More Black Violence: Zulu King Calls for Slaughter of Immigrants

By Bill White —

When the communist African National Congress (ANC) took power in South Africa (SA), they quickly followed the advice of current markets and opened the country’s borders to black immigrants from any African nation. Earlier this year, however, these policies exploded into anti-immigrant riots and scenes of Africans from non-South African tribes being burned in the streets and murdered with machetes. Such scenes were not reported in the international press, which wants the world to believe that South Africa is a utopia now that blacks have liberated the country from Europeans and are running it themselves.

The violence began when the Zulu king gave a speech in Zulu stating that all immigrants must leave the Zulu homeland, which is the eastern portion of SA. Mobs in the port city of Durban then began to attack non-Zulu blacks and non-blacks, part of a rolling mass action that quickly spread to Johannesburg and other South African cities. Videos of hundreds of murders were broadcast on the Internet.

Black South Africans quickly blamed the ANC for the violence.

“The ANC stopped controlling the borders,” Moelets Mbeki, brother of SA president Thabo Mvuyelwa Mbeki, wrote in one column, “leading to a flood of poor people into South Africa, which has led to conflicts between South Africa’s poor and foreign African migrants. . . . Most of our crime is committed by non-South Africans. . . . Remove the legal problem and you solve most of the crime problem.”

While the analysis by Mbeki failed to note that crime in SA is a race problem, his column drew no denunciations from the West.


What has happened is that the Western elites have refused to admit that their experiment in SA has failed. The country is largely without power, its export-driven mining economy is failing as Chinese industrialization, its biggest market, declines, and its persecuted white farmers are increasingly unable to feed the country’s millions of unemployed blacks. But to admit this would be to admit that apartheid was right, and that African blacks are incapable of governing a modern nation.

This issue takes on particular importance in the context of black-on-white racial violence that the media and President Barack Hussein Obama are instigating across the United States. Faced with a failing economy and with declining standards of living, the Obama administration, in alliance with both political parties, has launched a massive campaign of physical and cultural genocide against American whites. White people have been subjected to black mob violence in most American cities and this mob violence has been protected and encouraged by federal “law enforcement” agencies.

The main difference between the U.S. and SA, however, is that the U.S. is 12% black and SA is 88% black. Thus, in the U.S., black rioters represent a minority given importance only through their alliance with the state.

A pervasive theory is that South African officials, trying to hide their economy’s failure, likely orchestrated the riots. This in turn caused neighboring nations to close their borders to their own fleeing citizens.

Life expectancy in SA has declined from 65 to 53 since the ANC took power, and more than one-quarter of nongovernmental jobs in SA have disappeared.

Several South African commentators have raised the prospect of black-on-black civil war if immigration and economic failure continue.

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Bill White is a freelance journalist and publisher based in Virginia. He has also written articles for THE BARNES REVIEW (TBR) magazine. Bill is also the author of a new book entitled National Socialism: Yesterday & Today. Proceeds go to White’s legal defense fund.

4 Comments on More Black Violence: Zulu King Calls for Slaughter of Immigrants

  1. I’m shocked to see such pathetic comments regarding such an important and interesting article exposing truths in South Africa.

    Without doubt, there is white genocide taking place in SA and the world is looking the other way. South African Refugees seeking asylum in USA are not welcomed, another fact!

    One just has to keep posting information like this to all in our contacts world wide. I just don’t think South Africans bother to take the time to do it though. I never hear them call in on radio stations here in the U.S. like Mark Levin, Hannity, Michael Savage, etc. I know there are thousands of South Africans in USA, yet their voice is silent. Why? Sure bringing about public awareness is the only hope South Africa has. Cry my beloved country … cry … cry … cry .. .

  2. Paul:

    Have you read international news lately? The EU is going down quicker than a Thai hooker, my friend. Hundreds of thousands of immigrants from the Middle East are flocking to the EU. Soon SA will look like a much better place to be than the EU.

  3. White farmers cannot work without pay, they refuse to be slaves to the Zulu masters. European nations should accept White refugees from South Africa and let blacks drown in the sea.
  4. “Life expectancy in SA has declined from 65 to 53 since the ANC took power,…”

    Aren’t things so much better without all that terrible, terrible White racism? Now these productive, creative rocket scientists can get on with their dream that they apparently have wherever they are.

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