Obama’s Red Line

• Provocative moves in Syria by Israel, West could lead to World War III

By Ralph Forbes

In early May the Middle East crackled with explosions, threatening to engulf the entire region in a catastrophic war, after pro-Israeli forces in Washington claimed the Syrian government had used chemical weapons on its own people, followed by Israel unleashing waves of sneak attacks against Syria.

Contrary to mainstream media propaganda, the Syrian loyalists, led by President Bashar al-Assad, are beating the Mossad-backed, CIA-sponsored “Free Syrian Army” terrorists, although Israel has desperately tried to embroil America into salvaging its plot to engulf the Middle East in flames.


But with Syria winning the war, the Western powers resorted to setting up a false-flag chemical attack to convince America to start yet another war. That plan failed when Carla del Ponte, the respected former chief prosecutor of two United Nations (UN) international criminal law tribunals, and now a member of the Independent International Commission of Inquiry on the Syrian Arab Republic, said in a May 5 interview with Italian-Swiss broadcaster RSI, “The rebels used chemical weapons, sarin gas. . . . There is no evidence of government forces having used chemical weapons.”

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Assad called on the UN to investigate a chemical weapons attack near Aleppo in March, which he says was carried out by rebel groups, but was rebuffed. Numerous “red-line” false-flag allegations and doctored videos have been exposed as war propaganda produced by the U.S. military-intelligence-security apparatus and then promoted by the Zionist-controlled mainstream media.

The plan for a broad Middle East war was meticulously spelled out in a Brookings Institution document, “Which Path to Persia?” So far, though, these gambits have failed since the Western powers and Israel have been unable to provoke Iran or Syria into firing the first shot. Iran has exercised great restraint even while crippled by Western-backed economic sanctions.

Paul Craig Roberts, assistant secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan administration, has written of leaked intelligence describing terrorist intervention in Syria by the CIA and Britain’s MI6 spy agency. UK mercenary firm Britam was identified as conspiring with Qatar to plant a poison-gas bomb in Syria and blame the Russians for supplying it, so Syria could be framed for crossing President Barack Obama’s “red line” on chemical weapons.

After this failed, the Israelis launched multiple air attacks on Syria, claiming they needed to keep missiles out of the hands of Lebanon’s Hezbollah. In fact, Israel was trying to goad the Syrian military into widening hostilities and force U.S. intervention.

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Ralph Forbes is a freelance writer based in Arkansas. He is also a member of AFP’s Southern Bureau. Contact him at [email protected].