty Building on Capitol Hill.

The loss of Mike is truly a tragedy for the patriot movement. He will be missed by his friends on the AFP staff as well as his many loyal supporters.

Michael’s family has requested that instead of sending flowers, please send donations to the Juniata County Library, 498 Jefferson Street, Mifflintown, PA 17059, where Michael always went.

Rest in peace, Mike.

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  1. A year has passed since we lost you but you’ll always be with us. We have planted cherry trees in his memory.

    Piper family

  2. I am so far out of it that I just found out that Micheal had died. He was a voice of sanity, especially when presenting the facts and his research on the USS Liberty which was my first experience of Micheal and his other work a long time ago. We have lost a voice of clarity and a strident and strong ally in our struggle. Someone needs to continue his work but filling his shoes won’t be easy.
  3. JFK demise revolves around LBJ with AIPAC cohorts as played out with the cover up of USS Liberty and the cementing of U.S. and Israel relations all during this same period. USA has been hijacked by this religious minority. I’m shocked to hear of Mike’s passing, but he was on the ball.
  4. Book Regicide has CIA file on how they killed JFK. Author maybe Gregory T Douglas. My books in cartons due to construction so not sure. Amazon has book for a few dollars.
  5. In Los Angeles I was in a small Young Republican group with Michael Collins which is his real name. I told him who really killed JFK. He said I am glad someone found out. JFK was outed by our Kremlin spy who reported someone was giving secret info to Kremlin. CIA prepared 12 different daily briefing papers and tapped RFK phone and in Feb 1963 heard a Russian spy repeating word for word what was in JFK’s briefing paper so decided JFK had to be murdered as a trial would reveal all our secrets. Jesus Angleton hired Sam Giancana to get 4 killers from Marseille who were picked up in Montreal and driven to Dallas by Jack Ruby. Lucien Sarti behind picket fence finished off JFK and fled by bus to Mexico City where in 1972 was killed in a drug raid by police. Key players in killing JFK were CIA, J Edgar Hoover, Joint Chiefs, LBJ, Nixon, GHW Bush, Clint Murchison. Other 3 Marseille killers were flown to a Maryland CIA safe house and killed and chopped up by Israeli Mossad Baumann and placed in crab pots who ate their flesh. WaPo and NY Times promised CIA they will never reveal details. CIA pays 100 journalists monthly to debunk anyone who finds out the truth.
  6. Dear Mike,

    I want to thank you for your courage and effort in writing Final Judgment and your other books. I and a lot of other people were in the dark until we read your books. It is a great loss not to have you with at this time; a loss of a great mind still young at age 54. Seeing “the other side of the news” is truly a liberating experience. You held on to a story until the truth manifested itself, then you shared that truth with the rest of us. I feel a sense of loss in losing you on a par with losing President Kennedy in l963 when I was barely 20 years old. We were supposed to have President Kennedy for many years too.

    God bless you; you will be sorely missed!

    Chad O’Connor

  7. I will miss Michael Collins Piper; he was an inspiration to me. His book Final Judgment was prophetic. He solved the Kennedy assassination in effect. More importantly, we were told afterwards, Oswald did it alone, case closed, and then the Warren Commission.

    My nephew, Leonard Snyder, Jr. was murdered on Sept. 11th, 2001. Following that great crime, we were told Osama bin Laden did it, case closed, and then later the 9/11 Commission Report.

    Sadly, both events as outlined by our government and media, are as phony as a $3 dollar bill! MCP’s writings woke up many Americans, but not enough. Most people remain in darkness and ignorance with respect to 9/11.

    Will the U.S. be a great nation again? Donald Trump can’t do it!

    If you have not done so, please read Mark Gaffney’s book Black 9/11, Money, Motive, and Technology. He outlines the extraordinary monetary thefts and crimes that occurred on 9/11. Wow! Wake up America, and do pray (God is not blessing our country’s war crimes throughout the world).



    Largo, Fla.

