Pesticide Link in Microcephaly Cases

• Historical connection exists among pesticide use, vaccines and epidemic.

By James Spounias —

A group of Argentine physicians has made a connection between pesticides and the brain-growth-stopping disease known as microcephaly that has been especially bad for babies in Brazil. Of late, the Zika virus, which is carried by mosquitoes, has been blamed for an outbreak of microcephaly. But the physicians say that Zika is no stranger to Brazil and on its own poses little risk to newborns.

While the physicians’ report has circulated worldwide, the Brazilian government and the World Health Organization have quickly denied a connection to pesticides. Others connected to the chemical establishment have accused the physicians of recklessness.

It seems the Argentine physicians are on the cutting edge of medicine because they are looking to what may actually be causing microcephaly, rather than merely repeating government and Big Pharma’s propaganda, which will inevitably lead to another Big Pharma solution, such as a Zika vaccine.


Microcephaly is a birth defect where an infant’s head is significantly smaller than other babies of the same sex and age. This ailment typically occurs when a baby’s head ceases to develop in the womb or stops growing after birth. Microcephaly can be caused by a number of things, including malnutrition, disease, or pollution. The Zika virus, which is transmitted by mosquitoes, has been blamed for the current rash of cases.

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The report states:

1. Dengue epidemic in Brazil persists endemically (on an ongoing basis) due to the marginalization and misery of millions of people, especially in northeast Brazil. On top of that, Zika virus, a similar disease although more benign, is now spreading.

2. A dramatic increase of congenital malformations, especially microcephaly in newborns, was detected and quickly linked to the Zika virus by the Brazilian Ministry of Health. However, they fail to recognize that in the area where most sick persons live, a chemical larvicide producing malformations in mosquitoes has been applied for 18 months, and that this poison (pyriproxyfen) is applied by the state to drinking water used by the affected population.

3. Previous Zika epidemics did not cause birth defects in newborns, despite infecting 75% of the population in those countries. Also, in other countries such as Colombia there are no records of microcephaly; however, there are plenty of Zika cases.

While the cause of microcephaly in Brazil is a developing story, this writer found a familiar precedent regarding the use of DDT and the incidence of polio, which shook America and the world in the 1940s and 1950s. Revisiting the virtually unknown DDT and polio connection puts the simplistic narrative that a vaccine wiped out the polio epidemic in context and may shed light on Zika, microcephaly, and the widespread use of pesticides.

Dr. Suzanne Humphries writes in Dissolving Illusions that flies were thought to transmit polio and DDT was promoted as a safe pest killer that would keep people safe from polio. DDT was sprayed at public beaches and directly on children. An advertisement for DDT read, “Only a little fly you say? Yes . . . but what a dangerous monster! He can carry polio and many other horrible disease germs, right in your home!”

Sigmund Freud’s nephew, Edward Bernays, who is credited as “the father of public relations,” couldn’t have drummed up a better advertisement to bring DDT into the lives of so many.

Fearful parents sprayed their entire homes with DDT, even sprinkling some in children’s sandwiches and lunchboxes, as well as using it as a rinse on bedding and clothing, according to Humphries. The problem, though, is that DDT causes symptoms so similar to polio that it’s extremely difficult to distinguish between over-exposure to DDT and polio.


A 1949 study entitled “DDT Poisoning and the Elusive ‘Virus X’: A New Cause for Gastroenteritis,” stated that DDT poisoning brought on “pain in the joints, generalized muscle weakness, apprehension, and exhausting fatigue . . . the latter are often so severe in the acute stage as to be described by some patients as ‘paralysis.’ ”

DDT doesn’t just induce paralyzing symptoms. It also disrupts mucosal immunity, “allowing a previously benign virus to bypass the innate immune system and cause paralysis and other clinical symptoms,” writes Humphries.

Polio is a minimally invasive gut virus that normally brings no serious harm but a body weakened by pesticides and other toxins can contribute to “creating a monster out of a normally benign gut virus,” according to Humphries.

Humphries observed that in the 1960s published studies established that polio virus thrived in DDT-treated cells and that the presence of DDT made the cells more vulnerable to viral invasion. DDT “was found to enhance the release of an intracellular multiplication of polio virus.”

To sanitize the hideous environmental assaults affecting the most innocent, as informed readers know, even the medical establishment has dubbed newborns “pre-polluted,” in Orwellian-speak, as reported in this newspaper. The idea that environmental contaminants are finally getting their due consideration by the world community to the extent the establishment must begin to deny their impact is an encouraging sign.

Will science prevail against Big Pharma’s agenda toward yet another vaccine?

We hope so.

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  1. The pictures of these babies are among the saddest in the world. They have been relegated to a life of lesser quality, by far. Do we even know? Who is so evil they would do this, and do it knowingly, in my opinion. Monsanto, Bill Gates, those who believe in eugenics? Because the mothers also had the vaccinations. Is that the link, or combination of the two?

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