Bilderberg Meeting Site Confirmed

• Protesters to be quarantined; censorship zones established; international elites shielded.

By Mark Anderson —

AMERICAN FREE PRESS has confirmed that the “scene of the crime” for Bilderberg 2014 will be the Copenhagen Marriott Hotel.

The Bilderbergers are embarking on their 62nd meeting in 60 years to continue their shadowy deal-making and global planning. This is their third meeting in Denmark.

Bilderberg involves 140 or so top bankers—especially central bankers—and corporate captains, royalty, think-tank fellows, media owners, prime ministers and other elected and appointed government officials. Select reporters and editors, such as Martin Wolf of The Financial Times and John Micklethwait, editor-in-chief of The Economist, often participate but don’t report a peep about a conference that involves closing off an entire 5-star hotel and ringing it with heavily armed guards.


AFP’s Danish and Swedish contacts have quizzed police to understand the laws governing photography and public demonstrations. In the process, the police provided a “protest zone,” much like the “free speech zones” which authorities often create in order to sequester free speech. This is a nearly universal concept in a world micromanaged by elite corporatists in collusion with their government water boys, as typified by Bilderberg.

It appears that the protest zone will be reasonably close to the hotel’s main entrance, at least compared to last year’s Bilderberg gathering in Watford, England. There, all media and activists were herded into a grassy area on the outer edge of The Grove hotel’s expansive property. The physical hotel entrance was a mile away.

While this Danish vantage point may be an improvement, one important question is whether the European media’s usual practice of covering Bilderberg—versus a media blackout in America for decades (except for AMERICAN FREE PRESS)—will involve a more serious look at Bilderberg. In the UK last year, most mainstream media treated Bilderberg as a mere curiosity and scoffed at thousands of citizens who declared that Bilderberg represents private, unelected government.

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As AFP goes to press, this writer is inviting scores of mainstream media in Europe and America to cover Bilderberg as a serious news item, regardless of what the media may think of protestors. Danish activists also are working with area media.

Meanwhile, AFP is closely watching Bo Lidegaard, editor-in-chief of the influential Politiken newspaper and website. In this AFP writer’s world-exclusive coverage of last month’s Trilateral Commission (TC) plenary session in Washington, Lidegaard’s name surfaced on a list of the TC’s Executive Committee. Only 60 of the 400-plus TC members are on that committee, and Lidegaard is apparently the committee’s only media representative.

And because the “Trilats” are kissing cousins with the Bilderbergers and share many of the same members, the question is whether Lidegaard will cover Bilderberg objectively in the public interest, or ignore it, or take part in it—in abuse of the public trust.

The Danish people may want to know whether their Minister of Finance Bjarne Corydon, who was at Bilderberg 2013, will return this year. He was one of three Danes at Watford, the other two being from private industry.

Notably, TC deliberations in Washington last month delved into a return to “containing” Russia, much like the West did during the Cold War. Yet, in various ways, Russian President Vladimir Putin is frustrating the eastward thrust of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the EU to control or absorb Ukraine and surround and isolate Russia—even while Western neo-liberal capitalists evidently seek to mire Ukraine in International Monetary Fund austerity measures that will drain the money supply through high interest payments.

Western energy magnates also have been eyeing Ukraine for its natural gas and other rich natural resources, in another pending round of vulture capitalism—the same exploitation that has nearly brought traditional Greece to its knees.

As for what could be called the TC-Bilderberg agenda, key things to watch include, but aren’t limited to: the creation of a European standing army, a European “fiscal union” to do away with national taxing and budgeting; the creation of a full-fledged European central bank, and finalizing two key trade deals: The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. The second of the two is a United States-European Union pact.

The late AFP Bilderberg hound Jim Tucker foresaw such items when he noted in his Bilderberg Diary book (comes with a FREE 1-YEAR DIGITAL SUBSCRIPTION to AMERICAN FREE PRESS) that in 2003, “Another issue high on the Bilderberg agenda was the proposed European Union army independent of NATO.” That idea is circulating in elite circles to this day. Tucker also noted about 10 years ago that an “Asian-Pacific Union” was favored by Bilderberg, which apparently is manifesting itself as the TTP.

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Mark Anderson is roving editor for AMERICAN FREE PRESS. He will be in Denmark this year to cover the Bilderberg Meeting. Call 202-544-5977,  Monday through Thursday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. ET, to see how you can help.