Norway Killer Fanatically Pro-Israel

By Victor Thorn

A former United States military officer believes there is more to the recent bombing and shooting attack in Norway by a Norwegian who claimed to be allied with some of the most extreme views in Israel.

“Following the Oslo bombings and shootings, a number of Hebrew-language websites were experiencing schadenfreude, which is a German word that means taking malicious pleasure in someone else’s misfortune. While Israeli English sites expressed ‘sympathy’ for Norwegian victims, Hebrew bloggers said Norway got what they deserved for backing Palestine.”

So stated Dr. Alan Sabrosky to this writer during a July 26 interview.


Sabrosky received the U.S. Army War College’s Superior Civilian Service award for his service as director of strategic international studies. Also, as an outspoken critic of Israel’s pivotal role in the 9-11 terror attacks, Sabrosky is well versed in these types of operations.

When analyzing Anders Behring Breivik, Sabrosky began:

“I’m not certain, but it’s my impression that his politics are in the vein of Benjamin Netanyahu and [Israeli Foreign Minister] Avigdor Lieberman. To understand the Israeli political spectrum, their right wing isn’t conservative in an American sense.”

To illustrate the bloodthirsty nature of these Zionist extremists, Sabrosky said of Lieberman: “He’d carry out a policy of ethnic cleansing in a heartbeat. Similar to 9-11, they could easily do these horrific mass murders, much like what happened at Dresden and [Nagasaki] during World War II.”


It may be difficult for most people to understand such inhumane savagery. Sabrosky continued:

“The world view of someone like Avigdor Lieberman is not in our political spectrum. Their mindset—this nuclear-armed state—is rooted in Old Testament books like Deuteronomy and Judges. Akin to The Exodus Song, they say: ‘This land is mine,’ period.”

In regard to the latest terror attacks, when seeing Norway’s prime minister and foreign minister visibly supporting the Palestinian people, those who viewed such actions as a threat unleashed an undeniable ruthlessness.

According to Sabrosky: “Israel sees enemies out there, and they have no problem killing them. At the Labor Youth League camp, they shot up a group that was pro-Palestinian. Breivik wasn’t murdering Norwegian kids because they were Muslims, and they didn’t shoot up a mosque. So, this rampage wasn’t about Islamophobia. It went well beyond that. Norway’s pro-Palestinian position was well known, so this train may have been in motion for quite a while, especially since [Norway’s] prime minister met with Mahmoud Abbas only three days earlier.”

Victor Thorn

Victor Thorn is a hard-hitting researcher, journalist and author of over 50 books.