Will Tribalism Trump Democracy?

July 31, 2018 AFP Editor 0

The issue of our age, writes Buchanan, is the “struggle between the claims of tribe, ethnicity, peoples, and nations, against the commands of liberal democracy.” Is America “a unique people with our own history, heroes, […]

Trump’s Victories Cannot Be Denied

July 31, 2018 AFP Editor 0

American Free Press Issue 31&32 has been sent to the printer, and digital subscribers can read the issue online now. (Log in here if you’re a subscriber; click here to view options if you’re not yet […]

Did Tariffs Make America Great?

July 28, 2018 AFP Editor 0

Pat Buchanan offers an American history lesson to remind us what made America the world’s greatest economic power in the first place. He explains it was economic patriotism that put America first, that made America […]

U.S. Policies in Latin America Stupid

July 26, 2018 AFP Editor 1

News today is “something like an adventure,” says Phil Giraldi: Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro is ruling by decree and ignoring the National Assembly while his people suffer due to the failing economy, and Ecuador’s president […]

Is Putin’s Russia an ‘Evil Empire’?

July 24, 2018 AFP Editor 2

Can the war-mongering neocons hell-bent on continuing conflict with Russia and attacking Trump as a “traitor” answer Buchanan’s question posed here? “Where, today, is there a vital U.S. interest imperiled by Putin?” By Patrick J. […]

Trump Stands His Ground on Putin

July 20, 2018 AFP Editor 1

The D.C. establishment is wailing hysterically over the prospect of President Donald Trump refusing to instigate Cold War II so desired by the elite. But does the potential loss of control by the War Party […]

President Pardons Jailed Ranchers

July 19, 2018 AFP Editor 4

Good news for patriots across the United States! Front-page story of our most recent American Free Press. Not yet a subscriber? Click here for print subscription options or click here for digital options. By Mark Anderson President […]

RFK Jr. Strikes at Deep State

July 18, 2018 AFP Editor 0

Kennedy scion Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has penned a book calling for a new investigation into father’s assassination, and into Sirhan Sirhan’s guilt—or innocence—in that crime. By S.T. Patrick Early in the morning on June […]

Trump Calls Off Cold War II

July 17, 2018 AFP Editor 0

With media and Congress screaming that President Trump is acting “treasonously,” it’s valuable to consider a brief history lesson-reminder of U.S actions that might have caused Putin to respond as he has. Who is acting […]

Banking Syndicate Challenged

July 15, 2018 AFP Editor 2

Monetary reformer Mickey Paoletta has cleared a key legal hurdle with the Pennsylvania Supreme Court in his effort to use a “King’s Bench” petition to beat mortgage fraudsters. By Mark Anderson The Pennsylvania Supreme Court […]

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