Ukrainian Crisis Misrepresented in Mainstream Press

By Pete Papaherakles —

The establishment media continues to misrepresent events in Ukraine to portray Russian President Vladimir Putin as an invader and the uprising as a struggle for democracy by freedom-loving rebels. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Although the media is talking about how Russia has invaded Ukraine, little is said about the $5B spent by the United States government to aid protesters in staging a coup, which illegally took control of the country in late February. The overthrow was orchestrated by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) , the State Department and by Washington-and European Union (EU)-financed nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) that work in conjunction with U.S. intelligence.


The U.S. and the EU have been trying to bring Ukraine under their sphere of influence for many years in order to exploit the country’s resources and to economically and militarily undermine Russia. U.S. and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) bases in Ukraine would further surround Russia and threaten its status as Europe’s main energy provider. Currently, 66% of Russian oil into Europe flows through Ukraine.

Russia has huge interests in Ukraine, from the Black Sea fleet stationed in the Crimea to millions of Russians living there and a long history of strong economic and political ties with Ukraine and will not allow the west to take it over.

On March 3, this newspaper spoke with Matthew Raphael Johnson, Ph.D., a historian, author of RUSSIAN POPULIST: The Political Thought of Vladimir Putin, and expert on Russia and Ukraine.

“The West-East divide is highly exaggerated,” said Johnson. “Ukrainian nationalism has its roots in eastern, not western Ukraine, especially the city of Kharkov, on the Russian border. Dividing up Ukraine simply into east and west is an oversimplification.”

Johnson explained that the country is already overwhelmingly pro-Russian despite what is being conveyed in the Western mainstream media.

“In Eastern Ukraine, positive assessments of Russia are about 93-95% and in the south and Kiev area about 80%,” he said. “In Western Ukraine about 55-65% have positive views while only 20% have negative assessments. Western Ukraine is strange in that a sizable percentage is undecided.”

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This undecided or anti-Russian minority in Western Ukraine is by no means monolithic, however. The uprising was heavily influenced by pro-Western Jewish elements, which control most of the media and commerce in Ukraine as well as many pro-Western politicians, including shady “Orange Revolution” former Prime Minister Yulia Tymochenko, who was let out of prison during the uprising. The Jewish Telegraph Agency confirmed that even soldiers from the Israel Defense Forces were involved in the Maidan protest movement, which toppled the Yanukovich government.

Ironically, they fought under the direct command of the neo-Nazi Svoboda Party.

Asked how the Jewish element plays into the equation, Johnson replied: “It is huge. Even liberal parties in Ukraine are anti-Jewish. The government that began the ‘privatization’ meltdown was led by Yefim Zviahilsky. Those structuring the program were also Jewish.”

The dominant oligarchs from the 1990s up to today are almost all Jewish, with names like Feldman, Pinchuk, Surkis, Zhevaho, Chernoveckiy, Rabinovich, Medvedchuk, Poroshenko, Bogolyubov, Tymoshenko, Firtash, Taruta, Hayduk and many others. Pichuk, Surkis and Medvedchuk are in control of the major media outlets in the print media and television.

Dr. Johnson also said that the U.S. has little leverage here. “The U.S. is a dying empire,” he said. “There is no political will for any future war.”

Asked how he sees the current situation unfolding in the near and distant future, Johnson said: “Belarus and Russia are growing. They have a great degree of trust in their leadership, though that has fallen since the economy has continued its downward spiral, and most of all, they are members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization [SCO]. This is a Russo-Chinese trade and security pact that has incorporated much of Central Asia and commits China to back Russia against the West. This is probably the cause of the CIA’s influence in the first place. Putin is dedicated to further Eurasian integration. Now, there, Ukrainian goods will be welcomed.”

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Pete Papaherakles is a writer and political cartoonist for AFP and is also AFP’s outreach director. Pete is interested in getting AFP writers and editors on the podium at patriotic events. Call him at 202-544-5977 if you know of an event you think AFP should attend.