Gutsy Bishop Refuses to Recant Beliefs

By Lady Michèle Renouf

The $2,400 fine levied in Regensburg, Germany against British Bishop Richard Williamson, 72, on January 16, is the latest outcome of a retrial over the politically incorrect opinions about the Holocaust the world’s last traditionally-faithful Catholic bishop restated in 2008 when ambushed on German soil by a Swedish television crew. The aim of the reduced fine—levied for “Holocaust denial”—from just under $9,000 in 2011 to $2,400, was to encourage Williamson to simply pay up. But in the case of this incorruptible bishop, who is not afraid to voice the warnings in the New Testament about usury, deceivers and treachery, this is not the end of it.

Years ago, commenting upon the forensic findings of scientists, experts, historians and the rigorous cross-examination of eyewitnesses—who admitted employing “poetic license”—presented during Ernst Zuendel’s 1988 “Great Holocaust Trial” in Ontario, Williamson said that the story of “6 million Jews murdered in mass homicidal gas chambers” during World War II was “lies, lies, lies.”

The Society of St. Pius X (SSPX), whose founder, Marcel Lefebvre, consecrated Bishop Williamson in 1988, broke away from the church to oppose the Judaization of Catholicism engineered at the Second Vatican Council in the 1960s. In 2008, the pope was preparing to lift the excommunication of the society’s members, but the society had to make “amends.” This included excommunicating all bishops who refused to recant their “heresy” on the Holocaust.

Thus, Williamson, being a member, came under tremendous pressure from the leaders of the SSPX to abandon his defense and meekly accept criminalization for his beliefs about the Holocaust. Having failed to goad Williamson into resigning from the SSPX, the group’s head, Bishop Bernard Fellay, in compliance with tyrannical Jewish lobbying pressure, saw to Williamson’s expulsion.

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Too little acknowledged nowadays are the warnings about the anti-gentiles—“the deceivers,” as they are described by the traditional SSPX and the Koran. These warnings arise over the Talmud, the Jewish law books and “middoth,” the Jewish fact-dismissive method of argument. The middoth, of course, is ethically incompatible with our classical truth-seeking culture. The Frankfurt School of deconstructive argument, still heavily influential since its infiltration into Germany’s intellectual spheres in 1923, is a latter-day manifestation of the Judaic middoth method of debate.

In his online “Eleison Comments” dated January 19, Williamson clarifies his battle for the survival of Lefebvre’s original SSPX and the treachery of its current leadership—“a fish rotting from the head.”

Here we are, with more and more prosecutions for skeptical opinions being perpetrated across Europe. Even sports stars in England are being recruited to give lessons on the Holocaust. Soccer heroes, born long after WWII, now endorse DVDs produced by the Holocaust Educational Trust for schools, entitled “Introduction to the Holocaust: Footballers Remember.” The same teaching guidelines apply—Hollywood style—to promote lies, not forensically-objective history.

The official international “Guidelines for Teaching About the Holocaust” dictate that: “Care must be taken not to give a platform for deniers . . . or seek to disprove the deniers’ position through normal historical debate or rational argument.”

Americans should not imagine that laws in 14 European countries, as well as Israel, against freedom of debate are confined to the Old World. This writer is banned by the state of Kentucky from showing up at the Ohio Valley Military Society’s annual late February “Show of Shows” for her political and historical views. If she does, all participants will be thrown out.

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Lady Michèle Renouf is an Australian-born advertising model, now a British national, and a lifelong international television commercials actress with a thirty year membership of British Actors Equity. She has become known in recent years for her defense of Holocaust deniers such as David Irving, Robert Faurisson, Bishop Richard Williamson, Germar Rudolf, Ernst Zündel, and Fredrick Töben in broadcasts and her Telling Films documentaries. Though not a revisionist author or researcher herself, she has been frequently characterized by opponents as a Holocaust denier. Renouf has also described Judaism as a “repugnant and hateful religion.”

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