Obama’s ‘Refugee Crisis’ Revealed

• Expert says Mideast is where real humanitarian disaster exists.

By Victor Thorn —

The numbers are genuinely staggering. According to a June 20, 2014 United Nations report, refugees worldwide have now topped 51 million. This type of mass displacement hasn’t been seen since Europe, Russia, Asia and Africa were torn apart in World War II.

Unfortunately, this humanitarian crisis being experienced in so many impoverished foreign countries, is being used as an emotional weapon to justify scores of illegal aliens flooding across the United States southern border from Mexico and Central America. But despite all the heartstrings being pulled, these situations are vastly different for one primary reason: In Afghanistan, Syria and Somalia, residents continue to flee because of war, not merely to exploit the wealth and generosity of American taxpayers.

This newspaper has pointed out in previous articles that U.S. Border Patrol agents have accused the Obama administration of orchestrating the migration of nearly 100,000 Central American children, gang-bangers and other criminals into Texas and neighboring states. That’s why it’s no surprise that immigration critics contend that the recent rash of unlawful border-crossers overrunning the U.S is part of a clandestine plan to erode American sovereignty.

To obtain more insights, on July 29 this reporter interviewed Daniel Wordsworth, president and CEO of the American Refugee Committee.


When asked about legitimate causes of the global refugee crisis, Wordsworth responded, “It all reverts back to war, escalating violence, tribal factions and infighting, religious differences, persecution and ethnic cleansing.”

There are no civil wars being waged in Guatemala, Honduras or El Salvador at the moment, and nearly all these countries’ residents share Catholicism as a common religion.

In stark contrast to a million Iraqi Christians, who have been uprooted over the past decade, Central America hasn’t been consumed by Israeli-backed wars or religious division.

Since no reports of genocidal slaughters have emerged from Latin America, none of the above-cited prerequisites applies to this latest surge of exiled Hispanics that merely want to exploit the U.S. social welfare system. Instead, a message had been conveyed by White House officials that America’s southwest border is open, and anyone from Central America that sneaks through will be allowed to stay.

Compare the situation on the U.S. border with what’s transpiring in Jordan. Wordsworth informed this newspaper: “Because of Syria’s ongoing war, 40% of [Syria’s] population, or around 9 million people, have exited that country. Many of them have made their way to Jordan, where this disaster is creating special challenges.”

Adding more details, Wordsworth continued: “These refugees are causing a huge strain in Jordan. Most people don’t know that 70% of Syrians are staying in the homes of Jordanians. But these host families can’t keep absorbing them. So we’re now seeing several camps in Jordan that contain over 100,000 refugees.”

The bottom line is, when coupled with an outbreak of deadly diseases, Americans must realize that the hordes of illegals swamping the U.S. aren’t refugees, but instead political chess pieces being manipulated under Obama’s multicultural agenda to tear down the last vestiges of America.

Victor Thorn

Victor Thorn is a hard-hitting researcher, journalist and author of over 50 books.