U.S. Military Whistleblower Details U.S. Ties to Terrorism

Scott Bennett whistleblower

What happens when a U.S. Army Special Ops officer learns his government is involved in financing terrorists and tries to blow the whistle? He’s sent to prison, where he writes a book and smuggles it out so the public will know what its government is up to. 

By Dave Gahary

In 2011, Scott Bennett was a second lieutenant U.S. Army special operations officer and psychological warfare analyst and worked in the highest levels of counterterrorism, intelligence, and politics in the State Department’s counterterrorism office to catch the bad guys.

When he uncovered that members of his own government were the bad guys, and were financing terrorists, he tried to blow the whistle. Hounded, persecuted, and eventually imprisoned for two years on trumped-up charges, Bennett wrote a book behind bars and smuggled it out of prison. Shell Game: A Military Whistleblowing Report exposes the betrayal and cover-up by the U.S. government and other elements, like the Clinton Foundation, Swiss banks, Saudi Arabia, and over 100 of our own representatives and senators.

Now Bennett is taking what he knows and traveling abroad, most recently to the No. 1 country in the sights of the Zionist war machine: Iran.

AFP’s Dave Gahary talks with U.S. Army special ops whistleblower Scott Bennett about his experience and his book, Shell Game: A Whistleblowing Report.

Bennett sat down with this newspaper to discuss his background and his time at the New Horizon Conference in Tehran last month. He joined 26 others in the ancient Persian city, including AFP columnist Philip Giraldi, formerly with the CIA, F. Michael Maloof, a veteran Pentagon employee stripped of his security clearance because of his success in finding the links between Saddam Hussein and al Qaeda (none), former State Department employees Peter Van Buren and J. Michael Springmann, and AFP columnist Kevin Barrett.

Shell Game is my experience in my report about the massive corruption that was going on,” he explained. “[That corruption] has led to one of the greatest crimes against the American people, specifically the financing and funding of terrorism, these Wahhabi Saudi Arabian terrorists, while lying to the American people and claiming that we’re fighting ISIS, when we’re not.

He continued: “We’re financing them, we’re equipping them, we’re aiding them, we’re training them. We’re giving them visas to come over from Libya to be trained in CIA operations at Fort Bragg. We’re then deploying them back into places like Syria and Libya and Afghanistan.”

Before they locked him up, Bennett submitted his report to the entire Congress. He shared what response he got.

“Not a single one did anything,” he told this newspaper. “Rand Paul was the only person to write me back, twice. He didn’t really do anything significant, but he did write me back acknowledging it. Everyone else ran away from it like a dog with its tail between its legs.”

Bennett walked away from the conference with a greater understanding of his hosts.

“I came away with the understanding this is a wonderful country [and] a wonderful people, and we are completely ignorant of this fact,” he said. “The deep state, intelligence, Zionist operations that have put Iran as the enemy of America, they’re the liars to the American people.”

He added: “The Iranian people are a very peaceful, pleasant people. They are nothing like what the media portrays them as. They are not warmongers, they’re not savages, they’re not violent, they are not chanting ‘Death to America,’ and they don’t hate Americans. All of that is propaganda.”

Dave Gahary, a former submariner in the U.S. Navy, prevailed in a suit brought by the New York Stock Exchange in an attempt to silence him. Dave is the producer of an upcoming film about the attack on the USS Liberty. See the website erasingtheliberty.com for more information.

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  1. What about the government of Iran? aN iRANIAN GOING TO A CONFERENCE IN THE Usa WOULD PROBABLY HAVE NICE THINGS TO SAY ABOUT THE PEOPLE OF aMERICA.That does not mean I have a government I am not ashamed of.

  2. Not that much has changed since ‘Nam. Of course, back then the “war on drugs” was all the rage. The names and even the places may change, but the policies, tactics, and goals are still the same. Keep a bunch of crap stirred up somewhere so the money keeps rolling into the “military industrial complex”.

  3. The corruption and tyranny runs so deep, only another 1776 will rout out these American terrorists whose loyalty is to Israel and Wall Street.

  4. As a vet, I don’t understand how anyone in the military can even claim not to know this is all true. That is why I served my four years and got out. The US supports both sides of a conflict to justify intervention and expanding state power. We did it in WW2 where we first financed Hitler and then financed Stalin.
    The US needs a new threat since the fall of the Berlin Wall. Both parties are fully complicit. How can that even be controversial to any honest person?
    I remember reading up on the British Empire and found that we actually inherited the policy of arming both sides from the British. They have been doing it since at least the War of Spanish Succession, perhaps earlier. I stumbled upon a work by the British agent John Campbell called “The Present State of Europe” where he openly outlines the British policy of keeping the continent divided and at war so that British commerce would dominate. He talks about how Britain would support the “right” to self-determination of any group that helped erode the power of Britain’s competitors. Its not a major leap to see that a few hundred years later the US is supporting insurgents and fighters who erode any united government in regions it wants to maintain a presence in.

  5. All those people in the military who HAVE TO KNOW this by now are NOT heroes after all, but willing accomplices in major war crimes against the world! We need many more like this brave man to come forward and testify as to the USA’s total corruption in prosecuting a false narrative in the phony “war on terror”.

  6. out of control. no way back?
    except a do over.they have their own money and agenda.

  7. We all love the truth when it supports “our” truth. When it doesn’t, it’s still the TRUTH….Long live the truth! People suffer when their government doesn’t trust them enough to tell the truth…..i.e. Kennedy assignation……MLK assignation….flight 800….9-11 and on and on……

  8. Yes, without a doubt true.

    But also terribly naive.

    The activities of America’s government and its security agencies in this regard have been clear for many years.

  9. I tell my kids if you want to know a good company from a mediocre one, watch how they respond when something goes wrong. The US federal government is officially one of the largest companies on the planet, and they absolutely suck at customer service. Anyone still working in Washington is part of the problem. Don’t expect any white knight to ride out from among those corrupt jokers.

  10. Been pointing out the US military IS GUILTY OF TREASON – for years, but I was scorned and ridiculed for “being a terrorist”.

    “No. The US government and US military (taking orders from our owner, Israel) IS AIDING AND ABETTING.

    Not that anyone cares nor will anything ever come of it, however…..

  11. Too bad he’s dealing with “the most misled, misdirected, and therefore the most gullible people on the face of the planet” ~ Alan Hart

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