Assassinations on U.S. Soil Not Ruled Out by FBI

By The Staff at AFP

Groundwork is currently being laid to justify the assassination of political dissidents in the United States, evidenced by FBI Director Robert Mueller’s recent congressional testimony where he implied that the FBI is now authorized to murder American citizens in the United States without trial if the president or another official in D.C. believes they pose a threat to national security.

At a speech at Northwestern University recently, Attorney General Eric Holder told the audience that the president of the United States has powers “sufficient under the Constitution for the United States to use lethal force against a U.S. citizen.” In other words, in Holder’s interpretation of the Constitution, the president can murder Americans with impunity.

Following up that speech, Mueller told a shocked congressional panel on March 7 that he wasn’t sure why Holder had made those remarks, but that his understanding of them was that Holder believed the FBI was authorized to assassinate American political dissidents without judicial process.

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A Justice Department spokesman then elaborated, stating that an American can be assassinated if the following conditions are met: A person poses a “threat” to national security, broadly defined to include most forms of dissent against the social-democratic system; capture is not feasible, in the opinion of the killers; and the killing adheres to the “laws of war.” Of course, the laws of war prohibit the murder of innocent civilians who have not taken up arms against a government and have merely spoken against that government.

These claims of the power to murder Americans follow the recently passed legislation authorizing federal agents to kidnap and imprison Americans without due process of law under the so-called National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

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As Russian news outlet RT reported, after the Obama administration refused to comment on the extent it would use these new powers to murder political dissidents, under the NDAA “Americans know for certain that government allegations can get them in jail without a trial. Obama just needs to confirm or disconfirm that he can shoot them down in their own homes as well.”

As AFP has reported repeatedy, the “terrorist threat” the government faces is largely imaginary. The U.S. government has fabricated these incidents in order to provide a distraction and cover the government’s failure in most areas of domestic policy. A recent study by the University of California at Berkley showed that all but three of the so-called “terror plots” that had occurred in the United States since 2001 were manufactured by the FBI.