Lewis Fountain Legal Notice

Commercial NOTICE! Commercial—
With All Inherent Rights

NOTICE! To all Municipalities, Corporations; Local, National and International Governments; Congress’; STATES; U.S.; Agents; Agencies; Attorney’s; BAR associations; Exchequers; Judges; Persons; Vessels; Counties; Townships; Militaries; Courts; Courts Martials; Schools; Universities; the United States/Democracy; United States of America/Republic; federal UNITED STATES; UNITED NATIONS; United Nations Security Counsel; Territories in Possession of UNITED STATES; United States Armed Forces, JAG, United States Defense Dept. US Postal Union, United States Department of Agriculture; United States Department of Commerce; United States d/b/a Department of Homeland Security; United States Department of Treasury; Vatican; Indian Tribes; B.I.A.; Associated Bands and Clans, “I”, Fountain, Lewis Adrian aka Lewis-Adrian: Fountain aka Lewis Adrian tribe Fountain, a National of America, habitant of the land standing 38° 57′ 7.2878″ latitude, -77° 1′ 2.4128″ longitude on west North Alkebulan/Al Moruc/Amexem aka North America [u.S.A.] / United States of America, Ameriqque, Amorites, one hereby acknowledges my election and occupancy of the office of General Executor, General Guardian, Protectorate, Beneficial Owner and Beneficiary of the divine Estate “LEWIS ADRIAN FOUNTAIN”, a united States of America person, elected, gifted and granted me by the Divine Creator at Washington, DC on March 23, 1948. My election to Executor office was held in the City of Washington, DC at 10:10am/pm. Therefore, I must affirm and declare that as occupant of the executor office, I will not be responsible for the debts of the United States/U.S.gov/UNITED STATES and any of its Persons, and neither will I pay for the debts of any U.S. Person, See Senate Document No. 43, 73rd Congress, 1st Session. Should any one chose to rebut this matter please email the Executor, office at [email protected] within 21 days of this Notice. See Rule 12(a)1 (B) and (C): ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Notice From the Office of the Executor aka Estate Protectorate

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  1. You may wish to obtain and read the book “Cracking the Code” by Pete Hendricks of Commerce Township, Michigan. He explains how to achieve becoming free from the burden on voluntary taxation regarding ones “income” or compensation for your labors that we have been conned into believing applies to “us”. The above article suggests that the declaration filed publicly would some how be recognized in the corrupt judicial court system which is a for profit corporation which they would throw your ass in jail for contempt for even suggesting using this argument….just saying…..my opinion.

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