Real Domestic Terror

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By Ken Rhoades and Debra Poulsen

There is an array of high-tech populace control weapon devices that are being used on the American people, and it’s time someone stepped up and admitted their existence. Who do you think these weapons are being used on? Victim testimony at the recent Bioethics Commission helps answer the question.

One control device was featured on the PopSci website: “The U.S. Defense Department has tested some spooky weapons, but those involving mind control and telepathic attack may be near the top of the list. A newly declassified 1998 document released under the U.S. Freedom of Information Act describes potential weapons for crowd control, such as a microwave gun that could beam words silently into people’s ears, and an electromagnetic pulse that causes epilepsy-like seizures.”


Some of this technology, on a far larger scale, is available to local law enforcement officials. In 2005, the LAPD tested a sonic device capable of projecting sounds on targets a mile away. “There was almost no distortion,” explains DefenseTech. “Sounds, especially those in the higher frequency ranges like sirens and screams, were easily detected. ”The report also discussed a weapon that can internally heat a victim’s body. It also noted that this equipment is currently available and that the results would keep a victim incapacitated for “any desired period consistent with safety.”

60 Minutes reporter David Martin subjected himself to a non-lethal beam weapon developed by the Pentagon.

“The gun is really an antenna, which shoots out a high-frequency radio beam that penetrates the skin to a depth of 1/64 of an inch, which is just deep enough to hit the nerves,” wrote another reporter who witnessed the event. “It creates an instantaneous sensation of heat, which makes anyone who is hit with it try to get out of the way as fast as possible.”

What if you can’t get away?

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Kenneth Rhoades was in business for 20 years with Delta Labels in Michigan. Debra Poulsen is from Kenosha, Wisconsin and has worked in the legal and healthcare fields for two decades.