  8. When I learned of Mike’s death, I felt it, like I had lost a friend, even though we never met. At least I had the satisfaction of telling him, while he was a guest on a talk show, of my admiration for his work, both his writing and his broadcasting, in such a way that he knew that my appreciation was sincere and came from the heart, and he responded in kind. I wish I had been able to help him out when things got rough, and I thank all those who were able to.

    Mike is gone, but he left us plenty to remember him by, and for that, we can all be grateful.

  9. Mike Piper will never die folks…his courage and determination is carried on by us every day, as we live and give the world the knowledge that Mike passed to us…lets take back our country…who is ready….his voice is squelched but mine is not and neither is yours…let’s all be Mike Pipers and tell it like it is to every one you know…we only have a voice that will be heard when we speak in mass unity…once again…who is ready?
  10. I was a charter supporter of The Spotlight and am a charter subscriber to American Free Press. It is the best source of information about the Middle East and generally an excellent source of information about almost everything else.

    Less than a month before his death I received a letter from Michael Collins Piper regarding his unfortunate health problems and the fact that he was no longer employed by American Free Press. He also made serious allegations regarding Mr. Carto and his wife. I sent him a small donation.

    I respect Mr. Piper and Mr. Carto very highly and it is very important for the patriot movement, especially during this time of chaos and loss of liberty, that we should hear Mr. Carto’s side of this conflict.

  11. Mrs. Carto:


    WHY WAS MCP SQUELCHED, DRIVEN OUT, UNDERMINED at AFP Ms. Carto? It seems you have the answers, but choose to remain hidden, behind the Curtain…?

    Please come out from behind the Curtain and Explain…?????

  12. I could not describe my sadness when I heard the news. I did the least thing I could do…I prayed for him. I wish he is in paradise now, a better place than this nasty world.
  13. The Piper family would like to thank all of you for the kindness shown too are family. Mike’s death was quite a shock and we are finding out who his true friends are! God bless.
  14. Mr. Piper will be (and already is) sorely missed. Thanks Michael, for your monumental contributions and for opening the eyes and informing so many of us, especially in exposing the Zionist mafia (our so-called “only friends and ally in the Middle East”) who were responsible for assassinating our President John F. Kennedy.
  15. Michael Collins Piper was a great fellow. True patriot. He had given all his life to writing and talking about Jewish Zionism and supported AFP and Carto so much on his radio show, but AFP let him down badly in his last days, and treated its most important contributor like an old toy it didn’t need anymore. That was wrong. Really not good.
  16. Sorry, forgot to add to my previous statement about receiving an answer to questions posed here;

    …..those responsible and in the know do not deal with the online operation of AFP.

  17. Barb, to my knowledge you are the only one who has received such a letter. I think and I am merely speculating, he wanted that information released so he sent it to trusted individual(s). I suggest posting that letter everywhere you can.

    The AFP will not respond to any questions posed here since those responsible for the MCP fiasco that undoubtedly had a negative effect on his health.

    It’s safe to say that prior to his departure from AFP, MCP was quite comfortable with his then current living and employment conditions. Stress as many of know, or should know, can lead to the deterioration on a person’s health.

  18. AFP, give us your reasons for firing Piper. We are only getting Mike Piper’s side of the story.
  19. Am I the only one receiving a four-page letter postmarked 07 May 2015 Spokane stamp from MCP? Spells out Mrs. Carto/MCP feud in detail. MCP gave address as a PO Box (XX), Careywood Idaho.

    Sad news.

  20. In case people are interested, Piper telling his side of why he was evicted from AFP.

    “Jews have never done to me what Elisabeth Carto has done to me. She is the worst enemy I’ve ever had in my life.”

