Africa Being Quietly Overrun by U.S. Armed Forces

• U.S. military presence on “Dark Continent” expands at alarming rate.

By Ronald L. Ray —

Like some suicidal supernova, the government of the United States of America continues to expand its “lone superpower” empire across the planet. A major component little known and even less reported to the American citizenry is the U.S. military’s massive expansion of its presence into nearly two-thirds of the countries of Africa.

The map of this neo-colonialism looks like a tourniquet tightened across the center of the continent, squeezing the lifeblood out of the Sub-Sahara. But, just as a dying star expands until it explodes into violence and chaos, so does the invasive presence of American troops throughout 70% or more of the world portend a grisly end to our nation as we know it.

After the false-flag events of September 11, 2001, U.S. military and intelligence operations grew exponentially across the globe, ostensibly to combat “terrorism,” although it is primarily America that has been terrorizing other sovereign nations and peoples whose military capabilities are a fraction of our own. And the report card on these deadly escapades is grim.


Since the beginning of the “war on terror,” there has been a 6,500% increase in terrorism and 4,500% increase in casualties. The Bush-Obama “holy war” is an epic catastrophe of incalculable proportions.

Far from the world being a safer place, the U.S.—the “shining city on the hill”—has brought increasing death and destruction to countless lands, which previously had been, if not ideal, at least politically stable and often prosperous. Outside of the Middle East, this is nowhere more apparent than in Africa, as Nick Turse of the news and commentary website revealed recently after painstaking research in the face of repeated stonewalling by the U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM).

For years, AFRICOM would acknowledge only one military base: Camp Lemonnier in Djibouti. But now, following a building spree which shows no signs of slackening, the U.S. military acknowledges 11 major sites amid a total of at least 60 bases, secret outposts, cooperative security locations (CSLs), and forward operating locations (FOLs).

Most are what are called “lily pads,” allegedly providing minimal presence of men and materiel but designed to enable the rapid massing of troops and equipment on the shortest notice. Designed for an operational range of 400 miles, these locations provide a network which enables the U.S. military to enter action almost everywhere on the continent “within four hours,” according to a May, 2015 report in Stars and Stripes.

This is the model of the armed forces’ “new normal.” The CSLs, for example, are locations set up for 200 personnel, with airfields able to receive C-130 Hercules transport planes. Far from being, as the military alleges, just “tents, water, and things like that,” they are designed to expand quickly into larger operational facilities with a more permanent presence.

The “flagship” remains Camp Lemonnier: “a hub with lots of spokes out there on the continent and in the region,” according to Secretary of Defense Ashton Baldwin “Ash” Carter, which has grown from 88 acres to almost 600 acres. It is “home” to any number of military and intelligence activities, including major drone operations in Somalia and Yemen, as well as countless “special operations.” The last are particularly insidious, as they are increasingly secret—seemingly with no accountability—and carried out by elite troops who comprise what is essentially the U.S. president’s “praetorian guard.”

The United States is carrying out military operations in 134 countries around the world, including over 30 in Africa. To what purpose?

In the case of Africa, it is in part an experimental laboratory for the “new warfare.” For all of Barack Hussein Obama’s harangues against white Americans for alleged “racism,” he exploits without compunction the black nations on the other side of the Atlantic. Turse further points to numerous secret wars and conflicts waged by the U.S. across Africa, the Middle East and beyond.

But is this really all? Certainly it is bad enough. But going beyond what Turse is able to tell us, another likely reason for America’s military “invasion” of Africa is the growing Chinese presence on the continent—a presence marked by positive engagement aimed at assisting African nations’ economic and social development aspirations, without the U.S.’s jackbooted heavy-handedness. Americans are often woefully lacking in respect for the native peoples and cultures, fail to provide successful means of improving local conditions, and are geared more toward making the world safe for greedy multi-national corporations.

Increasingly, the U.S. military has come to resemble the perverse, destructive world of Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) “spooks” and black operations designed to destabilize independent-minded nations, in order to establish an American global empire which none dare resist.

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It is no credit to the American people that so many of them have been bamboozled by the warfare state’s propaganda—propaganda made more effective by the feminization of society. Now, to question either the military or moral wisdom of a given armed conflict allegedly calls into doubt the patriotism of the soldiers and sailors who serve. It is a failure to “support our soldiers”—a perverse variant on “my country, right or wrong,” which anesthetizes the emotions and deadens the intellect.

It used to be that a Christian West knew that wars should be only defensive, limited and rare. Civilians should be protected from war’s ravages as much as possible, not beaten into submission or killed by “total warfare.” Captured and surrendered enemy troops should be treated with dignity and even honor, not humiliated and tortured or treated like animals.

But the dehumanization of perceived enemies—and our own dehumanization—has advanced to such a point that many see war as nothing more than a particularly gory video game. That comes at a price, though. Such thinking and behavior leads either into a satanic abyss or to madness. The ubiquity of post-traumatic stress disorder is but one indicator of that fact.


The real enemy of the American people—and of most of the peoples of the world—is now the U.S. government. Even the so-called “Tea Party” movement has been thoroughly co-opted by the establishment and abandoned its criticism of the warfare state to become cheerleaders of death. This is in no small part thanks to the propaganda foisted upon the movement’s members by CIA shills and brutish Zionist hacks, who almost immediately gained control and turned the direction of people’s thinking back to murder and mayhem by cloaking them in an American flag.

The traditional moral concepts of limited warfare, carried out only for a truly just and defensive cause by just means, has fallen by the wayside. For at least two centuries, the Zionist New World Order has fomented the destruction of civilization for profit, masked by phony patriotism. The unforgiving precepts of the Talmud have spawned unending total warfare in the service of Zionist imperialism. Western states are the vassals of a death-dealing Israel.

The progressive destruction of any remaining civilization in Africa is but one symptom of an advanced moral disease. If Christian religion and true morality no longer have place in politics or the use of military force, the inevitable result is to treat both enemy and ally as worthless animals with no rights. Africans become mere experimental guinea pigs. Those who, like Russia, defend traditional values are treated as enemies of the state and targeted for annihilation, no matter the cost.

It is time to end the deadly mission creep to Armageddon. The Soviet-style world of U.S. military operations, patterned after the out-of-control, drug-running, sex-trafficking CIA, pioneered by former U.S. National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski, has become a major obstacle to peace and stability in the world. It enriches the privileged few of the military-industrial-media-banking complex, while it destroys the lives and homes of the masses.

Contact the president and Congress. Tell them to end America’s imperialism, bring our servicemen and servicewomen home, take our nation’s nose out of other people’s business, and stop the bloodshed now.

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Ronald L. Ray is a freelance author and an assistant editor of THE BARNES REVIEW. He is a descendant of several patriots of the American War for Independence.

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  1. The “U.S.” or “UNITED STATES” is NOT the will of the American people.

    Since its inception, the UNITED NATIONS dictates to the “U.S.” and the “U.S.” complies.

    The “U.S.” is the military arm of the “NWO” which is not new, but of BABYLON.

    All glory and Honor goes to Jesus Christ, who beat this enemy long ago.

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