London Blitzed by Rioters

British Riot

By John Tiffany

The wave of rioting by black immigrant thugs in Tottenham, London and other British cities in early August was predictable. For decades now, British nationalists have been warning the government about volatile conditions in slums in and around London and other English and Welsh cities, which have come about as a result of unchecked immigration, thanks to advocates of multiculturalism and “diversity.”

London suffered three nights of riots, looting and arson attacks, after a black 29-year-old was allegedly shot to death by police. Reports say there were at least 1,200 arrests, with 44 police officers injured in the riots. At least one man was shot, the angry mob attempted to murder a police officer, and emergency service people were attacked by looters.

Gangs of marauders firebombed police stations and set shops on fire not only in London but in Manchester, Salford, Liverpool, Nottingham and Birmingham.

Prime Minister David Cameron cut short his vacation and recalled Parliament from its summer recess. Around the world, the mainstream media has tried to characterize the riots as being carried out by “disaffected, unemployed and impoverished youths.”


In one online report, the UK’s Daily Mail censored its own news website by taking down a photograph of a white woman who had been forced to strip naked by rioters in an act of humiliation.

The reality is, the overwhelming majority of perpetrators of the violence are blacks, who are targeting young and old white Brits and Asians.

One local British politician remarked: “From grassroots reports we’re getting from all over London and from Birmingham, the few photos and passing mentions of the issue that have been carried by the media are only the tip of an iceberg. The truth appears to be that hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of people have been brutally mugged, or had their bikes, cars, shops and even homes attacked because they are European or Asian.”

So far, thousands of policemen have been unable to quell the looting, arsons, beatings and property damage. Many in London now support bringing in the British army to stop the unrest.

In the words of UK writer and filmmaker Brendan O’Neill, the Britain of today is “a place where owning guns is illegal, Christianity is dying, and there’s an ineffective police force that can come down harshly on victims who try to fight back against crime. Throw in an economic downturn, high unemployment and a government that doesn’t have as much money to hand out as it used to and suddenly you have roaming gangs of godless thugs.”

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John Tiffany is copy editor for AMERICAN FREE PRESS and assistant editor of THE BARNES REVIEW. He has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Michigan and has done postgraduate studies in law, biology and computer science. He is devoted to the truth and lets the chips fall where they may.