    I don’t know who did the recording and didn’t find any other information than sheckyrubenstein writing in Mami’s chat:

    Somebody who was there when Michael Collins Piper was fired released audio of him explaining it directly after (09/04/2014) “This was recorded on 09/04/2014, the day when Mike was evicted from AFP office in downtown. It happened that I was there when this happened and this is why I recorded. The rest of the recording is irrelevant to the issue. By posting this I don’t try to denigrate anybody and if Mike would not die, this would be kept private. But I believe in truth, and the truth is sometimes painful.”

    Still no comments from AFP? I was thinking of ordering some of MCP’s books but not sure if I want to order anything from AFP.

  21. I’d like to also have answers to those questions Chuck has made.

    OK, MCP had health problems, but according to what I’ve heard, instead of supporting him, you practically forced him to leave by limiting his articles and decreasing his salary. If that is true, the persons responsible for this should feel ashamed.

    In his most recent podcasts he understandably felt betrayed and didn’t have very warm thoughts about AFP and now you are acting like nothing happened. Surely you needed to make some savings and I’m not wishing anything bad for AFP. But letting down one of your best writers shouldn’t have been the way to go, whatever problems he may have had.

    Maybe his health problems had still been too much for him eventually, but wouldn’t he have deserved a little more support from AFP since he dedicated most of his life for this and was one of the best writers there ever was and will be?

    I didn’t agree with him on everything, but I had huge respect for MCP. One thing I really liked was his “‘sticking with the facts’ before jumping to baseless conclusions,” as Mark Glenn has written. That is one very important thing more people should learn to do.

    Yet, without any facts, people are already speculating he was murdered, even if his close friend Mark Glenn has stated that it’s not likely. I can understand some people are stunned and need to have someone to blame.

    But for people like Gordon Duff, this seems to be just another conspiracy theory with no facts, to entertain his readers. I find that quite disrespectful. As if they hadn’t learned anything Mike was trying to accomplish.

  22. In 1979 I inherited a “Spotlight” subscription from my deceased father. I renewed it each year until the paper was silenced under rather strange circumstances. I was also one of the first to subscribe to “AFP.” Along the way there were many superb articles on all the pertinent subjects of the day, written by great writers and researchers. Michael Collins Piper was one of those. I have probably seen most all his articles and have read some of his books. Needless to say, he had an uncanny ability to put things in perspective and had a research library second to none. I never had a chance to meet or talk to him, but can honestly say he contributed a lot to my understanding and education. He will he be royally missed, but his material will live on.

    Thanks Michael, and Rest in Peace!

  23. Mike responded to my meager contribution with a letter, including a hand-written note thanking me for my kind letter and donation and saying “God bless you!” A P.S. added “I went to a year of law school. Maybe I should have stuck with it!” That was clearly with humor more than bitterness. He says he was hoping, somehow, to continue with his work—the letter postmarked May 26. “…just one more strike against me in this life of mine that has become a virtual ‘Twilight Zone.'”

    Let it be remembered that Michael Collins Piper, age 55, [Ed. 54] was not at the end of his work, remarkable as it is, but should be seen as the fearless leader who in death may symbolize a force with which to stand against the growing slavery of all mankind in the service of Zionism. This includes the Jewish people who are in effect its most helpless victims.

  24. Some Questions of AFP…???

    In my humble estimation, MCP was AFP’s Best, Most Insightful Writer, Fearless, Bravest Investigative Journalist. So, AFP mentions that it is with Heavy Heart that you, AFP, report that MCP, a friend, has passed away. If MCP is a Friend of AFP, and if it is with a Heavy Heart that you Post this Memorian for MCP, then I have a few Questions seeking AFP Soul Searching Answers…?????

    Why did MCP leave AFP, and seem to have his Articles, Books no longer Published at AFP if he was a Friend, and if you had a Heavy Heart?

    Why are ALL of his Books NOT AVAILABLE for purchase on AFP’s Book store? Why?

    Why has AFP NOT PUBLISHED Edition 7 of MCP’s Final Judgment? Why? WILL AFP now Publish and PROMOTE Edition 7 of FJ…?

