Police State Canada

May 26, 2014 AFP 1

• SPLC ultimately behind arrest, harassment of pro-family, anti-sodomy Christian activist. By Ronald L. Ray — Peter LaBarbera is a married, 51-yearold father of five children from Illinois. He is also the president of Americans […]

Putin Stymies Globalists

May 26, 2014 AFP 0

• Russia challenging “international system,” leaving one-worlders out in the cold. By Mark Anderson — In the wake of the late-April meeting of the Trilateral Commission (TC)—and with the 2014 Bilderberg meeting dead ahead in […]

Mideast Manipulators Destroying Democracy

May 25, 2014 AFP 0

• Saudi Arabia, Israel, United States pour weed killer on Arab spring. • Mideast “Big Three” realize democracy is a bad thing for hegemony. By Richard Walker — When it comes to democracy, the only […]

Economic Vultures Target Ukraine

May 24, 2014 AFP 0

By Richard Walker — While Ukraine teeters on the edge of a political abyss it is the target of economic vultures that include the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the biggest Western oil and gas […]

Bilderberg Meeting Site Confirmed

May 24, 2014 AFP 0

• Protesters to be quarantined; censorship zones established; international elites shielded. By Mark Anderson — AMERICAN FREE PRESS has confirmed that the “scene of the crime” for Bilderberg 2014 will be the Copenhagen Marriott Hotel. […]

INTERVIEW: Gutsy Nevada Rancher Speaks to AFP

May 24, 2014 AFP 1

On April 12, Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and thousands of his supporters forced hundreds of federal agents from the Bureau of Land Management to back down after a tense standoff involving seized cattle and disputed […]

Congress Wants Feds to Police Internet

May 20, 2014 AFP 1

By Mark Anderson — Senator Edward John “Ed” Markey (D-Mass.) appears intent on undermining free speech on the flimsy, worn-out “hate crimes” pretense. His Hate Crime Reporting Act of 2014, or S. 2219, would empower the […]

Georgia Comes Out Shooting

May 15, 2014 AFP 0

• State follows national trend in easing overly restrictive gun laws. By Keith Johnson — Georgia has become the latest state to claim a major victory in the ongoing struggle to preserve our cherished constitutional […]

Covering Up War Crimes

May 14, 2014 AFP 0

•  Federal torturers erasing history of their misdeeds. By Richard Walker — While the focus on the torture program under President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney remains fixed on the failure to […]

Proof: Markets Rigged

May 14, 2014 AFP 0

• High frequency trading, dark pools and one company’s solution. By Ronald L. Ray — From its inception, the United States stock market has tried to separate the masses from their money, transferring it over […]

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