    Why have ALL of MCP’s articles and books during the past year or so NOT been published, strongly promoted on AFP?

    Why did MCP start writing articles for other Web Sites, rather than AFP?

    Why doesn’t AFP Task ALL of your Investigative Reporters to write a Front Page Investigative Answer to ALL of these Questions, and Others that have yet to be asked…?

    Responses welcome…??

  25. I can’t believe. As an Iranian I can’t believe. Again another victim for telling the truth to AMERICA whom he loved much and much than anything else. All my efforts to avoid tears coming down my eyes go in vain. The power-not-be! always have many satanic and atrocious ways to get rid of influential people. I’ve read his books: The New Babylon and FINAL JUDGMENT. These two books are the-MUST-have in every library of my friends in United States and people in all over the world. He hoped once in near future all Americans wake up to reality and I pray his free and truly truth-seeker soul rest in peace and his precious memory never be forgotten.

    History will not forget a true man.

  26. How about for a committee of honest NAGs [Normal, Alias “Gentile”] to form so as to send an open message to President Xi Jinping asking for the help of one or more of his forensic pathologists to review the cases of MCP, Muhammad Ali, Bob Marley and Paul Robeson (others might be added to the list, e.g, Jack Ruby, Frank Zappa, George Carlin)?

    Our hypothetical “we” could say something like: “Dear Sir and People of China and of the world: PBAT [“Please Be Advised That”] we here in the USA live under a Jewish tyranny which has rotted our society to the marrow, as the recent frenzied reception of the brazen mass murderer Bibi Netanyahu by the Lesser Knesset of D.C. (formerly called “Congress”) vividly illustrates. We Americans know that both for our own sake and for our whole human race we must correct this dire situation. Somewhat indeed like patriots around Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai and Chu Teh began to act in China in 1922. In the meantime, however, it might help our inchoate effort here to enjoy competent international assistance in analyzing in particular the recent curious death of our greatest historian, the man who finally solved the mystery of the 1963 Jack Whack.

    Hence this, our humble petition to you, Sir.

    Are all of us really so many frogs at the bottoms of our separate wells, gazing up at our various tiny blue circles of Heaven? From my humble abode here in San Francisco, California I suspect that JAPE [Jew American Planetary Empire] specialists in bioweaponry may have hit MCP with some drugs to mess with his mind. At the same time, SOP for such plotters would be to have an agent also “on the other side”, i.e, in the group dealing with MCP, to aggravate the victim’s induced misbehavior. We can see this pattern in COINTELPRO black ops and in the Clintons’ cook-up of the diversion of the Bosnian War, among other historical episodes.

    “Rise like lions after slumber, in unvanquishable number!”

  27. Woulda, coulda, shoulda.

    I am not privy to the details of Mike’s separation from the American Free Press. There are clearly 18 sides to every story. However, I do wish that separation never took place. I do wish Mike was still living on Capitol Hill with the Hound of the Baskervilles. I suspect his relocation to safety and loving care in the embrace of true friends still took its toll on his already fragile health.

    Why is it that disputes that seem so monumental at one moment are truly insignificant and unnecessary when real issues come to the forefront?

    Mike was a hero.

    I just hope everyone final sees it.

  28. He was truly fearless in speaking the truth and he had an amazing breadth of knowledge. Final Judgment is the finest and most complete book about the Kennedy assassination. May he rest in peace.
  29. Mike will certainly be missed. I read most if not all of his books and it was an education nowhere found in the government-run education system. A great patriot he was!
  30. Mossad probably used scalar weapons on him. It is so easy to induce a heart attack, but a skilled doctor can detect that.
  31. When I first read Final Judgment it was like a religious experience. I had never understood the assassination until I read Final Judgment. Michael Collins Piper is a great American. I put with my other heroes like JFK, Jim Traficant, Andrew Jackson, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, John Adams, and Bill Still, who wrote The Money Masters. Of course there are others; these are some of the big ones off the top of my head.
  32. I read Final Judgment By Michael Collins Piper (RIP) twice cover-to-cover the last 12 years. I have 2 copies of the 6th edition, and what makes the 6th edition very special is that he added an index to the book and even to this day there are many names in the index that are very relevant in today’s politics…for instance on page 635 he writes about Mordechai Vanuna.

    Also, you can download this book (6th edition) and a couple of other books that he has written on pirate bay and don’t forget to use the inter library loan request at your local Library to request MCP books for those who do not like getting played by the Jewish-controlled media.

    The blueprint for their plan was leaked in 1905 and it is called The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. I want to mention one other book that I think is a must read and that is The Bad War by M.S. King.

    Thanks Ry for updating MCP passing. May he RIP and I have no doubt that he gets a pass on Purgatory unlike myself.

    Peace pw

  33. Near the beginning of the AFP Hour radio show of 120111 on RBN, Mike says that he has already completed the 7th edition of Final Judgment and it was ready to go to the printers.

    I wonder what ever happened to that 7th edition.

  34. Michael Collins Piper deserves to be remembered as the greatest historian, at least in English, of the last 100 years. He earned this high honor by solving the Jack Whack in 1994 with the publication of FINAL JUDGMENT. His masterstroke was connecting the dots between Dimona in the Spring and Dealey Plaza in the Fall. That vector drew the bull’s eye around David Ben Gurion. Based on my own long-term analysis of American politics, I was able to add the name of the aged Bernard Baruch, the “Second King of the Jews,” as senior partner in the very smooth plotting.

    Four years after the Big Hit, the hugest Jew coup d’etat of all time, then the Jew’s successful attack with impunity on the USS LIBERTY served notice on the “white shoes” of Wall Street and their brass hat cousins at the Pentagon as to who was now running the show in the USA.

    The fatal Q: Obviously the Jews had MMO to assassinate MCP. If they did so, then obviously ’twas a prolonged and rather discreet process. Now’s a good time to reread TRUE EVIL [2006] by Greg Iles.

  35. I’m so sorry to hear of Mike’s passing. He was a devoted truth-teller, and I learned a great deal from his books and radio show. In fact, it was his book The High Priests of War that woke me up to the cabal ruling over us. He was a true patriot and will be greatly missed.
  36. Don’t omit his most important book, FINAL JUDGMENT, about the death of JFK, in which he draws a distinction between the familiar Italian Mafia (Giancana, Marcello, Trafficante) and the Jewish Crime Syndicate (headed by Meyer Lansky, which was close to James Jesus Angleton, the counter-intelligence icon of the CIA). His book makes a very significant contribution to understanding the assassination and opened my eyes to the role of Israel, which appears to have been primarily as a sponsor of the assassination but in fact may have gone further. This is an area of JFK research that deserves further investigation. May he RIP.
  37. He was way too young to go. What a shame! His JFK books were my favorites and eye openers, too. Truly a sad piece of news. I wish I had known about his health issues. He will be missed, but he will be remembered for his outstanding work. His other books are good, too. I got one and my father has two others. My best wishes to M. Piper, his family and all AFP. A loss for all of us.
  38. I knew Michael since we were young, Junior High age. Michael sent me all of his books, autographed to “Bessie my first editor.” He did have health issues for the past few years and will be dearly missed.
  39. It would be interesting to know if Mike had a history of heart problems. If they can off presidents, they can off anyone.
  40. Michael Collins Piper was one of the most influential writers, radio hosts, and historians in my own personal “wake up” to reality, so to speak. I have read almost all of his books and have followed his work for many years now.

    He was a true patriot and hero.

    RIP Mike.

  41. Another victim of the Gov. ‘Heart Attack Machine’ I am guessing. Like Breitbart, George Carlin, etc. No way am I believing this was anything but an assassination.

    The Jew Rat Bas***ds got another one.

  42. This is sad news. Mike was a great writer and good person. He will be greatly missed.

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